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Found 1 result

  1. I am selling anything and everything at reduced prices. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE so feel free to make an offer on anything or multiple items If it is something that can't be mailed, Then you will have to pick it up at L11 on Indy just west of kalayan thru the small canal. Leicester Highlands. There are many items i consider to be unfinished. If you would like to offer a group price for something feel free to do so. No pictures this time. But the items are exactly as i post them. Pm me ingame or leave a post here that you want something. And hopefully you beat someone else to it. All sales are sent COD unless you state that you want to pick it up. Please no returns. If you need to withdraw your offer, Then don't be afraid to tell me. But try to be sure before you post. If it says offer, That means offer what you think is fair. Because i just want rid of it. Keep in mind that your paying the COD price too. Ok heres what i have right now. Two rare forges around ql 80 i believe Pickup, or you can pay for delivery in freedom isles. 5s each Black opal ql 80 3s Star emerald ql 66 3s Star emerald ql 39 3s Whetstone Marble 3 damage ql 90 will need mend 4s These things damage super slow Fireworks ql 72 offer Snow lantern ql 99 offer Snow lantern ql 99 offer Snow lantern ql 99 offer Five saddles around 69ql with 50+ woa on them offer Large maul ql 71 LT 53 Ms 52 1s Large maul ql 70 Lt 55 Ms 73 1s Large maul ql 65 n26 coc 47 Lt 51 Ms 67 2s Large maul ql 70 Lt 61 Ms 57 1s Large maul ql 71 Lt 96 Ms 53 sold Large maul ql 69 Lt 51 Ms 52 1s Large maul ql 70 N59 Lt 57 coc 70 1.5s Large maul ql 60 N47 Fb 52 Coc 50 1.5s Rake ql 79 woa 70 coc 78 1s Rake ql 16 coc 70 1s Rake ql 89 woa 74 offer Rake ql 90 woa 86 offer Pickaxe ql 47 woa 61 coc 43 offer Pickaxe ql 6 coc 85 1s Hatchet ql 68 woa 84 coc 80 1.5s Shovel ql 51 woa 60 coc 46 offer Shovel ql 53 woa 72 coc 52 offer Shovel ql 51 woa 78 coc 48 offer Shovel ql 57 woa 62 coc 71 offer Pickaxe steel ql 67 woa 62 coc 57 offer small maul ql 59 n58 coc 77 offer Small maul ql 59 n 75 coc 68 offer Rare chisel ql 86 sold Rare file ql 89 sold Rare spatula ql 79 offer Rare pickaxe ql 87 woa 71 coc 38 sold Rare clay shaper ql 82 offer Rare carving knife ql 68 woa 62 coc 70 sold Rare fine fishing rod willow ql 71 coc 74 sold cant be mailed Rare fine fishing rod willow ql 75 coc 71 sold cant be mailed Rare lantern ql 89 sold Rare lantern ql 90 sold Rare needle ql 90 offer Rare needle ql 90 offer Leather knife ql 90 BD 81 sold Leather knife ql 91 offer Leather knife ql 91 Woa 52 Coc 69 1s Eight shovels ql 90 Woa 40 to 60+ most are 60+ offer Scissors ql 90 woa 57 coc 62 1s Sickle ql 71 woa 64 offer Sickle ql 71 woa 85 coc 50 1s Sickle ql 71 woa 59 offer Five ql 90 hatchets offer Two hammers ql 90 offer Huge axe ql 88 AD Nim 81 LT 79 Coc 79 MS 45 sold Huge axe ql 68 AD Fa69 offer Three two handed swords ql 68+ Ad Fa offer Longsword ql 70 AD LT 71 Ms 41 sold Longsword ql 74 N 53 Lt 61 Coc 52 Ms 32 sold Longsword ql 71Lt 54 Ms 44 1s Longsword ql 69 Lt 46 Ms 73 1s Longsword ql 70 Lt 51 Ms 54 1s Longsword ql 70 Fa 85 offer Longsword ql 67 AD Lt 33 offer Longsword ql 70 Lt 66 Coc 38 Ms 60 1s Longsword ql 88 Fb94 Coc 91 2.5s Longsword ql 69 N74 LT64 Coc53 2s Rare studded leather jacket ql 82 offer Rare studded leather sleeve ql 57 offer Rare studded leather pants ql 70 offer Small tortoise shield ql 40 offer Two mauls ql 70 coc ad Fa offer Four stone chisels ql 90+ offer Spyglass ql 70 sold Personal Merchant Contract Pickup Only sold If you don't like the price of something feel free to make a counter offer. Some of the items are renamed to the wrong stats, The stats listed here are correct. Make sure you examine them. I didn't create all of them.