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Found 124 results

  1. Increase shield skill gain as well as fight skill gain. the gain is very low and for use with a smaller weapon even the hit rate decreases. the skill gain is very low that when you just hit the defense. example today. [01:15:25] Medium metal shield increased by 0,0049 to 9,6862.
  2. Warriors of the Southern Islands!! Today from the burning forges of Isengard I bring you a Supreme shield. It's a Medium shield and its made with the finest iron the mountains of Isengard has to offer. A requirement for every real warrior. [22:05:09] A round shield made from a hammered metal sheet. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Colors: R=247, G=8, B=126. You need to temper the shield by dipping it in water while it's hot. Starting Bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes Be the tank you always wanted to be!! Happy Bidding
  3. Supreme Large Metal Shield, Iron 82.68 QL - 98 CoC - Can be runed at buyer request Item is not skinned, and is undyed. All bids must be posted in this thread. Private bids will not accepted. Starting bid: 40s Increments: 1s Buyout: 1g Snipe Prot.: 1 Hour
  4. Rare Large Metal Shield (Zinc) -2.00% Damage Reduction +2.50% Movement Starting bid: 3s Increment (min) 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: No
  5. Feel free to contact me here or in game (Luttuosaa or Davihh) Rare green cloth tunic 4s Rare green cloth sleeve 3,5s Rare green cloth pants 3s Rare common wool hat 2s Rare spinning wheel oakenwood 13s (pick up at Harmony Bay) Rare rope tool oakenwood 7,5s Rare spatula oakenwood 7,5s Rare clay shaper oakenwood 7,5s Rare spindle oakenwood 7,5s Rare cheese drill oakenwood 7,5s Rare fruit press oakenwood 7,5s Rare small shield oakenwood 8s Rare shield cedarwood 6s Horseman's halberd 3s Masterwork small axe skin 3s Spiked club 3s
  6. The Ultimate in Personal Protection Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: ????(edit to explain this means why have one in the first place. ) Buyout: 50s - PM Tomatoes, in game, on discord, or on the forums Bidding Started! Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Never accepted
  7. [09:48:01] A large sturdy shield made from wooden planks. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oakenwood. You must use a mallet on the large shield in order to improve it. It has an alternate skin applied to it. [09:48:01] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Shydow'. [09:48:01] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Looking for offers
  8. Bought items: PURCHASED 1x rare cloth shoe (enchants/QL do not matter) PURCHASED metallic liquid (full original units of 0.144kg) PURCHASED 1x rare large steel shield (90QL+ preferred but not required) PURCHASED 1x rare cloth shoes (90QL+ preferred but not required) PURCHASED 1x rare gold ring (80QL+ preferred but not required) PURCHASED 1x rare gold statuette of Fo PURCHASED 3x rare strange bone (paying 15s each) PURCHASED 1x pandemonium tent Contact: PM Neville ingame (preferred if I'm online) or Messages on forum.
  9. 1. Supreme Medium Maul, iron, ql 82. Enchants: N94, LT91, CoC83. Price: 15s. SOLD! 2. Rare Medium Metal Shield, iron, ql 70. Enchants: none. Price: 3s. Items will be CoD from Pristine.
  10. I'm very happy for the new possibilities of dyeing, it opened many new ways of coloring. The metal shields don't look good dyed. The other day I have seen a dyed wooden shield, it was very pretty. The metal shields would look better, if the edge of shield stayed metal color.
  11. PRICE LIST ABOVE Rules: 1. Repair it before sending. 2.Send your shield to Kubon and rename it with desired ql and your name. 3. Minimum order value = 15c. 4. All orders will be made within 48 hours - if not you got it for free - unless order 100x 90ql shields 5.No longer fee for making shields rare/sup/fan! I also sell new shields, prices 80% as listed (<60 column)
  12. Chainsmith, Shieldsmith, Blacksmith Character. Basic starter skills. A good account to hop into the game, with enough skill and its own profession! Comes with a Sailboat on Cele. [LINK REMOVED] [01:14:17] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 3 of the starfall of Silence, 1000. That's 3049 days, 3 hours and 41 minutes ago. [01:14:17] You have played 104 days, 22 hours and 31 minutes. [01:14:17] You have been premium a total of 28 months until Dec 2013. [01:14:17] You have been premium a total of 15 months since Dec 2013. [01:14:17] You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. [01:14:17] You have premium time until 28 Mar 2018 17:07:38 GMT PM me offers!
