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Found 16 results

  1. Located on Exodus - J12 Ingame Contacts, Denully or Stinboi Enchanted Grass Service: We can do up to 5 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Erupted tile Service: We can do up to 1 per day (18h), First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Strongwall tile Service: First tile is 1s to cover transport following tiles are 50c each. Visit our online Market at
  2. As post states, wts manual labor. Relevant skills: Body Strength 24 Paving 27 Carp 79 Fine Carp 56 Shipbuilding 45 Digging 61 Mining 34 Forestry 43 Gardening 33 Woodcutting 41 Masonry 44 Animal Husbandry 56 Pottery 50 Thatching 23 Ropemaking 15 Blacksmithing 36 Fletching 25 Bowyery 20 Pottery 50 *skills may be slightly higher than as shown I can sail to where you are, though my deed is on Exodus... If you want a lodestone or mailbox moved, I can even do that too. Rate of 10i per action, also offering to make bulk items, feel free to offer me other jobs at other prices as well, if I'm not working on one already or if it isnt urgent, I'll probably take it up >.< send me a PM here, or ingame @ eirwengale. Thanks ^^ Also selling: 60+QL wool, I have 6k in stock right now but can gather more upon request, priced at 1s/k picked up, 1.25s / k delivered or 7c + CoD per combined lump (64) Cow / sheep milk / cheese; I can collect/make for your proposed price / quantity as per request. Pending / Upcoming Jobs: Queued Jobs: Ongoing Jobs: Completed jobs:
  3. Will do any job, from manual labor to building structures, and anything in between. 10i/action Skills as of 8/9/2020: Carpentry: 20 Woodcutting: 10 Mining: 5 Digging: 13 If you want to know any more skills of mine, reply to this post, DM me on Discord (JoeyPlayzG#9743), or PM me ingame or on the forums@JoeyPlayzG
  4. Just sold your goods but don't want to spend your time delivering it to your client? Selph's delivery service will help you with that! I deliver to any PvE area reachable by ship for a cheap price. Pricing Any deliveries that cost over 40c will be discounted to 40c Item Price (per item) Backpack/satchel 2c Large crate 5c Small crate 2.5c Large barrel 4c Small barrel 2c Other PM me Payment will be done either when I pickup the item or I can send you a wood scrap with cod. Taxi If you want to move from server to server feel free to shoot me a PM, if I happen to have time or be around that area I can transport you for free. To order a delivery, PM me either in-game, on the forum or reply to this post
  5. A long time ago I offered the services of myself and a ragtag band of fighters and friends to help whoever found a unique to pen it, organise the slaying (private or public) and help in the kill... With the incoming changes, i'm ressurecting this service. The key points is that YOUR unique remains YOURS, the loot remains YOURS, we will ask nothing for our help... you can feel free to give us something... BUT it is nowhere mandatory! We hope that the new changes will allow everyone to stumble on a unique soon(TM)... and in those case have the choice of going toward the group they find the most suited to help them insure the penning / kill while not loosing loot to their 'helpers'. You will be able to reach me here on the forum... or even on Discord... i'm always lurking in some dark corner of the Wurm Online Official one!
  6. Hi! im looking for work on Wurm for money my home server is Release and i am looking to make a buck due to me being a very new player please pm me if your interested. :)
  7. Hi Citizens of deliverance i am providing free fine carpentry imps to 50ql so anything from wagons to wine barrels to coffers. For wagons and carts bring them to Rift Caddy located on the lake of tears H13 when i am online or anything that can fit in the mailbox mail it with the item renamed to the owner of the item tips are not required but appreciated
  8. Hiya, I'm looking for someone who has high skill in metallurgy (75+ atleast) to make steel for me. I'm providing materials for this job (coal and iron lumps). Send me your offer via forum PM how much do you want for 1k actions.
