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Found 20 results

  1. Dear Wurm Unlimited Community, is a server list and tracker for Wurm Unlimited. It is not just a simple server list. The list has lots of features: Browse servers by: rank, countries, versions, uptime, tags .... Complete search features: Find the best server for you using, our search engine with multi-criteria Favorite system: Build your own list with your favorites servers Comment system: Leave comments on servers and discuss directly with their owners Achievement and leaderboard User profile Server status check: All servers are checked every 5 minutes, to guarantee you an up to date list Server statistics: Get detailled charts for your server: players connected, votes, rank and uptime Server notifications: Received notifications when your server goes offline Vote system: Vote every day for your favorite server Dynamic status banners: Show your server status on your website/forum with our nice dynamic banners Support for "private" servers (hidde address) Best regards,
  2. PvP to PvE

    So... How many PvP based players have WURMed there way over to PvE based side as of recent ?
  3. Can you please put the server name in your title and the tags for your post in Merchant ads. It make it easier to look for items. Thanks
  4. Introducing WU The Western Union, Wurm Unlimited Server! Brought to you by former members of the Western Union Alliance on Xanadu and Independence. The server's dimensions include 12 PVE islands and a central PVP island. We have a great deal of mods, please visit our website to see the full list at link below. At present, main events are focusing on server projects, rather it is working on the starting towns or building roads. They occur every two weeks on Thursdays at 7pm (GMT -8). Eventually, we’ll be planning more events, but prizes are awarded to those who attend the events. Events will be announced via Steam Group calendar. Steam Group @ Map @ Mods list @: Details: * Characteristics start at 20 with the exception of body control and mind logic which is set to 25 * Players may have a main character and a priest alt, any additional alts may be frowned upon. * Deeds maintenance is set to free, but we ask that you do not make multiple deeds. We suggest that players join the Mol-Rehan Kingdom, as it is the most prepared, only those with the adventuring spirit can select Jenn-Kellon, or Horde of the Summoned. There are multiple CA’s to manage both the technical aspects of the server. Our CA's play at different times so there's a good chance someone will be available to support you. If not please open a ticket in game, or post your issues in the steam group discussions for server CA help. We are always looking out for devoted players to become community assistants (CA). PM Rkjasminth or Eridil for details on how to join the server. General Settings Name: WU The Western Union Tags: PvE - PVP- Free Deed - Bounties - Modded Server-Location: USA Central Est. Around March 2020 PvE and PVP Skill gain rate multiplier : 4x Kingdoms: Mol-Rehan Jenn-Kellon Horde of the Summoned
  5. Hello Wurmians! For a while ago me and my friend left Epic and Desertion for Xanadu due to the death of Epic. The thing with that move that bothered me and my friend was, after all the years we´ve been playing the beautiful game of Wurm online we couldn´t get our seasonal or loyalty gifts with us (sleeping powders, Spyglass and other special gifts) that you might have saved and wanted to take with you, my question is WHY? and could i get my stuff back? that i´ve payed for through game time. Many thanks! Moraal
  6. I would very much like something to be done about false player counts - Mythmoor for example shows an almost constant 100+, which is often 3x the actual player count, as can be seen logging in or on the wurm unlimited servers site For one, it makes me sad that the shown player count isn't the actual amount (But that's Wurm for you, not the game for most), but more importantly it's false and misleading. As for server list saturation, currently the list when sorted by playercount has like 13 or 14 or so servers showing before scrolling. Almost half of those are a Login Server, PvE Server, PvP server If all clusters show the same playercounts, can't something be done to make it so only the login server shows, or maybe they are all grouped into a drop down list or somesuch? Just wondered what other people thought.
  7. Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
  8. It sure would be sweet if we could manage permissions for other servers. I'm sitting in the middle of Xanadu and want to get some more of my alts over, but my main (on Xanadu) owns the fleet of boats on my other server. So I have a 3 hour sail back, just to cross the border and do a boat ownership transfer to one of the other alts. Maybe it needs to be this way because of Chaos? If not, can we change it to allow permissions across all servers?
