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Found 3 results

  1. Sermon Group

    In prelude to the upcoming new content i am hosting sermons @ my deed Odins respite h-21 on harmony for those of you who are newer priests or finishing up your grind to 100. you all are more than welcome to join Rules are pretty laid back . 1. be respectful to the other who's are in queue by waiting your turn if there is a free opening you can take the spot if not please place yourself at the end of the queue 2. not looking to have people online to come online to sermon then log off please leave your char online so others can have the same advantage as you 3. please be on time for your sermon if you are late 5 mins you will be skipped ad placed at the end of the line this is so we can keep the round timers as low as possible in such cases a lot of people come to sermon 4. happy wurming hope to see you all out there
  2. We're starting sermons all day today at the Glasshollow Preach and Pray building! Altars for all major gods are present, and we have four followers in attendance already for priests to max their faith with. We only have one priest here at the moment, so if you get here quickly enough, you're guaranteed to get your turn to preach without a lengthy wait. Directions: Respawn -> go to Glasshollow spawn town -> enter the building to the southeast from the token.
  3. I'm working with the other residents on a sermon site at Wilburh's Hinterlands, where E11 and F12 meet on the Xanadu map, halfway between Glasshollow and Vrock Landing. We also have plans to convert the area into a successor to Release's former Wyvern Academy, and we're working on a strategically-placed set of crafting shops for students to use while they listen to sermons in progress. Once completed, we expect that the site will be especially useful for both priests and students needing to be converted to a religion. Given recent events (RIP Leonard Nimoy) we'd also like to put some nearby open space to good use. If you'd like to honor someone who has passed away, we're accepting donations of statuettes to place around the sermon site as memorial. Just name the statuette based on who you're memorializing, and bring it to us so we can find an appropriate spot for it on-site. We only ask that memorial statuettes be limited to one per person to be memorialized, so that we can conserve space and have room to honor as many as possible. For the statuettes themselves, we'll accept any type of statuette for display, including dyed statuettes.