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Found 2 results

  1. Important announcement, please read the comment before coming for, or making purchasing decisions: Welcome to the home of Malaz Coast pure speed horses. The intention here is to offer a service that supplies ONLY speed traited horses, no neutral or bad traited horses will be sold via the on-deed merchants. For those with 50's AH, it is my opinion that if you are after 5 speed horses, you do not want any of your breeding stock to have neutral traits. Indeed to me neutral traits are even less desirable than negative traits (they at least can be removed via Genesis or Fo rites), as there is a very strong chance of any offspring acquiring those neutral traits. I will go as far as suggesting that a traitless horse is better than a 4 speed horse with a neutral trait and, if you peruse the initial listing of horses, there are a number of 5 speed horses here bred from (5 speed X traitless ) pairings (Black F1 and Bomhunting are both traitless and several of their 5 speed progeny have been listed here) Current stock listings, by Merchant (click the links below to be taken direct to the current stock on that merchant): Merchant Mr Ed - 5 speed pure stock Merchant Eques Trian - 4 speed pure stock, 4 speed matched breeding pairs, 5 speed pairs, 5 speed bulk purchase pens, single name horses, ropes, asst. Where to find us: The sales deed is: Malaz Coast Wickan Horse sales (the deed name is a bit of an in joke, Wickans consider their horses part of the family and as such, don't sell them ) and is found on the North coast of Harmony at D17, and is highway connected. From a fair distance North off the coast you are aiming for here: and once in the vicinity you should be easily able to find the string of marker buoys that are labeled "D17 - Malaz Harb Sth" and follow them in to the shoreline (Buoys align with a dredged channel that has a minimum depth of 26 below water level and I believe will accommodate all boats). Once you reach the piers, follow the coast West to the Sales deed. Shoreline is now dredged out in front of sales deed, and has a paved off deed area suited to offloading creature cages as the Northern perimeter. (Please let me know if there are any issues getting boats to the shore, I only have a sailboat and Knarr, so am unable to verify that I have the depth right.) Deed and pen layout: The deed itself has no mailbox, but the deed adjacent East has a sub 10 minute, size runed , mailbox available. The setup is merchants selling keys that will give you access to the respective pen. Keys are labeled with pen number and horse name, with the gates on pens named to correspond with the key. There are now two merchants on site, one selling only keys to 5 speed pure horses, and the second merchant is now available selling keys to the 4 speed pure and 4 speed pure breeding pairs (second merchant also has ropes and a few assorted odds and ends as well) There is a chest by the merchants for dropping keys once horses have been removed from pens, but this is not required as in most circumstances locks will be replaced with new ones to ensure ongoing security. If I'm online and you are heading over to buy, a discount of around 10% can be applied if horses are purchased direct without having to use the merchant, as I avoid having to pay the merchant fee. (Don't worry if you cannot see me at the deed, I may still be around and able to log in the deed holder to get horses out for you send a pm and I will see what I can do to help). Delivery: Delivery MAY be available at times, with a minimum purchase of 3s +an additional delivery fee, which will depend on location. Purchases over 6s with outer coast locations will have delivery cost waived. (Wind speed at the time of delivery will be a major consideration of when I am willing to sail to deliver). Land based deliveries on Harmony within certain parameters may also have delivery costs waived, as may short hop sailing deliveries, PM to discuss. Up to 8 horses may be delivered at a time on Harmony, a maximum of four horses for cross server delivery. Bartering: No coin? Prefer to save your coin for something else? From time to time I will be happy to barter goods and services for horses, or discount thereon. Currently I am looking to get grass tiles enchanted (50c credit per tile). I am also looking to do some breeding experiments aimed at removing neutral and bad traits from breeding lines, and am seeking (Buckskin, Black Silver and Obtained) Chestnut (still looking for some Chestnut) horses with totally messed up neutral, speed, and negative traits to use. As I am at this point unsure if what I want to try will work, I don't want to outlay coin on these, but will trade 5 speed pure Gold, White, Black, Grey and Brown horses for them, preferably at Young adult and older. (Experiment a fail, using 0AH characters to cross mixed traited horses with zero trait horses resulted in foals of the rare colours, but from 10 attempts, 100% of the traits from traited parents passed on, even producing 4 trait foals with a 0AH character breeding). Wanted: May be interested in trading 5 speed clean breeding stock for other 5 speed clean breeding stock to help with preventing inbreeding. Other information: Contact Impetuous in game for inquiries or assistance (Can also try to PM Impossible if Impetuous is offline, but he is mostly used when I am working and AFK, but tabbing in to keep an eye on things occasional ). If I am online, and will be online for some time, it may be possible to have keys removed from merchant to "hold" horses you select from the lists, but only if you are heading directly over (if I have to log out, they will be replaced on merchant). Messages and comments left here may not be seen in time to be of use, so messaging Impetuous in game is the preferred method of contact.
  2. NEW DEED - H17 (Cadence) This deed is set up so that people have easy access to free animals - simply turn up with your ropes or critter cages and select the ones you want. None of the animals have negative traits - all are branded with their traits for those with low AH who may not be able to see them and are listed here for ease.. Speed Traits FM - It has fleeter movement than normal: +10% speed SB - It has a strong body: +10kg weight limit* LM - It has lightning movement: +20% speed. CM - It can carry more than average: +20kg weight limit* SL - It has very strong leg muscles: +10% speed and +10kg weight limit* Ebony (horse) or Molten (hell horse) color: +2.5% speed Additional Positive Traits TB - It is a tough bugger: Withstands more damage FF - It will fight fiercely: Higher fighting skill KS - It has keen senses: Able to sense when on a water tile SH - It looks unusually strong and healthy: Has a higher resistance to disease CS - It has a certain spark in its eyes: Lives 50% longer than normal * Weight limit" refers to the amount of weight a creature can carry when a player is riding it. This is based on the Body Strength of the creature. Any weight above this limit will cause the creature to move more slowly. This does not apply to creatures hitched to a vehicle, as the weight of the vehicle has no effect on them. Currently we mainly have horses, but will be adding cattle, sheep, pigs, bison, and others too. Come on over and see what we have - we are on the highway so hit up a waystone to find a route to us