  9. Brief Information Contact in game: Chemiq About me: I'm a sailor, traveller between servers, alliances, villages just do offer my services, meet new people and chat with old friends. I belong to Xanadu and there's my home island, but I can't stay at one place for long time. I need to sail, only steady flow of waves calms me down. That's very interesting way to play, highly recommended! I take with me full crates of supplies, my tools and my skills to where it's needed. When you need my services let me know on forum or give me a shout in game. I will happily set my sails for a new (and old) direction. Do you wonder why it's so cheap? Well, simply because I love to grind and money is just a side effect not the reason for my actions. Pricing Of Services: Leather Armour Improve (Leather, Studded, Drake Hide): *price per piece **Improvements from 90 to 93 will cost difference only 93 QL - 66c 92 QL - 55c 91 QL - 44c 90 QL - 33c 80 QL - 22c 70 QL - 11c Fine Carpentry Improve: (Approx 1.5h while improving ropetool from 70QL to 92QL) *including any stationary things (floor looms etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 92 will cost difference only. 92 QL - 155c 91 QL - 118c 90 QL - 80c 80 QL - 28c 70 QL - 17c Carpentry Improve: *including any unmailable items (fishing rods etc.) for extra travel fee **Improvements from 80 to 93 will cost difference only. 93 QL - 155c 92 QL - 122c 91 QL - 95c 90 QL - 77c 80 QL - 25c 70 QL - 12c Woodcutting (Up to 99.99QL): *consulted individually Feel free to send pm with details of your order and we will start negotiating price. Notice: All of my services are provided by tools with 95+ BoTD and 93+ QL atleast on it. Required amount of time for leather armour improvement process is reduced by half of it now! Pricing of items: *strikethrough items are made for order 80QL toolbelt (8 slot) - 40c 90QL toolbelt (9 slot) - 80c Policy Of Rares: I don't charge extra silvers when improved item turns into rare but tips are welcomed i would like to get them in hide if so but any form will be fine I want to thanks to everyone who entrusted their items to improvement. Thanks for trust Congrats to @Shydow for mallet which turned into rare Got also one successfull drum-roll imp on @SmokuS black drake hide jacket but unfortunatelly not this time
  10. Hello community, I need to do some silver's and therefore I am selling my workforce is to dig planar or anything else you need please contact me
  11. Only for Deliverence Only Atm. Moving Imp service, I Only roll out for a minium price 1s. But this is my current service i can help with. Deli Only this is what i can help with. Skills Coal-making: 62.644188 Blacksmithing: 94.44397 Jewelry smithing: 52.631832 Shield smithing: 84.39004 Chain armour smithing: 94.07234 Plate armour smithing: 88.46767 Cloth tailoring: 73.583534 Leatherworking: 93.57078 Masonry: 81.85683 Stone cutting: 52.101974 Natural substances: 86.54728 Woodcutting: 90.904816 Carpentry: 97.76246 Fine carpentry: 97.08493 Thats on the road i can help with, with that i can imp to js 50: 40c with ur mats. Woodcutting we make a price about =) Same for coal making =) ql 80 imp 40c, ql 90 imp 1s. ( same as the qurrent above . ) ql 92 imp 2s ( fine carp only ) ql 92+ fine carp give me a pm and we chat. Plate imping: QL 80: 2s QL:90 soon to come, Drake: QL 80 : 2s QL:85 3s QL:90 4s Chain smithing: QL 80:2s QL85: 3s QL90:4s (sets) Dyes i can make at ur place ur at my place, ill take 10c/kg regular up to 200 rgb , custom rgb 230+30c/kg If ill make anything rare / supreme or fantastic so its on me, i have my deed on max rare chance. U contact me me here or ingame at mrcoolman,
  12. Are you bored of the repetitive life on the homestead? Do you seek the excitement of exploring new places and meeting new people? Do you want to do more for your people and to be remembered as a pioneer of something new? Join Freedom Carrier Service (FCS) and become a fundamental player in the future of Wurm logistics before it opens its doors to the public! About Us Headquartered in Xanadu, FCS strives to offer cargo and personnel transportation to all Freedom Island Servers while adhering to a code of ethics that will allow our customers to trust and rely on us for all their delivery needs. We guarantee that all our team members will act with Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability. We will have many different functions and responsibilities, but our primary expertise will be the movement of goods and people. We will have a corporate like command structure with different titles and functions. We plan to operate out of one central headquarters and then expand with multiple transfer stations throughout the land. There will be multiple divisions to include: Transportation Specialist, Roads and Seas Engineers, Building Maintenance, Sales and Accounting, Research and Development, Animal Development, and Public Relations. There should be something for everyone within our team. Ideal Candidates We are seeking new members who are dedicated and able to follow general command structures, individuals who are trustworthy, loyal, and will accept responsibilities as they come their way. Trust is key! Some of the positions require extensive traveling and responsibilities that will be placed solely upon individual team members. This is a video game and this idea is meant to be fun. We mean to travel and explore the continents while integrating that with a business idea giving us a purpose. Whether the services we offer are used or not, we still hope to have a fun time in creating something meaningful. We’ll strive for communication with players across the servers. We’ll stop at villages that invite us in and accept their hospitality. We’ll enjoy the game in multitude of ways other than just leveling our skills. With all that said, we will not ever force anyone to do anything, but applying for a position within FCS means that you accept a certain degree of responsibility when task are handed