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Found 3 results

  1. Citadel Servers is now offering Wurm Unlimited hosting! Host unlimited players on your server, only pay for the resources you use! We offer unlimited Player servers throughout Europe, USA and Canada starting at an affordable price of $6.75 | £4.50 | €6.03 per month. No Sqlite editing required, all settings are done through our control panel. Order for a year and get 10% off your order! Click here to Order Your Server Our Locations: USA New York, Nevada , Kansas, Vermont, Texas, Washington, Florida Canada Montreal Europe United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands | | | | | | Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Game Server Features: Instant Setup ( Get playing in minutes!) Configure and manage your server via our Control panel without editing sqlite files Feature full and integrated Wurm solution to edit server options straight from our control panel. Full Root access via our File Manager and full FTP access. Easily accessible configuration files and log files. Fully Moddable servers, define\create your world the way you want! Web Console, view the activity on your server Steam Update button, update your server with one click or schedule a recurring\onetime update. Unlimited Players, set the player count you want. Password your server straight from the control panel, no hassle or fuss. No Branding, Your server, Your way. Start/Stop/Reinstall your server at a click of a button. Fast & Friendly Support via a ticket system. Tutorials and articles in our Wurm Knowledgebase. Database, World and Configuration Backups. Custom Map and gamemode support. One Click Install Mod Loader One Click Install Map Viewer With all of our dedicated servers running ECC high frequency Ram with Intel Professional grade Xeon Servers, your server performance should never be a concern. All servers are connected to atleast a 1Gbps uplink to achieve low latency. All the staff at Citadel Servers are willing to help and support you if you have questions or something stops working. Buy your server now with near instant set-up! If you have any questions before purchasing contact us at Click here to Order Your Server Citadel Servers Team
  2. Hello, Im a huge Wurm fan and always promote the game in any way i can! I created a Wurm hosting comparison site and gather as much hosts as i could find around. So is easier to review the hosts at a single page. The most important info are gathered together like: Server location Slot Capacity (some hosts use that) The actual cost of a single slot Minimum order (including taxes, if any and/or additional fees!) RAM Limits (for most of the hosts) Coupons that some hosts offer (usualy "") Admin panel and the availability of ddos protection Currently the cheapest host that is listed, offer their service at $6.75 for 1GB Ram. If you are a hosting provider and you wish to get your services listed please leave a reply here or leave me a PM and i will do it asap. For more info visit - The Hosting Comparison Site
  3. Me and a friend just bought Wurm Unlimited, and are trying to host our own server to play on, but we can't seem to figure out how. There's a disappointing lack of information on this. We've opened all the ports that are apparently needed, and only the host can see the server show up on his Friends tab, but not me. Is there something we're doing wrong? The ports we've opened are: 8766 TCP/UDP 27016-27030 UDP 3724 TCP 7220 TCP 7221 TCP