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Found 5 results

  1. Brief disclaimer: I'm not going to lie, I'm sharing these mods in the hope that they'll be useful to you, but I can not guarantee continued support/development. I'm investing time in them because I'm admin on a friend's small private server at this time, that I play on as well. There's always the odd chance I'm up for taking requests, feel free to PM me about it. And don't hesitate to report bugs, I'm likely to address them! Development of the 1.4/1.4.1 update was kindly sponsored by! See the update post for details. The 1.4.2 update seems to have required only Pick More Sprouts to be updated. If you find some functionality broken, please post here or open an issue on Github. Ideally make sure that it really is one of these mods, a good way to find out is running the server with only one mod and confirming. Otherwise it might be a compatibility issue which requires the whole mod list (a ZIP of the mods folder for ease of access helps) to try and resolve the issue. All mods are built upon ago's server mod loader: Releases can be found here: Release 1.4.2 was built on ModLoader version v0.26.3-e9998cf Release 1.4.2 on Wurm Unlimited version Extract files into your server's mod folder. We're playing on an Epic settings, PvP enabled homeserver, and discussed some things, which I'm trying to implement. Its name is vaguely dedicated to a rubber duck, hence the name Unlimited Quacks (formerly Unlimited Tweaks). Epic mission hints Tree cut down missions will centre the tree on the tile, and set it to 69 damage (we don't want to raze our perimeters). Always shows traitor creatures like using the Locate soul spell when tracking (Note: traitor creatures seem to disappear on server restarts), not sure about performance issues with large numbers of players spamming tracking. Can customise mission generation, disable mission types (e.g. building pylons), and tweak numbers required. No holy ground Allows founding settlements, terraforming, and building structures (not even GMs can do it) near the white and black light altar (we're using them decoratively in the spawn town), also allows founding settlements despite aggressive creatures and creature dens. No mail cost Removes postage from mailing items, also removes postage from returned/rejected mails. Looking into placing 30 power enchants on newly created mailboxes. Newly created mailboxes will have a 30 power Courier enchant placed on them. Configurable (any feature can be toggled, and the power can be specified). The enchant actually works now. Well done, Ulvi, only took you forever to add that one line of code *self cynicism*. PvP surface mining slope On Epic, the slope limit for surface mining is 1.0 times your mining skill, this reverts it to 3.0 times (like on PvE). Ash produce Items that have cooling ticks can produce ash. Ash producing items are configureable now (don't want kilns to produce ash? no problem!). Chance per second is now configurable globally and per item now. Limit the number of stacks produced globally and per item now! Should no longer create ghost ash. Fire burn time Displays pretty much the exact time until a fire becomes a layer of glowing coals. Example: [17:03:54] It will burn steadily for about 72 minutes and 10 seconds. (50QL forge not inside a structure) Target temperature now configurable, see config file for further details and figures. Now displays target temperature specific messages (e.g. the fire will be a bed of glowing red coals in x minutes). Double bulk capacity Newly created BSBs and FSBs capacity is quadrupled (4x). All crates capacity is doubled. Both values can be configured. Crates trimmed their items back down to 150 and 300 respectively, because I overlooked another place that needed a change. Pick more sprouts Pick more sprouts with one action. Configurable (defaults to 5). Right now there's nothing else definitively planned, that isn't provided by other mods already. Feel free to fork the git repository, contribute, or build upon it. Always test new mods on a local test server before pushing things live, and make a backup.
  2. Something that keeps a lot of Wurm Online Players away is the lack of any real meaning to Free To Play Accounts, we all know this but until now nobody's had a good answer for balancing; I want to put forth a suggestion of a different economic model altogether: Right now Free2Play players are Capped at their Skills at 20, or 30 if they've been premium before, additionally you cannot Priest or Preform most religious interactions without Premium, to me this is at the core of the free-to-play equation problem: no skill, no ability = no fun. What I would suggest is we take a page from Second Life's Economic Model and Turn Premium away from skill caps, and more towards land-ownership and settlement creation/size/retention. The Biggest Change to the actual code (in my opinion) to make this system work would be the creation of a second form of "Currency" similiar to SL Tier, this "Allocation" would be given to all premium players and shared between their village; the idea being a village that has more premium players can grow larger, and has more stability than one that only has a few. Do note: Unlike Silver this would NOT be a currency you could drain via PvP Actions, instead it's more of a "Land Allocation"; All Current Settlement In-game Currency fees would be unaffected, this one would strictly be used for settlement creation, retention and resizing as a sort of "soft cap" towards size and amount of guards. The Next biggest change (in my opinion) would be raising the skill caps by almost 3x, granting numerous abilities to free to play players that would other wise normally not having INCLUDING Spellcasting via Priests, I was thinking along the lines of Non-characteristic Skills being Capped at 60, and Characteristic Skills being capped at 25 (30 with Prior Premium). This would mean suddenly many free-to-play players would share a sense of fulfillment in the game, and would get more enjoyment out of it (it also means they would finally be able to ride horses :P). Faith is somewhat up in the air but I'd say cap it around 35 or 40 just for the sake of having a cap. Finally this new currency "tier" would need a website-based interaction where settlement mayors could artifically "increase" their amount of tier by paying real money (e.g. USD) for a grant of a bit more tier, this would be a monthly fee (or whatever time scale the devs decide) and would be quite expensive because it would want to be a "safety net" feature at best. Combined these changes may draw a lot of former Wurm Unlimited, as well as informed players (the kind you honestly want in an MMO) to the table, and allow them to "Ease in" to the lifestyle of Wurm Online a little more comfortably than the current system while still proving a way for the devs to securely provide servers for the masses. Apologies for not Searching this Idea before posting, but to be fair this is a fairly significant undertaking I wanted to explain. If it needs to be moved or merged with another, I give explicit permission to the forum moderators to do so if they see fit (not that they need it but as a matter of principal) but I would request that the devs think about this plan rather than shoving it out the door just because it's "out there". Edit for clarity: To be perfectly clear, Free to play Players would LOSE the ability to create settlements as a result of this change, but seeing as those are limited to 1 person settlements this is a fair trade-off in my opinion.