  9. Hi, Is it possible to move a local server onto a public server if you wish other players to join you? Or are you on your own forever on a local server? Cheers
  10. I know the issue of animals not being able to cross server borders is proving difficult to fix. I was thinking that while the devs are working on a proper long term solution to this, there may be a short term fix we could use in the meantime. What if there was a karma ability 'reanimate corpse'? You could kill an animal, put its body in your inventory, cross to another server, then use 3000 karma to bring it back to life. Kind of like the zombie spell, except with this the animals would be truly alive, not die after a few days, be rideable, breedable, etc. This would also be useful for those unfortunate accidents that always seem to happen, like when you kill your favourite horse by mistake, or forget to unequip your weapon when taming your other pets. It would probably need to exclude unique so that people couldn't bring nogumps and things to freedom, but for horses and other animals, as well as champion pets, it would be a good start. We can always work on better ways like animal crates in the future. I'm not sure if this idea would be easier to programme than crates or people leading animals through water across servers, but it's worth looking into. We've all been waiting a long time for this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be happy to have a temporary fix while the devs sort out a better long term method.
  11. I have two separate machines hosting a server.... a login Main 4096 (cluster master) and a 4096 pvp map on a cluster node. Each server is dedicated. I noticed I can change any port but this one: Ports 8766 tcp/udp. I dont see anywhere in the configuration where this can be modified to a unique value per server. This would eliminate the possibility of hosting two dedicated servers behind a firewall doing NAT. If both boxes are behind a firewall is there any way to change this port for the 2nd box? Host 1 Home server / Login ExIpPort= 3725 InIpPort= 48011 RMI = 7222 RMI 7223 Steam = 27018 PVP Server Host 2 ExIpPort= 3726 InIpPort= 48012 RMI = 7224 RMI 7225 Steam = 27019 Anyone found a workaround for this? I assume its hard coded on the client as well so even if its a field in the DB on the server side would this even work? Thanks in advance. I noticed in testing on a local LAN behind the firewall i can transfer back and forth without issue. So it lead me right to the firewall..
  12. So when I started playing this game my greatest concern was that since Rolf doesn't host the server any more your characters very existence is in the hands of someone who has no monitory incentive to keep the server running. So what does make people host? A love of the game surely? But what happens when that honeymoon period runs out? Well, then they stop hosting, and your character ceases to exist. Aaaand that just happened. Let me preface this by saying I absolutely love this game, it's seriously awesome! But BlueFangSolution's London server just decided that after a week to call it quits. 68 Hours of game time totally wasted. Gone. Not only that but I have no way of contacting the guys in my village, who I would like to keep in touch with. It's all really sad, but this situation was foretold by numerous skeptics. And yes I know they'll be numerous people commenting that I should have just joined Wyvern to begin with (as if that's my fault), but at the time I didn't know that server existed, and when you've made friends and invested time into your village you don't fancy starting over. Lakeside Homestead is- was my home. I kind of feel this is a fundamental problem of this game's model. I paid £20 for it, and I have no character security at all. In fact 68 hours of my life has completely been deleted. Thanks a bunch. Nothing to show for it. If any of the BlueFang guys read this, PM me, I'd love to keep going with you guys.
  13. Dear Wurmians! The Wurmpedia team is looking for your opinions on the character and landscape of your chosen servers. What is it like to live and travel there? How has life changed since the hands of Rolf finished crafting the fjords and mountains? We are interested in what made you settle on that server and what keeps you there, not the general mechanics of Wurm. For those, you can always post in the Suggestions forum. Instead, talk about your server specifically. Is it the landscape? The people? Do you enjoy a large desert full of creatures to hunt, or majestic mountains? Remember to indicate what server you are describing and feel free to post! This is open to anyone, from any server.
