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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! Selling Magical small chest (new), and a lot of Stone shards, I'm in south indie.
  2. [Shoulder/Jewels] : Please offer me something if not priced, i'm too lazy to price all this stuff, the more i have, the more likely i am to accept low or bulk offers. some prices: Human skull and right stylish are 4s each dragon are 3s each. Skull, Boar and left stylish are 2s each Bracelets are 1.3s each [Moonmetals] (check with me if lump QL is a priority) 8s/kg for adamantine/Glimmer 4.5s/kg for Seryll +20c for any rare lump You can make bulk proposals, but don't expect huge discounts : )
  3. Spyglasses picked up from summerhalt (xanadu) Sold items: Drake hide Addy lumps Open helm 100coc med rug rare whetstone Shovel supreme shield 26ql seryll lump
  4. Pm me your price and the Ql of said helm. Or leave a reply here if im not online.
  5. I have the following items available for sale Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Willing to negotiate on price, make me an offer PICKAXE 1a) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 58) QL 85.77 PRICE:50 Copper 1b) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 71) QL 70.58 PRICE:70 Copper 1c) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 67) QL 89.52 PRICE 70 Copper 1d) Pickaxe, Iron (WoA 72 CoC 48) QL 26.29 PRICE:1 Silver TROWELS 2a) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.62 PRICE:50 Copper 2b) Trowel, Iron (CoC 62) QL 20.24 PRICE:50 Copper 2c) Trowel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 21.36 PRICE:50 Copper 2d) Trowel, Iron (WoA 59) QL 76.50 PRICE:50 Copper SAWS 3a) Saw, Iron (WoA 58) QL 69.29 PRICE:50 Copper HATCHETS 4a) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 50 CoC 80) QL 59.79 PRICE:1.2 Silver 4b) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 63) QL 70.25 PRICE:60 Copper 4c) Hatchet, Iron (CoC 69) QL 47.86 PRICE:60 Copper 4d) Hatchet, Iron (WoA 73) QL 76.29 PRICE:70 Copper WHETSTONES 5a) Whetstone (CoC 70) QL 91.01 DM 0.00 PRICE: 80 Copper 5b) Whetstone (CoC 75) QL 79.65 DM 1.50 PRICE: 70 Copper 5c) Whetstone (WoA 52 CoC 39) QL 84.03 DM 3.94 PRICE: 60 Copper SPINDLES 6a) Spindle, Pinewood (WoA 66 CoC 75) QL 76.79 PRICE: 1 Silver 6b) Spindle, Oakenwood (WoA 82) QL 72.14 PRICE: 1 Silver STONE CHISELS 7a) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 71) QL 77.56 PRICE: 70 Copper 7b) Stone Chisel, Iron (WoA 87) QL 68.67 PRICE: 1 Silver 7c) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 67) QL 21.65 PRICE: 60 Copper 7d) Stone Chisel, Iron (CoC 66) QL 19.88 PRICE: 60 Copper LONG SWORDS 8a) Longsword, Iron (Nim 43 FB 65 CoC 62) QL 80.26 PRICE: 2 Silver 8b) Longsword, Iron (Nim 49 FB 47 CoC 42) QL 70.47 PRICE: 2 Silver 8c) Longsword, Iron (LT 81 WoA 65 AD) QL 53.27 PRICE: 3.5 Silver RAKES 9a) Rake, Iron (WoA 57 CoC 60) QL 79.27 PRICE: 1.1 Silver SERYLL 10a) Lump, Seryll QL 90.00 PRICE: 2 Silver (Full Lump) 10b) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) 10c) Lump, Seryll QL 80.00 PRICE: 1 Silver (Full Lump) SOFT CAPS 11a) Soft Cap, Cotton PRICE: 50 Copper OTHER ITEMS a) Fruit Press, Cherrywood (CoC 74) QL 49.30 PRICE: 70 Copper b ) Short Bow, Willow RARE QL 60.51 PRICE: 3.50 Silver c) Pendulum, Silver (LitD 57) QL 43.78 PRICE: 50 Copper d) Pendulum, Iron (LitD 78) QL 71.95 PRICE: 1 Silver e) Scythe (WoA 69) QL 42.05 PRICE: 60 Copper f) Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass QL 49.49 PRICE: 2 Silver g) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 67) QL 79.41 PRICE: 2 Silver h) Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron (AoSP 61) QL 79.40 PRICE: 2 Silver i) Sickle, Iron (CoC 72) QL 20.23 PRICE: 80 Copper j) Rope Tool, Pinewood (CoC 81) QL 75.72 PRICE: 1 Silver k) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 55 WoA 57) QL 67.13 PRICE: 80 Copper l) Carving Knife, Iron (CoC 75) QL 35.21 PRICE: 80 Copper m) Scissors, Iron (CoC 84) QL 78.78 PRICE: 1.1 Silver n) Butchering Knife (CoC 69) QL 16.61 PRICE: 70 Copper o) Leather Knife (CoC 82) QL 16.68 PRICE: 80 Copper Ship One - Cherrywood Knarr & 100 Rafts - 12 Silver [11:53:14] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cherrywood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Princess Sparkle" in order to improve it. Ql: 40.84511, Dam: 18.623547. The name of the owner, Maizie, has been etched in the stern. Items will be mailed to the buyer, CoD paid by you, OR picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. Thanks all
  6. Up for auction is a full seryll plate armour set. The whole set is enchanted with 80+ AoSP on every piece. Starting Bid: 50s Min. Increments: 5s Reserve: None Buyout: 80s Snipe protection: 1 hour Auction ends: Saturday, November 22nd, 12:00 noon Central US time Mailing possible at the buyers expense, otherwise pickup at Xanadu, Ondlangr, B16 on the ingame map.
  7. Prices negotiable. Buyer pays CoD or picks up near Amish Paradise on the Celebration server. Mallet - 65.44ql 75WOA - 60c Med rug - 2.99ql 56COC - 45c Med rug - 3.28ql 58COC - 48c Med rug - 1.99ql 49COC - 40c Pine ropetool - 54.21ql WoA49 COC33 - 50c Pickaxe 23.76ql 43CoC - 40c Oak ropetool - 79.78ql 51WOA - 80c Small anvil - 50.28 ql 64WOA - 50c Longsword 60.33ql 49OC - 50c Spindle - 69.79ql - 20c Trowel - 67.47ql - 20c 2x Snow Lantern - 1s each 118 frying pans - 1s 10x Source Crystal - 50c Silver pendulum 12ql - 5c Iron pendulum 16ql - 5c 70 backpacks - 50c Fireworks (x2) - 80c Dredge (28ql) - 10c Dredge (43ql) - 15c Seryl lump 80ql - 1s Seryl breastplate 29ql - 80c 4x yellow potion - 50c each 50ql tools (8c each) Large maul Rope tools Butchering knives Clay shaper Trowel Saw Shovel File Huge Axe Rafts: 33 (two rare) - 3s I also have a fair selection of horses available on south cele: