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Found 5 results

  1. I'm looking for the following: 3,000 mortar 2,500 clay 700 slate shingles 50 concrete All delivered to the coast at Winchester, G12, Northwest Xanadu. If you can supply these, send me a PM with your price including delivery. I may have some empty crates I can trade you, I'm happy to pay for any additional crates that are needed. Thanks!
  2. “It used to be that people needed products to survive. Now products need people to survive.†~Nicholas Johnson -let's help products survive *Here to serve you!* Building materials: Dirt - 1K (1s/1k) Bricks - 1K (2s/1k) Mortar - 8K (3s/1k) Planks - 500 (1s/1k) Sprouts: (80c/100) Applewood - 50 Grapewood - 100 Maplewood - 100 Pinewood - 50 Storage: Large crates - 10 (10c each) Small crates - 4 (5c each) Rafts - 74 (2c each) Crops: Potatoes - 1k (1s) Ships: Corbita - mapplewood ql30, comes with a lock and mooring anchor (4s) Flags, banners, towers: MR banners - 9 (25c each) MR flags - 5 (25c each) MR guard towers unfinished - 5 (50c each) HotS flag - 1 (25c) HotS banner - 1 (25c) Other random stuff: Yellow potions - 3 (25c each) Fireworks - 1 (1s) Snow lantern - 1 (1.5s) Sleep powders - 2 (1.5s each) *Stock will be updated regularly* *We can take orders, and will try to make it ASAP* *For mailing items, buyer pays COD* *Delivery on Deliverance free for orders over 1s, will deliver to other servers for a small fee*
  3. Iron Lumps Creation QL 1s per 1k (10-30 ql usually depending on if i have a large HQ order) (looking for pre-orders on this item unlimited quantity) Stock (5k ish) Iron Lumps 50QL 2s per 1k (looking for pre-orders on this item up to 10k units) Iron Lumps 70QL 4s per 1k (looking for pre-orders on this item up to 10k units) Gold Lumps creation QL s per 1k units of .1 (stock is 600) Silver Lumps creation QL s per 1k units of .1 (Pre-Order) Silver Lumps up to 80s contact me. Copper Lumps Creation QL s per 1k (stock 1k) Copper Lumps up to 80s contact me. (all lumps can be joined into 64kg units upon request at 2c extra per 64k lump. however they cannot then be bsb'd so its best if we coordinate not to damage your lump due to sitting around in rafts. However this is great if you are doing a creation run and are too lazy to be combining everything yourself) Mortar 2s per 1k (Pre-Order) slate shingles- 2s per k (stock is roughly 6k) bricks 1.75s per k. 2k in stock rare bricks 20c (25) supreme brick 50c (2) rare forges, completed, i believe they are both around 70ql. 8s each (5) Merchant contracts 7s each (release only) rare mortar 10c 5 or so rare iron lumps 10c (lots) rare tin 10c just one rare rock shards 10c none left rare slate shingles 10c around 20 rare slate shards 10c around 20 supreme iron lump 80sQL i belive 50c 2- potion 20c each 5-6 yellow potion 35c each I do take paypal instead of silver as well when purchasing items 70QL Weapons made to order cheap (limited stock atm as i sac them every once and awhile) 70+ Blacksmithing requirement tools. cheap. I'm not doing 90's ql for sales yet sorry. Note on Deliveries (I use contracted delivery people for longer distance deliveries, requires a little extra coordination. Depending on order size I pay for some/all of the costs, determined on a case by case basis)
  4. Wooden shingles* sorry for that Thanks in advance!