  14. A solution to the dragon drama, travelling kill teams and the too little incencitive for large friendly events. 0/ Same for the blood - You need to be premium, no change on that. 1/ Loot (hide / scale) is awarded to server citizens. Staying on a server for 2 weeks would toggle the server citizen ship flag on you. --> goal - preventing raids from others servers and involving the local players. No reward if you don't take the risk to leave your server for a while. 2/ Fixed drops per players, lets say 0.02 hide for a hatchling and 0.08 scale for a red dragon. --> Goal is to prevent a kill team from another server to keep one alt per server and grabing all the loot. Increase the interest of having more local players to the fights. 3/ Increasing the loot per players when you have more of them in local. <15 - x1 multiplier, small kill teams get less loot.between 15 and 30 - x2 multiplier, average hunting party (20 player) get a bit more loot that way.Over 30 - x3 multiplier - bigger reward for a bigger event.Nota : seeing only the server citizen will get the loot, it will become more interesting to do bigger events involving the locals. Small teams travelling between server will be penalized if they dont involve the locals. Mercenaries will do mercenary job then and won't take away something the local player try to get on their own. If you want to discuss that suggestion please keep the drama / name and finger pointing away.
  15. I do not know if this is another DDOS attack or just bad code, but the effects are the same. The truth is that it has become beyond bearable. Normally I can be patient with a little issue here or there, but this is beginning to look like either laziness or cheapness. While I know the potential destructiveness of a DDOS attack, even the best ones can't keep a site down this long and this often unless you are simply doing NOTHING to fight it. Even my own little ISP provides protection against DDOS. If your ISP is so lame that they can't manage this, then you need to stop being cheap and get a new ISP. If it is a code issue, then stop making new features and get the game stable. I have not been able to play once all weekend now. One day of premium is not going to replace the 4 days now that this has been going on. Also, I understand that you all are not in our time zones and might be all cuddled up in bed. Well guess what! You are running a full time server and charging people for it. That is right we are PAYING for this game. Therefore you are now full time. Someone needs to be on call and ready to go the second a server goes down. There really is no exception here. Even when I was running a pathetic little MineCraft server, I made a notification system so that I was instantly notified any time the server was down or inaccessible. And I wasn't even charging money for access to the server. The first few times this has happened I understood and was patient with you. But this is the line. If this is a DDOS attack I am incredibly sorry to say, I think the attackers have beaten you miserably. I have no plans to renew any of the premium accounts I pay for, unless I see you have actually done something SERIOUS to fix and prevent these issues.
  16. TODAY WE SHALL PLAY A GAME! A GAME OF FUNNY PICTURES!! HOW THIS WORKS!!! POST FUNNY PICTURES!!! LAUGH!!!! POST MORE!!! (all form of Media permitted with funniess included)
  17. How is that all the servers can come back online in roughly 7 minutes, while Independence and Chaos take 10+ It's seriously annoying when I've had to wait for over 10 minutes extra to play a game when others can play in less than 7 minutes. Anyone else bothered by this?
  18. Is anyone else having an issue connecting at the moment?
  19. I have a few animal-related suggestions. 1. Pigs, cows, etc. can swim IRL. Why can't they swim in-game? This should be fixed. Lots of transactions cannot occur because these animals can't cross large channels to island areas or secluded areas. 2. Predatory animals/monsters should be able to eat other animals. If a wild (un-tame) predatory animal becomes hungry, it should attack another animal (tame/un-tame, wild or bred, just whatever is closeby). The two animals would then fight. If the winner is the hungry animal, it will consume the weaker animal. The consumed animal should leave behind an empty, "butchered" corpse that uses its standard butchered-corpse model. The predatory animal would then no longer be hungry. If the winner is not the hungry animal, then the corpse would be left there as if a player killed it and left it there. Certain species (trolls, spiders, etc.) should be cannibalistic. 3. Predatory animals should feed on unbutchered corpses. This ties into the previous suggestion. If the winner of the fight scenario mentioned in the previous suggestion were a non-hungry carnivorous animal, it would leave the corpse laying there. If the corpse were in a 10-tile range when the animal became hungry again, it would walk over to the corpse and consume it, leaving behind the same butchered-corpse model. I understand that it would be rather difficult to make the game distinguish between carrion-feeders and regular predatory animals, or between starving animals and hungry animals, so I won't suggest that now. 4. Animals should be able to be led across servers. Enough said about that one. More suggestions soon.