  13. Tools/Gear/Shields
  14. *** Post updated: 25 Apr, 2020 Hi! Thanks for visiting my post! For your leather, carpentry and enchants please visit Annyil's page The flaming forges of Jaz provide you the following services: * Weaponsmithing * iron 70ql -- 30c iron 80ql -- 50c iron 85ql -- 75c iron 90ql -- 1s steel 70ql -- 70c steel 80ql -- 1s steel 90ql -- 2s * Dioptras and improve * bronze 80ql -- 1s bronze 90ql -- 2s Need even higher ql? PM me here or ingame * Blacksmithing * tools, horseshoes, etc. iron 50ql -- 15c iron 70ql -- 30c iron 80ql -- 50c iron 90ql -- 1s iron 95ql -- 4s steel 80ql -- 1s (large anvil 2s) steel 90ql -- 2s (large anvil 3s) iron or copper lamps 50ql -- 15c iron street lamps 50ql -- 30c bronze, brass,silver or gold lamps 50ql -- 30c Special items made of other materials: ask for pricing * Shieldsmithing * iron shields 70ql (any size) -- 30c iron shields 80ql (any size) -- 50c iron shields 90ql (any size) -- 1s steel shields 70ql (any size) -- 70c steel shields 80ql (any size) -- 1s steel shields 90ql (any size) -- 2s * Chainsmithing * Armour sets are 9 parts with coif Chain set, iron or copper 70ql -- 3s Chain set, iron or copper 80ql -- 4s Chain set, iron or copper 90ql -- 9s Chain set, silver, steel or gold 80ql -- 5s Chain set, silver, steel or gold 90ql -- 10s Any other metal or ql: ask for offer * Platesmithing * Armour sets are 9 parts with helm (great, basinet or open) Iron plate set 70ql -- 3s Iron plate set 80ql -- 4s Iron plate set 90ql -- 9s Steel plate set 70ql -- 3.5s Steel plate set 80ql -- 5s Steel plate set 90ql -- 10s * Stonecutting tools * mortar and pestle, baking stone, grindstone, etc. stone 70ql -- 30c stone 80ql -- 50c stone 90ql -- 1s marble 70ql -- 60c marble 80ql -- 1s marble 90ql -- 2s * Imping services * Imping fee from any ql to lowest ql above: -- same as the price of the items shown. Imping fee to higher ql levels from the lowest levels above: -- the price difference between the respective prices Examples: * imping an any ql shield to 80ql is 50c * imping a 83ql shield to 90ql is 50c * imping a 73ql iron shield to 80ql is 20c * Ship imping * to 70ql -- 45c to 80ql -- 75c to 90ql -- 1s50c * Strongwall casts (collapse mine entrance or tile) * First tile to collapse -- 1s Additional tile to collapse, Magranon or Nahjo altar available nearby (same location and job) -- 50c Additional tile to collapse, no altar (same location and job) -- 1s Travel fee (depending on travel distance) -- free to max 1s * Courier (mailbox) and genesis casts (remove bad traits from animals) * Courier: min. 80 power, but at least 3 casts -- 1s min. 90 power, but at least 3 casts -- 4s Genesis base package (3 casts, removes 3 bad traits in total) -- 1s Genesis additional casts (same location and job) -- 30c Travel fee (depending on travel distance) -- free to max 1s Items are made upon request, please don't expect instant availability although it may happen Contact: Reply here PM Jaz or Zaj ingame Forum PM Jaz My timezone: GMT+1 - Central European Time Delivery options: Pickup at various locations on Freedom Servers, actually there is at least one location on each server COD - 1c / item I keep the right to COD to selected customers only, as well may not COD orders above 4s to other than returning/trusted customers.
  15. So basically it's a fact written on Wurmpedia that it is easier to block incoming arrows by turning 90 degrees to right, by turning the shield towards the opponent archer. This makes sense. But my question is: Is the rate of parrying increased if the defending player turns his/her left side (the shield side) to the attacker, during the melee combat? Or does turning the shield side to the attacker makes the defender more vulnerable to the attacks, by the case of being flanked? Thanks.
