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Found 8 results

  1. It would be good if the weather got updated with some nice effects. Rain - When it rains, you can see the rain and it lasts for quite a while. With the sky bringing in Dark Clouds and even lightning maybe. Fog - When it is foggy, how about some different kinds of fog. Thick fog, thin fog but also fog that moves across the ground like a fog machine kind of effect. (Maybe Wurm might not be able to handle doing that) Snow - Light snow falling. Make it a bit more noticeable. Summer - How about making dirt tiles have cracks in them? (Not like packed dirt though) Spring - How about having some bees/dragonflies flying around some trees or flowers. (They would not hurt you mind) Kind of like the butterflies now. Oh and also maybe even some petals from fruit trees could fall down randomly from the trees. I've seen the trees have leaves fall from them so some petals would be good too. Autumn - A few leaves blowing in the wind might be nice around alot of trees. Also leaves on the tiles, on the ground would be nice as well. Though, if you want to be super detailed, you could just have them within like 1 tile around a tree. Winter - Ice Crystals appear in caves which could be another source of snow/chill for a larder - Oh! Snow could also build up around the lower part of a building as well. Also snow on Roofs! like a dusting. Oh and fountains outside could freeze in place. You would still be able to drink the water inside it though (Just an effect)
  2. ? Sovngarde is selling bulk-goods ? Hello fellow wurmians. I'd like to offer you some of my awesome bulk goods to buy. Currently producing carpentry and forestry bulk, will include blacksmithing soon. *Lemonade Days: get 1.000 lemons for just 2s* Stock & Prices: Carpentry Forestry Blacksmithing Misc Get it before the Trash Heap does Prices are pick-up prices Delivery will cost a fee of 50c Delivery of orders >=4s are free of delivery fees Will only deliver to non-PvP coasts Pickup @ Blossom, Pristine or Sovngarde, Pristine (whatever you prefer) If you 're low on cash, pm me to arrange trade-ins
  3. This client mod for Ago's client Modloader will let you configure what season is display for just your client. Required:Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. :Install: * It should almost always work. I've yet had to update this because it broke. I did recently put it on GitHub. * Get a archive release for the mod here: * Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the WU client folder folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~\Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher The seasonal length divisions are based in theory on the cosine wave math which the client uses to fluctuate temperatures and cycle seasons. I haven't done actual empirical testing. Let me know if it doesn't seem right. Here's the configure file:
  4. Hi, So I'm wondering if a mod already exists for this. I play both Online and Unlimited servers but recently decided to try out a solo game with my own server. The server is my òwn computer and will only be running when I'm playing the game. So the main setback i need to overcome is time - the game will be running 2 / 3 hours a day rather than 24/7; i have crops set to tick earlier, i have an animal gestation mod to make them breed quicker - but it will take forever for fruit trees / grapes etc to come into season. Is there a mod that makes them permanently harvestable? Or a GM command to set them so? I know there's a database entry where you can set the game time, so as a last resort i could use that, i suppose (so long as i figure out the numbers) - just curious if anyone's already come across this and solved it? Thanks!
  5. [12:41:58] You see an old Apple tree. The apples will soon be ripe. [12:45:40] It is 07:20:03 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1056. Apple season is now over and no apples have ripened on Exodus, Xanadu or Independence... edit: Indy now has apples.... Guess, we have to wait for the nest restart to remove the April fool's mob models ???
  6. ======================================================================================================== UPDATE: As of 22-Oct-2015 this little tool has become obsolete. The current time of year and season is now included in "WurmClock V3". ======================================================================================================== Most of you probably know "WurmClock" ( I wanted to have a similar desktop app showing the seasons and the current time of year in Wurm Online, so that I could see at one glance what the current season is and when the next season change will be due. So I wrote this little program, which is quite similar to WurmClock (in fact, it basically uses the same program code). Like WurmClock, WurmYear displays a small (200x200) dial on your Windows desktop: This is a first Beta version of WurmYear, for all those who would like to test the program. As you see, the artwork is still pretty crude and there are no user skins, as with WurmClock. The little green light will turn yellow, then red, if the Wurm servers have been unreachable for some time, so no time synchronization was possible. If you like WurmYear I will continue working on the program and try to make it as useful as WurmClock (improving the artwork, allowing user skins etc.). So, please feel free to test this little app and give me your feedback. You can download the program here: WurmYear V0.2.1 Unpack the zip file and copy the executable (WurmYear.exe) to any folder you like. There is no installation - just run the executable. WurmYear has been tested with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it should also run with Windows XP. (Requires the current .NET framework.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmStatus, WurmSkills ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: 06-Oct-2013 (V 0.2): Updated the season display, fixed a bug with showing wrong Wurm date
  7. Note: This has nothing to do with sickles, or the issue with having to bind the "harvest" action I have noticed for a few grape seasons in a row a problem: a missing "second" season. To make it simple here is the difference: How grape season(s) used to be: -Season listed as 1-4 Raven -however it was effectively two seasons. Those being: 1-2 Raven, and 3-4 Raven What I've noticed is now different: - No "second season" harvest available weeks 3-4 Raven. (for a few seasons in a row now) Also please note well that this past season due to the server reset in week 3 Raven it was possible to get a second harvest. This second harvest was not the result of the "second" grape season. I purposely paid very close attention this season round because of the missing season in the past. There were no new grapes week 3 of Raven prior to the server reset. This was an issue before 1.1 was released. I am pretty sure it changed somewhere 1.0 to 1.1. (I wasn't really up on my grape collecting for awhile before 1.0 so I can't say for certain it couldn't have become a problem then.) Can we *please* get the "second" grape season fixed? I can't see how the old way of having two grape harvests could have been the glitch- given the long history of it's existence. Also, seasons for other harvests are 1-2 weeks long ( So it always made sense that grape season was actually two 2-week seasons one after another, even though it has always officially been listed "1-4 Raven" This likely also impacts apple season- as it is identical to grape season. I did not get the chance to check the apples though.
  8. Welcome Wurmians, WurmHelper is a application that contains useful tools for new players and even old players to use to help them in the world of WurmOnline. I will be working on this project as much as I can and I'll be continuing to add new tools every week. I am open to suggestion, so if you think WurmHelper is missing something, then don't be shy and let me know, I don't bite WurmHelper Version 0.1.4 Sourceforge DropBox Other Info WurmHelper Sourceforge Homepage WurmHelper Change Logs Click Here for ScreenShots Found a bug? Link coming soon WurmOnline Twitter Feed Server status with player count. Weight / Max Carry / Max Drag Mind logic Body control for what you can mount Slope Priest Pray Timer Meditation Path levels + questions and answers Meditation Timer Sleep Bonus Calculator Curve Calculator Favor Calculator House design with skill requirement Seasons Settlement Calculator Skill Dump Follow me on Twitter: @MrCoo1boy