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Found 10 results

  1. Noticed while surface mining that slopes showing when active in the select bar do not update as the slopes change, they must be manually re selected again for the slope to be accurate.
  2. When in full-screen mode the select bar cannot be moved, however, in windowed mode the select bar can be moved around. Going back to full screen mode, the select bar returns to its same position as before, and is still stuck. I have tried turning it on and off in HUD settings and it didn't fix anything. I took a screenshot, but I am unsure how this shows it:
  3. With scissors activated and sheep selected, there is no 'shear' option in the select bar. (only exists in the rclick menu or presumably as a keybind)
  4. The select bar is a nice addition to the game, and it's also pretty nice that you can keybind select bar buttons by slot (first, second, etc.). However, the positions of the select bar actions can change as other actions become enabled or disabled contextually, even when selecting the same item, leading you to accidentally do something you didn't want to. For example, something like "unhitch" on a wagon should probably always be in the same slot, rather than getting bumped into something else's slot all of a sudden and causing you to accidentally unhitch your animals instead of whatever it is you were actually trying to do. Note: I mentioned this to Retrograde on in-game chat and was requested to post a thread so people could add examples of this behavior, so please do! EDIT: It may also be worth noting that the select bar is missing entirely from the built-in GUI themes except for Ironwood; new features like this should probably be ported to any included themes, no?
  5. A brick activated and a bridge section in selected bar doesn't result in the selected bar showing things like repair or improve. I wanted to do some bridge improving and realized the selected bar won't help me beyond examine.
  6. The current mouse over highlighting is a blue outline. Make it so the object in the selected bar has a different color, say green. I often have a hard time knowing which tile or object the selected bar is showing.
  7. I would love to see functionality of the select bar for all of the alternative UI Skins. Would love to play with them, but without the convenience and utility of the select bar, the other skin options are not really an option.
  8. Just as the title says, every time I log back in, these 3 items are not how I left them. The Select Bar and Target window both need turned on and the Action Bar is always set to compact.
  9. The new select bar is great! Thanks! Starr
  10. There is an issue with the Select bar in the classic and the classic light gui's If you rightclick and click the option Hide window.. it instead toggles the Target window, where it should be hiding the select bar. I've tested and this problem doesnt seem to affect the ironwood gui, since you cant rightclick the baritself to get the menu up to begin with in that gui.