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Found 15 results

  1. Independence server appears to be down hard. Can not log onto Indy server. Can log on to Xanadu server. This sever status link shows ppl still on Indy, but they're not: This server status link borked: Please feed Indy hamsters, give them whatever they want. Thanks. TeeeBOMB
  2. Just in case someone did not say yet, Independence server has crashed. Please fix soon/quick, thanks. TeeeBOMB (was just on the way to the mailbox w/ a pile of freshly made pizzas … for the love of gods.. don't let them decay)
  3. Indy just crashed. looks like 0/0 online there now. I can not log in. Looks like this one may be Ping's fault. Thanks your time.
  4. Ya. Independence server appears to have crashed the correct way. Please fix. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  5. Independence server is down. Please fix Thanks, TeeeBOMB
  6. Ok, Indy server, maybe? Just went down. About 18:40 EST on 24 Oct 2019. Both my main and my alt got kicked from Indy server. Apparently many others on Indy got kicked. It later let me and my alt log back on. So was a temp lag/boot. When I logged back on, I was still riding my horse. TeeeBOMB
  7. Fixed Please close. Thanks. I'm on Indy, everything lagged to a standstill for me here. Server status pages say 71 ppl online on Indy. When I ping wurmonline, works fine. But both me and my alt are in a prolonged lag. Right click menus are not opening (they say 'refreshing'), and no chat tabs are getting updated. This is an odd sort of glitch. My wurm online windows are still open. Ok, so I logged out my alt. Closed that wurm window the correct way. BAM. The server status page says Indy still has 71 players online. So then I logged out my main. BAM. Server status page still says 71 players online on Indy. Something broke. When I try to log my alt back on, no go. "Network error: <An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host> Trying again in 170 seconds." Please fix this. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  8. Just in case nobody noticed... Indy appears to have crashed.... Thanks ur time. TeeeBOMB
  9. Anyone else notice Indy server is gone? Looks like no one else is on Indy server right now too, iaw wurmonline server status link. Please fix? Thanks ? TeeeBOMB
  10. Just in case anyone else didn't notice. Nothing major, just Indy server it says it's player content is 0/0... Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB
  11. Independence server crash. Just crashed. 0/0 online on Independence. Thanks your time.
  12. Xanadu server CRASHED.. looks like a hard crash. Down hard. Just in cast you did not notice yet. Please fix. Thanks :-)
  13. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. Posts in the toolbelt forum are being archived so I can no longer post in my thread. This post is to acknowledge the Wurm Auction Timer is temporarily down. Issues like this usually don't last long and it should return soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. I hope this is the right spot for this, since I looked around and didn't seem to find a better place for it. Is there a place we can ask someone the status of Pristine (i.e. what happened to it) and get some feedback of how long it will be down/how soon before it comes back up? Thanks very much!
  15. And here we go. What time is it for Rolf currently? Probably still sleeping?