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Found 4 results

  1. How many times do you go to COD an item, and mean to go to the second page to enter the cost, but suddenly stop short with your mouse over the SEND button? "I'm not ready to send my item!" you say to yourself, even though you know from experience that it just brings up the next page. How much more confusing for the new player using the COD system for the first time? The SEND button dates from a time when the system was designed by programmers who were perhaps thinking in terms of the button's function - which is to 'send' data to the server. Time's moved on, and I think that there are new 'non-techie' players now who don't ask to be reminded of this. It's also about our immersion in the game world. In my opinion, a simple 'OK' or "Continue" or 'Next' might be far more intuitive, and cause a lot less confusion - especially when going to the 2nd/COD page before sending mail. Yes the button does 'send' data, it's not inaccurate, but nowadays I feel this function should be transparent to the majority of players who just want to play. It's too easy to see something like this for years, until we 'adopt' it, and start to forget our fellow players don't all have a coding background. What do you think? Perhaps people could please add their thoughts on this - and what they feel the button text should say in different circumstances, to help the Devs decide whether or not to make changes to the SEND buttons.
  2. It's been like this for a while but there are so many bugs to report and so little time, figured maybe it was a temporary thing due to the recently changed interfaces but it doesn't seem to go away. Activities affected - Setting a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Sending an item in a mailbox What happens - After setting the price on an item or sending it you can no longer push t/enter to type since the toggle_chat bind no longer works What is supposed to happen - You're supposed to be able to use your key bound to toggle_chat in order to type in the chatbox What you have to do since it's broken - Physically click the chat field with the mouse pointer or - Relog How to reproduce - Set a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Send an item in a mailbox --> Try to push the key bound to toggle_chat
  3. New Mail

    Well feel free to post what you have been able to mail now or what you can't and i will make a list for us. Can't be sent.. Long bow Fishing rods Rock shards Lamp Ore Long Spear Can be sent.. Rake Huge Axe Long swords 2h swords Shovel Scythe Horse shoes (only in containers) Medium bow Short bow Gold sheets Shafts Note: I am just listing what everyone is posting i have not tested these myself any.
  4. Could you please add a checkbox in the game options for removing the "destroy" option from the menu. I'm always misclicking it as it's right next to "continue" and/or one of the improvement options. This is especially a problem for those with mouse aiming difficulties due to RSI etc. ps. The same goes for taking items out of of a bsb, the "send" button is too close to the "50" radio check box. Could that be moved a line lower please?