down to you, be it a delivery across the continent or simply building a set of crates. To Apply If you’re interested in joining, please join the website and complete the application ( You will be asked several questions and may have to sit through an interview for some of the positions. There are no time requirements of when you should log in (unless you’re on an important delivery), we just ask you to let us know if you will not be around for a certain length of time. There are no age requirements, but please be mature, honest, and understanding. Please apply for at least one position that we offer. This position will be your main profession within the company. You may do any side skills and jobs that you wish in your spare time, but you must perform your main tasking when needed. If you choose a certain position and are accepted into that position, then we expect for you to be available from time to time to perform that job. If you fail to complete task or volunteer for tasks that fall under your job title you may be removed from that position (i.e. If you apply to be a deliverer, but never accept any assignments). There is more information included in our forums about our current positions. Players may also choose secondary positions if they fill that they have the time. Current Events We are currently breaking ground to create our headquarters in South Eastern Xanadu (N20). At this time we are gathering interest for future members, and members who may want to help us build. Anyone may apply as long as they agree with what was said above. Please join the website and pick a career path best suited for your game style. Freedom Carriers Employment OpportunitiesOverseer The overseer is the head of operations, overseeing all functions and is the final approver for all decisions that passes through the lower chain of command. The Overseer holds and decides the fair dispersing of wealth to the members of the company. The Overseer must remain a positive figurehead and uphold the standards that the company keeps. The Current Overseer is Coren. Public Relations Team The public relations team will include several team members who are responsible for recruiting and improving the image of Freedom Carrier. They will be experienced in posting on the Wurm Main forums and other locations to keep up awareness of the activities of the company. They will also be required to be active in the in-game chat channels looking for those who made need our service or keeping up awareness there as well. Estimators and Revenue Team The estimating team will focus on incoming job request and determine the most reasonable price to complete the job for. They must be experienced in Wurm economy and reasonable assume what people will pay for our services. They must have good people skills as they will be handling incoming orders. The revenue team will focus on new ways for the company to make money and assist the Overseer on how to manage funds within the company. They will also research issues involving revenues, the first of which is researching the best way to insure others may trust us for them to use our services. They may also look into expanding into other markets such as trade and manufacturing. Building Maintenance Team The Building Maintenance team will include several workers and a manager. The team will be responsible for building new structures, and keeping existing structures undamaged. This team may travel to multiple locations to build transfer stations and complete upkeep. Delivery Specialist This will be the backbone of Freedom Carrier, as it will serve as our major offered service. Members will have to be willing to accept transportation bids and complete the delivery in a timely manner. Members may be stationed at different outposts to ease the requirement of long distance travel. Members from other villages may contract out to be delivery agents as long as the estimating team has agreed to a price and that member is trustworthy and reliable. Agricultural Team This team will include members who wish to be involved in agricultural and animal husbandry. This team will be responsible for keeping the company fed and keeping needed agricultural supplies stocked such as wemp, hides, cotton, or anything that has to do with nature. Tamers will also be needed to achieve the fastest travel possible overland by breeding successful and fast animals. This team will include farmers, hunters, and breeders. Shipwrights and Wagon Makers This group will consist of managers and workers who are in charge of manufacturing ships and wagons to be used in delivery. A manager in this group must understand the supply and demand need for new vessel based on the current number of delivers available and how many jobs are requested. Tool Manufacturer Each outpost that requires a tool manufacturer may have one. This person is responsible for making all tools and equipment that are created from metals or wood. Weapons will also be lumped into this grouping. Excess tools may also be sold to create extra revenue for the company. Road and Canal Crew The road crew is responsible for researching and designing transportation routes throughout the lands to improve our delivery operations. This team may work with other villagers to improve the servers’ transportation grid. This team will be constantly traveling from one spot to another while creating roads and digging canals. Raw Materials Specialist Raw Material Specialist will supply the company with raw materials they need to build with. These members will enjoy mining and woodcutting and must be able to supply decent quality ores. These members may serve on road crews and building teams but will serve the purpose of providing supplies. Research and Development Team This team will research fixes for problems that may arise within the companies. They will constantly be thinking of improvements and new ideas while also making sure the current quality of the company is up to par with the company’s ethic codes.
