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Found 2 results

  1. Cared for animals dying on server restarts has been a problem for a while, and I'm hoping we can get this fixed soon. If an animal is cared for, it's meant to be immortal in terms of age, which means as long as it's fat, not pregnant, not diseased, and on a deed with a good ratio, it should last forever, which is unfortunately not the case. I have a cared for tortoise that I happened to look at just after a server restart, and it was suddenly uncared for. I managed to care for it again before it died, but I wonder if this isn't perhaps the answer to why cared for animals sometimes die? Maybe cared for animals don't actually die, but they become uncared for for some reason after a server restart, and then die of old age? I'm not sure if the devs are aware of this, or if perhaps my one experience was a fluke, but I thought I'd make a post just in case the added information helps. Currently my deed is 3x the size it needs to be, as I have to have three of every animal I want in case of random dying, and I'd much prefer not to have to keep all the extras. Someone else also suggested that maybe the problem is that when the server is restarting and recreating everything, the animals are created first, and then the checks to see if they are cared for go off. It's possible that in the tiny amount of time that takes, an animal could die as well, though I imagine that fraction of time is pretty small, which explains why it doesn't happen all the time. Again, not sure if this helps, but I'd really like to get this issue fixed, so hopefully it will
  2. It's the second round on the Challenge server and, like last time, we are seeing a huge increase in server downtime an server restarts. I am not privy to the reasons behind these restarts, but judging by their coincidence with Challenge I can only conclude they are related. Recommend isolating the Challenge server so that all the servers don't have to go down every time Challenge needs to be restarted.