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Found 15 results

  1. Server: Deliverance Date: May 26 Item: Seryll lump, QL 54.35, Rift reward Ingame ticket: #62655 The seryll lump, weight 0.25, was placed in a BSB. When retrieved shortly afterward, the lump was weight 0.22. There was no material in the BSB. Effect was tested again. Input weight was 0.22. Retrieved weight was 0.19. No seryll remained inside BSB.
  2. WTS (all items are on deli) Rare Willow Longbow 40ql - 4s Sold Rare Maple Ropetool 40ql - 3.5s Rare Mortar 27.60ql - 20c Sleep Powder x 10 - 1s each Seryll Lump 92.07ql 0.27 kg - 3s Star Diamond 13.74ql - 3s Black Opal 25.00ql - 3s I also have 3k silver ore for sale mostly ql ranging 15 - 22, some are 50-70ql message me if you are interested in working out a deal for it.
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy Seryll Lumps 80+QL PM me with what you have! Thanks, Novaflash
  4. wts 96.98 1kg seryll lump 5s
  5. 80QL seryll lump 1.0kg, no damage = 1.5s 90QL seryll lump 1.0kg, no damage = 2s Please reply to buy, thanks.
  6. QL is unimportant. Price negotiable. I want dem seryll lumpy goodness. PM me on forums to talk price! Looking for 1-2 lumps. Purchased, will ask to close once sale completes. Thank you! Sale completed, please close!
  7. Hi Fast auction. 80ql Seryll lump (1kg) Starting bid: 1s Min inc. 20c Buyout: no sniper protection: 2hours. (can COD as buyer expense)
  8. Howdy fellow wurmians! As some of u know, I'm back! And I need money for a deed, so selling what I got from token. seryll lump, 1kg, 80 ql Seryll - this reddish metal is believed to exist naturally only on Seris, and be delivered here by envoys from the gods. yellow potion 50 ql A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. fireworks, 80 ql A package of fireworks. It is made from birchwood. easter egg, 99 ql A large funny-coloured egg. chain pans, seryll, 29.44 ql Leg protection made from metal chain. It could be improved with a lump. So, what those are worth? Can be picked up at Bear Dock, Independence, T 19. Or COD (lump in container so double fee) payed by recipient.
  9. 80ql Seryll Lump 1kg Start bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: 5s Pickup at Kaivas Home or Kaivas Harbor or Mad Hill or Mad Mountain on Exodus (around x4y18) CoD mailing available (CoD costs are for the buyer).
  10. My buyer fell through so up for sale it goes! Price: 1.5s or 1500 bricks, for one 80ql lump with 36.31dmg. Currently located on Release but will be arriving to SE Xanadu this coming weekend. New Sale Pending until this weekend. Further Pm'ed offers will be considered in the order received if this one falls through.
  11. Price Check for one 80ql lump with 36.31dmg. Thanks!
  12. Seryll lump

    1 x seryll lump, 80ql, 2,52 dmg, 1kg. Starting bid 1s, 50c increments. Pick up at J11 on Xanadu or cod (cost covered by buyer).
  13. seryll lump

    lump seryll ql 90 dmg 3,37 lump seryll ql 80 dmg 3,80 Starting at 2s Min. increments: 20c Pick up or cod (cod cost covered by buyer) (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  14. Rare demon statue - make offer through PM Red wine 68.29 ql (30.00) with barrel - 2s Sleep powders x3 - 1.5s each Large Anvil with 32 CoC - 50c 5 yellow potions (16ql, 32ql, 48ql, 50ql, 64ql) - 35c for all 5 Large crates - 10c each (by order) Small crates - 8c each (by order) Seryll lump 80ql - 1.5s All items located in Kalayaan, Indy... PM on forum or in-game. Prices are negotiable.