  13. We're closed for maintenance, dont mind the stuff below this sentence! Hey Wurmians, Are you looking for bulks, carpentry items and/or some of the oh so well known services from kekstier? Well, you are at the right place to get them! These are the bulks which i offer: -Mortar............................................................../1k in stock, taking orders 3s per 1k -Stone Bricks.................................................../stock is empty, taking orders 2s per 1k -Planks............................................................./stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k -Clay................................................................./stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k -Sand.............................................................../stock is empty, taking orders 1s per 1k I also offer carpentry items: -Bulk Storage Bins/Food Storage Bins......./stock is empty, taking orders 5c per 1 -Other Carpentry Items not listed here: just pm me (Kekstier) small crates, barrels, etc Dont forget to mention my services: -Digging (you will receive the outcoming materials) 10i per action->1s per 1k actions -Housebuilding (both Stone and Wooden ones) 2c per wall if you provide the mats (any walltype) 4c per normal wooden wall (20 actions + 20 planks + one large iron nail) <-i provide the materials 10c per stone wall (20 actions + 20 mortar + 20 stone bricks) <-i provide the materials not sure on the timber framed walls yet, pm me for closer informations <-i provide the materials My special items in stock: -Gems 37+38ql=75ql in total ............................ /1c per 1ql, so 75c for both -Source Crystals 0 in stock, for free -Others will be added Important: If you dont see anythink you woudl expect here, pm me and i try to sort it out for you! How to get my items: -Pm me on the forum, i will try to check my inbox at least 2 times every day -Pm me ingame, my name is Kekstier --> you can pick them up on Release in Lakeglen Bay (ingame map-> h24) --> OR i will deliver them for 10c per cart load across Release (i wont head to any other island yet, sorry) Other Payment Methods: -a Knarr, any woodtype is worth 15s to me (you will get refund up to 5s if you dont spent the full 15s, and i will deliver your stuff for free trough Release as well as to other islands for any order from you) -im open for other payment methods Have fun and save travels!
  14. Hello everyone, I am looking for a delivery service for my goods from the NE corner of Celebration to wherever (except chaos). The person/group that will do this should have: Reliability (as in, when you say you do something you do it, of course saying from the get go that you cannot/will have no time is also ok) A sailboat and any of the larger boats as well (corbita, cog, knarr) including the mind logic necessary to command that boat Containers for the shipment (rafts, crates, barrels etc.) Good delivery prices (obviously but we can talk about those separately) Up to 20s in cash as collateral Having fun sailing Timezones are not that important to me, we can probably work something out. You could protentially earn quite a bit from this is you have the time to deliver and having fun doing it To contact me: IGN: Thorakkanath or a forum PM addressed to me. Thx for reading this! Best, Thor PS. Please note that this is not a permanent job, but more like on need basis, just wanted to make that clear to everyone EDIT: PLEASE CLOSE, moved to Xanadu
  15. I am looking to make deliveries for a small fee. Anyone with orders that need to be delivered somewhere on freedom isles including chaos pm me either in game (hawkstarsiii) or here on the forums. Delivering only to shores will not deliver inland unless the receiving party provides carts and an extra 10c. Only delivering on weekends! Delivery Costs: Exodus, deli: 10c Inde: 5c Celeb: 15c
  16. I have not seen this any where so i am pricing it due to my own experience mass logging and the time taken/QL obtained.. Novastrov Woodcutting Service I have 61 Woodcutting, I come to your area and Just Chop down trees 1s per 30 trees Cut down and Logged, You transport them yourself. Can not guarantee all logs will be 61, but majority will be. This will be a Saturday & Sunday Service only If the logging takes place near your deed a bed would be appreciated if i stay over night. ~Travel Charge~ SE Quadrant - 50c (my local) NE & SW & NW Quadrant - 1s ~Bookings~ Saturday August 24th 2013. 1:30pm PST. - COMPLETED - 459 logs, 334 of avg 60QL ~Stay Tuned~ for bigsteve's Clear Cutting. I will be randomly on weekends traveling to a Forest to clear cutting to gain Max Skill Ill announce here and in Freedom the location. First come First grabs of the High QL Logs