  16. Astoria Mercantile Animals Type Special Features Price (each) Price (Breeding pair) Price (any set of 4) Chickens/Roosters Provides eggs for cooking 5c Pigs 10c Sheep White Provides milk and wool 20c Black Provides milk and wool 25c Seals 25c Crabs Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Tortoises Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Bison – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Faster wagon pulling 50c 90c 1.8s Cows/Bulls – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Ridable 25c 40c 80c Hell Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Hostile, Ridable Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Original Colors Ridable 50c 90c 1.8s New Colors Ridable 75c 1.4s 3.8s Unicorns – 5 speed 8 trait Ridable, 2 Seater 1.5s 2.75s 5.5s Fierce Ridable, 2 Seater 1.75s 3.25s 6.5s Champion Ridable, 2 Seater 2s 3.75s 7.5s Dogs Champion Endangered 1s Deer Champion Endangered 1s Cats Champion Hostile 1s *Extra traits: Tough Bugger – Withstands more damage Fight Fiercely – Does more damage Keen Senses – Sense danger in water (unconfirmed) Strong and Healthy – Higher Resistance to Disease Certain Spark – Lives 50% longer All Crops 1s/1k Crops Quality Amount Available Barley 93.03 7,134 Cabbage 92.75 6,038 Carrot 93.30 7,630 Corn 91.99 4,751 Cotton 90.84 3,996 Cucumber 93.10 5,346 Garlic 91.37 4,934 Lettuce 92.48 5,117 Oat 84.17 5,326 Onion 91.13 5,158 Pea pod 92.40 5,073 Potato 92.85 5,395 Pumpkin 92.84 5,284 Rice 92.69 1,042 Rye 93.02 6,186 Strawberry 93.41 4,769 Sugar beet 92.17 4,893 Tomato 92.86 5,345 Wemp plants 92.87 6,347 Wheat 92.46 6,866 *** Delivery only available on Deliverance *** *** All Mailable items require standard COD costs *** *** Any Items not listed may be available upon Request ***
  17. Starting Bid: 1s each Minimum Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: None Buyout: PM Offers *Winner will be PMed after auction ends to tell me who to mail it to* *Auction may be extended if bids are withdrawn*
  18. Hello! I am open to offers on these items and am welcome to forum and in-game PM's (same as forum name.) I also have 442Ql total in 10 gems for sale @ 2.5s for all and will deliver.
  19. I am looking to buy a rare medium shield, PM me if you have one.
  20. Got a collection of rares for auction so without further ado... here we go! #1 Rare hammer, iron 94,94QL [10:20:56] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves armour smithing max ql [74] [10:20:56] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves weapon smithing max ql [17] [10:20:56] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [82] #2 Rare hatchet, iron 82,52QL [10:21:40] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [87] #3 Rare mallet, pinewood 79,73QL [10:22:03] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [64] #4 Rare large maul, iron 83,70QL #5 Rare Pickaxe, iron 88,75QL [10:22:50] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [89] [10:22:50] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [80] [10:22:50] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves mining max ql [9] #6 Rare large shield, iron 78,21QL [10:23:31] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [94] #7 Rare carving knife, iron 85,05QL [10:23:56] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] [10:23:56] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [90] #8 Rare toolbelt, leather 89,85QL [23:40:48] An ingenious system of pockets, pouches, hooks and holes designed to keep a wide array of common tools. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. -10 SLOTS!- Starting bid for each item: 5s Buyout: none Min increments: 50c Reserve: none Sniper protection: 1h Current highest bidders: #1 Sdelobel 12s #2 Dalvin 6.5s #3 Sdelobel 5s #4 Vortexxx 5.5s #5 Jakerivers 6s #6 Dalvin 5.5s #7 Hammer 8s #8
  21. As the titles says: Prices: Medium shield - C93 - 3s - C85 - 2,5s LMS C65 - 1s C73 - 1s Botd84 - 2s BoTD90 - 2,5s BotD91 - 2,5s C96 - 3s LWS C78 - 1s C83 - 1,5s C90 - 2s Rare - 3,5s Steel LMS BoTD 98 - 3s Rare small metal shield - 3s Cod is paid by the buyer from Exodus.
  22. In this tutorial you will learn how to block incoming arrows from enemy archers in 3 easy steps. Confirm that you are wearing a shield Determine the direction of your attacker Turn so that your attacker is slightly beyond the left hand side of your screen Watch this short video for an example of these three easy steps put into practice, so that you know what to do when the time comes to defend yourself. And there you have it, you now no longer need be harmed by enemy archers.