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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I am looking to sell one pair of stylish shoulder pads. 5s the pair. 2.5s for one Sold for 4s to a neighbor
  2. hi i want to sell some stuff i have ... give me offer for stuff below... if i aggree i'll COD it to you as soon as i can THANK YOU
  3. Im selling these items. For offers pm me on forums or ingame on Analice right elaborate shoulder pad 75ql 1s left basic shoulder pad 75ql 1s double shoulder pad cotton 75ql 1s triple shoulder pad leather 25ql 50c chain shoulder pad 75ql 1s Glimmersteel huge axe 83ql Blank pm me with offers
  4. hi im selling these items pm me in game or on forums with a offer rare huge axe 54QL -6s supreme seryll lump 98.98QL 0.26 -3s rare left shielding shoulder pad 75QL -4s fist bracelet, seryll 75QL spear bracelet, seryll 75QL fletching potions 92QL and 84QL-3s for both prices are negotiable and i will also accept trades
  5. Sorry, this topic is outdated. Some rift items that are left are here:
  6. Selling the items below: Rift Drops: 25ql Triple shoulderpad, leather 2.5s 75ql left elaborate shoulderpad, leather 4.5s SOLD 25ql exquisite shoulderpad, leather 5s SOLD 25ql basic shoulderpad, leather, 4.5s SOLD 75ql ribboned shoulderpad 3s 75ql ribboned shoulderpad 3s 75ql ribboned shoulderpad 3s 75ql Right Stylish shoulderpad, Gold 5s SOLD 75ql spear bracelet, seryll 6s SOLD 25ql Fist bracelet, seryll 2.5s SOLD 75ql spear bracelet, seryll 3s 50ql Necklace of protection 2.5s 75ql Necklace of protection 4s SOLD Rares / Supremes: 2 x Rare unfinished open fireplace 4S Supreme unfinished open fireplace 8s SOLD Drop a msg here or pm Macoofer ingame for a purchase.
  7. I would like a price check on this shoulder pad. It cannot be imped. Equiped: Bonus: