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Found 5 results

  1. When crossing from SE Celebration to NE Exodus, last evening, I ended up in NW Exodus and the backpack with my plate suit pieces has gone missing. I was wearing the chest and leggings, but all the rest of the suit has gone along with the backpack named "Plate". My 80+ql hatchet with high coc is also gone.
  2. I have noticed this over a couple months now that when i breed horses and do not return for duration of pregnancy the foals have high tendency to be grey. I had marked this to coincidence the first 3-4 times i noticed it, but last 3 times have gone beyond coincidence into the realm of irritating. I breed 7 5-speed horses. 2 Browns -> grey foal 2 Golds -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 blacks -> black foal grey(F)+black -> grey foal 2 Greys -> grey foal (yes i have 5-speed greys, they are result of this oddity/bug) grey(F)+white-> grey foal 3 of those make sense (grey females), 1 is normal (black), 1 maybe 2 of the other pairs may be bad luck, but for four pairs all producing grey foals and as far as i can tell only when the breeder leaves the server for the duration seems a little beyond bad rng. if this was first time i would still think it was coincidence, but this third time out of last 3 since since i completely moved to Rel, prior to that it happened maybe 5 times before i noticed it only seemed to happen when i was off server . I do seem to also have a higher chance of having some other color (had a blood bay last round), higher chance of bad or junk traits (three of the ones below had bad/junk traits), and a higher chance of one trait short (last round had a 4 speed). These are all 5 speeds, 9+ generations i think, every pair is branded, every pair is cared for, all breeding was done with 1 of 2 different of my characters and both have AH 50-60, both characters live on Release and recently i only breed them when i visit Xan. To reiterate this has happened so many times and so many oddities that it defies coincidence, i have bred a lot of animals of various types, and these oddities are beyond any rng i have seen or even heard about and so far as i can tell the only common denominator is being off server when foals are born, which i was under impression that foals were generated at time of breeding
  3. I took a village boat across servers today. I should have known better but it is worth reiterating the obvious to save someone else this mess. The village does not exist on the other server, therefore the permission excluded me from getting back onto the boat. Also, if you trust your friends, this one is not as bad as if you don't. When a friend (myself on an alt in this case) crosses the border in your boat, ownership transfers to the friend. I found the 2nd one out because I had to sail a boat in my name over on my Alt and it changed ownership to the alt upon crossing. Double check your settings on your boats.
  4. Simple enough: Instead of writing "You will soon leave this island, and end up on another island." type out which server you'll end up on. Ever since Xanadu was added the north border on Deliverance is a gamble - Parts of the north shore leads to Xanadu, which is really frustrating when you're headed to Independence.
  5. ok so im sailing on exo was heading south got this msg, [20:41:42] If you keep going in this direction you will end up on another island. turned my boat because i didnt want to cross server. was saiiling 12km so i could get away from there fast and did so i thought. then i got this [20:42:59] You head out to sea. [20:42:59] You drift away on the "The Doom Bringer". and then i was on chaos,im only posting this because i did not get a warning, and from what i vissably seen i was far enough away from the boarder that i wouldnt cross over