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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Guys; it's me, again :3 As title says, 12900 stone shards, ready to fulfill your needs of bricks, slabs and anything requiring stone. Crates and delivery are not included, so crate swap is required. We live around 60 tiles east of Harmony Bay, at Harmony Bay Market, so we could also meet there. Starting bid: 1s. Increments: 1s. Buyout: none. No reserve - no private bids. Sniper protection: 10 min. The screenshot is to give an idea of the average ql.
  2. If we're not allowed an easy way to discard thousands of rock shards, if we have to pick them up then be limited by mind logic.. could we please have a keybind to make it easier? thank you kindly
  3. wts prices as marked, message here or in game Rumble
  4. wts rare mats and more. post here or contact me on game Rumble
  5. Found out today that I have 27 days left on upkeep and also that I'm broke. Everything must go! Flowers 1k assorted colors. 5s Sprouts Grape - 550, 5s Olive - 289, 2.75s Lemon - 294, 3s Apple - 246, 2.2s Rose - 397, 4s Maple - 273, 2.5s Cherry - 234, 2.2s 96ql Strawberries 5k, 5s Picnic Basket, 3s Left Elaborate Shoulderpad (studded leather armor glance bonus vs 2h), 75ql, 1.5s Boar Shoulderpad (Area Spell Damage increase when casting), 75ql, 1.5s All items that can't be mailed are for pickup only, at M17 Release, and you will need your own crates as I have very few. Contact Saintdouglas in game!
  6. I'm having a bit of a clear-out, and I'm sure there are folks out there who can make use of this stuff. Items are located Southern Release, buyer pays CoD or you're welcome to collect. 20c per for the rare mortars and supreme shards 15c per for the sprouts 10c per for everything else Original item list:
  7. PM Me with offers want them gone quick Xanadu P/U at H9 or mail
  8. Heya guys, im on Indepedence, looking to sell 1000 stone shards (Random quality) and 100 ql total of assorted gems. Send me a message if interested! Also, 3 sleep powder.
  10. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Release - 10c Pristine - 50c General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* Thanks, MrFusion [on Release]
  11. Lots of different sized rock shards. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. 13.00 QL Rock Shards, Im on Exodus Starting bid - 20c Bid increments - 20c Buyout price - 2s
  12. We have some supreme shards for sale starting bid - 10c min inc - 5c buyout - 60c sniper protection - None Ends 48 hours from post time. Located on Deliverance. I will pay the COD.
  13. looking to buy 4000 rock shards and 4000 clay with delivery to 7x 7.5y in deilverance. paying 10s total.
  14. Iron lumps can be bought at the merhants at Hill of Swedes, located at Deliverence 4x,27y. Prices: 70ql / 1c per kg 80ql / 1,5c per kg 90ql / 2c per kg Mining at your place: If you want me to come and mine at your place i can do that. Prices can be set at the mined amount or rate per hour. Price for coming to you and mine per hour: 5s You will get a minimum of 400kg of lumps per mined hour. Minimum i sail away from deed are 2 hrs. If bulkbins and forges are available you will get 14kg lumps at 70,80 and 90ql. A travel fee will be added. Deliverance: 1s Indepence: 2s Exodus: 2s Minimum ill travel order i travel to you and mine for the price of lumps at my merchant at orders worth over 10s. Same travelfee as above will be added. When i have mined for you i will give you a report like this: Above report are for mining iron. More difficult metals to mine may change the percantages. Any questions can be answered ingame or via forums.