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Found 4 results

  1. [Released] New Portals

    To use these portals create a new item, choose between: 1. Steel Server Portal - (Steel Portal Model, the one with glowing ball inside) 2. Huge Server Portal - (Epic Portal Model, same as steel, without the glowing ball). 3. Server Portal - (The craftable small epic portal model). 4. Portal ring - (Just a generic ring, can fast create with #give 4016 set data just like a normal portal) 5. Rift Server Portal - (The mole hole with smoking crystals around it) Set data1 to the value of the x position you want to transport to. Set data 2 to the value of the y position you want to transport to. Set AuxData to 1. (You must set AuxData to 1 or it will not work. I have done this to prepare for future different portal types). Get it here: If you enjoy this mod consider buying me coffee While I know this can be done with the complicated mission ruler, this is much easier to set up.
  2. This mod will allow your players to craft all the various pauldrons that are now available in the latest release. The properties file will allow you to adjust the difficulty for crafting each pauldron type. Note that an 80 difficulty gives a 51% chance with an 80ql tool, 80ql material, and 60 skill. I have made the required crafting skill be adjusted based on the model of the type of pauldron. The skills are plate armour smithing, chain armour smithing, leatherworking, jewel crafting, and pottery (pottery used for skulls and boars). Also there is 1 carpentry pauldrontype. I have marked this as alpha, because there has only been limited testing done, and there may be changes/additions/fixes as a result. Please post comments and problems here. Ago's Modloader required! Download it at Note: If you spawn pauldrons in via ebony wand, make SURE you use pauldrons NOT shoulders. Shoulders are the vanilla version and there are reports that they are causing server crashes due to being a rift item. If you enjoy this mod consider buying me coffee! This mod and all future mods created by me, using items, will have template id's in the 3000-3200 range. If you have other mods using id's in this range there may be conflicts and you should take a look at some adjustments. I am doing this because Ago's mod loader's auto assignment sometimes does not give the same ID for every server on a multi server cluster. This causes issues when transferring. So I will from now forward use this bock range as Xype's block.
  3. [Abandoned] Gambler Mod

    So, Working on a gambler mod, hoping to have Alpha ready next week, thought I would go ahead and post this up to get comments/suggestions. What I have in theorycraft right now is: Configurable Entry Fee Configurable win % If winner configurable 3 sets of tiers, configure the % chance of landing in a tier, must total 100% chance as the player already won. Tier 1, configurable 3 items 1 chosen at random for winner Tier 2, configurable 5 items 1 chosen at random for winner Tier 3, configurable 10 items 1 chosen at random for winner. Losers get a pig food. Example 2s entry fee 5% chance to win 1% winner chance at jackpot 24% winner chance at High Quality 75% winner chance at good item Losers get a pig food Sorry guys this got abandoned due to potential legal issues. You can say what you want but my lawyer recommended against it, or asked me to pay fees to him to write a license agreement I don't want to pay.
  4. I would like to build a simple mod to remove drowning while swimming from the game. The code I need to change is located in com.wurmonline.server.creatures.MovementScheme.move(), a code snippet of the specific block is below... if(this.creature.getStatus().getStamina() < 50 && !this.creature.isSubmerged() && !this.creature.isUndead() && Server.rand.nextInt(100) == 0) { this.creature.addWoundOfType((Creature)null, 7, 2, false, 1.0F, false, (double)((4000.0F + Server.rand.nextFloat() * 3000.0F) * ItemBonus.getDrownDamReduction(this.creature))); this.creature.getCommunicator().sendAlertServerMessage("You are drowning!"); } I have tried several ways to make this change through Ago's modloader with not much success. my current code (trying out bytecode manipulation) is below Some of this does actually work: changing the text to read something else, and changing the alert server message into a standard server message. bytecode.addLdc("You are drowning!"); bytecode.addInvokevirtual(ctCommunicator, "sendAlertServerMessage", Descriptor.ofMethod(CtPrimitiveType.voidType, new CtClass[]{ctString})); replacing these two lines together actually works, but adding any other instructions to the bytecode results in a NotFound exception being thrown by CodeReplacer. I have tried replacing the entire body of the move() method in the class, but apparently Javassist does not play well with enum types when compiling new code. It was also suggested to override the isSubmerged() method, which does work but may have unexpected side effects elsewhere in the game that I would rather not introduce. Any help or suggestions? Thanks in advance!