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Found 3 results

  1. When I use the "shoot" keybinding (bind b shoot) by holding my cursor over an animal and pressing the "b" key (with a selected, equipped, strung, long bow and quiver of arrows equipped) it says nothing in the events tab and there is no action timer. Then if I press the keybinding again it says in the events tab "[15:20:26] After you finish shooting you will start shooting again." But still it doesnt shoot an arrow. The only way to clear these commands is to move my character which cancels the commands to shoot. If I manually right click on the same animal and select "Bow" then "Shoot" my character shoots an arrow as expected. Another player via the CAHelp chat confirmed this finding and noted that their character made the shooting animation but did not actually fire an arrow. This was on release server. Dirk (in game character)
  2. After 8 months of absence from Wurm, I finally came back. Read up on the "2015 review of Wurm updates" that spells got their own keybindings. Well I'm huge on archery in Wurm. Like, that's my thing. From the beginning. And it still apparently doesn't have keybindings. "Shoot" is thankfully a button in the Select box when you target a mob, but every other shot isn't, like the wonderfully convenient Shoot Quickly. Or something you use in PvP, "Aim at Head". I can't see any reason, if spells are considered something to be cast easily, why archery wouldn't be. I also realized when I tamed a horse and forgot to "untame" it, of course it got attacked. After many times of taunting I checked, no keybind for taunt. edit: I realized that even Bash (Destroy) doesn't have a keybind. edit2: There actually is DESTROY_FENCE and DESTROY_WALL that register as a keybind, but at least the DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work properly. edit3: Haven't found a keybind for Riding a horse either, so adding that to the list TL;DR Please add these keybindings to the game, there is no reason not to: "SHOOT", "SHOOT_QUICKLY", "SHOOT_AT_TORSO", "SHOOT_AT_LEFT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_RIGHT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_HEAD", "TAUNT", "RIDE"
  3. Hello. I like this game very much, even I play it actively more than one year I always find new possibilities. But the archery here is nonsense. I stay on roof of house, the roof is not fenced, and I can't shoot on the mob one tile far from me? It is higher than me because of rock, but I get message "The wooden double door is in the way." I know, that Wurm is 2D in fact, but this should be corrected somehow (for example by comparing the altitude of archer, wall top, and target), it is very unreal and archery is only chance for weak lonely player to kill the mob. Other nonsense is - I stay in wooden plank fenced area and I cant shoot at mob behind this fence. It is very unreal as well, consider the look of wooden plank fence and imagine, that you cant shoot big mob hidden behind it. :-) I think that this everything could be corrected by quite easy way adding this condition: if altitude of archer eye and altitude of target middle point are higher than fence or wall top altitude, than the wall or fence are not obstacle and arrow could be fired.