  3. Greetings Xanaduians! My brother AJWhitewolf and I are currently working towards opening an Inn of our own, and we are looking for the right location. We are still very new, we have been around for just a few months. In that time, we established a campsite (Peri's Camping) just east of Greymead which, when we moved on, we opened up to the public and which is now home to other new Wurmians working their way through their first steps. We then moved into the mountains to the north of Greymead, near to the shore, and we have established our first actual Settlement, Exodus Prime, which is so named because we consider it our staging area for a long, and permanent, exit from the Greymead area. We have thoroughly enjoyed the relative peace and quiet of the Wilderness, but we're just about ready to embark on our quest to make our mark on the land of Xanadu. Our Corbita is nearly finished, our skills are generally high enough that we can live just about anywhere, and we feel that we have enough know-how to at least be able to get started. What we don't have, unfortunately, is very much area knowledge beyond those surrounding Greymead, and we don't know very much about where the most active settlements are, where the most road traffic happens, that sort of thing, so I just figured, why not ask? We imagine that our ideal location would be somewhere in between two or more very active areas, right off of the highway, where travellers can rest, buy a drink and a plate of chips, and relax for a little while. We also would prefer to have easy access to one or more breweries so that we can open up some business relationships and be able to offer a variety of options to our patrons. Alternatively, if there are any settlements which need an Inn and have the patronage to support one, we're open to that as well. If anyone has any information which can help us find our perfect spot, please don't hesitate to let me know! You can reply here or PM me in-game, I'm on almost every day.
  4. I have a suggestion about the deed cost and upkeep for it. I have found that there is a minimum upkeep cost of 1s. Now that being said when you buy a deed form it cost 10s but you can only use 7s of it for the deed size itself while the other 3s are held back for upkeep which is all well and good except the 7s is not enough to make your deed large enough to reach the minimum upkeep cost of the 1s the best you can do is a deed size 8x9 and the upkeep comes out to 64c so you are wasting 36c a month. and the closest you can get to the minimum upkeep without going over is 11x10 costing 9s66c. which means to max out your deed to your minimum upkeep cost means you will have to spend an extra 2s66c. So i have come up with the following suggestions. 1. Remove the minimum upkeep cost altogether let people make a village whatever size they wish without being penalized for not reaching the min upkeep cost. 2. Or adjust the cost per tile to found a deed so that with the 7s from the deed form cost will come out to the 1s upkeep cost.
  5. I've played Wurm some time and really enjoy it however there are two things that are strongly connected and imho are bad for gameplay: Over the time the game world becomes one big construction site, there is literally 10 times as much buildings as people in game. Slowly the game become less enjoyable beacuse all wild land is taken and there is not so much place on "pioneering" - which imho is the most attractive part of Wurm - harnessing the game evironment, etc. The worst part of it is fact that large part of builded structures cluttering the world is abandoned.the player population is dispersed all over the server, sometimes it feels like single player game rather than mmo. From what i know the current solution to this problem is to add new clean servers - i think it's not enough. I would like to propose mechanism which will represent the "Force of Nature" acting against man, something that would allow the "nature" to reclaim the places that belong to her. Some means to fight with excessive player settlement. It could something like traveling bands of trolls or wild animals that seek to destroy player structures and also a process of reverting tiles slowly to "natural" ones. The probability of spawning such band in in the vicinity of human settlements would be proportional to the amount of space taken by settlement and inversly proprtional to the amount of active players inhabiting this settlement. I think that this mechanism or any other similar would solve problem of abandoned buldings. What's more it would force players to form more effective and better organized communites beacuse the weak and sparsely inhabited settlements would fall prey to the goblins/trolls/animals other hazards. I think that such mechanism could bring the player-player interaction to totally new level. It would also bring some thirll and sense of danger into game and it would be realistic and well founded. Regards, Peter