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Found 10 results

  1. In light of the recent patchnotes, which added filtering to only a few select inventories, I suggest finally going "all the way" and providing these functions for ALL inventory windows. Maybe there are some exceptions where it doesn't make sense, but from a programming view it's easier to enable it everywhere, than having to blacklist/whitelist it only for eligible inventories. Having chests with items strewn all over is horrible. Why can't I filter in there? Planter Racks? Where's my rosemary? Having to empty the ovens of <insert ridiculous amount here> breakfasts, is painstaking clicking - and god have mercy on you, when you misclick somewhere or let go of CTRL. Yes, it does take away a small bit of screen estate. But it enables searching for exactly what you want, and that allows to have much smaller inventory windows open, than before. EDIT: Also make the search expand the collapsed inventory parts it found the item in. Having to manually expand the inventory sections is an unnecessary step.
  2. I'd like to see a search for ingredients added to the personal Cookbook. We have it in the crafting recipes window; type in small nail and you can get everything that uses a small nail in creation and building. Why not the same in our Cookbooks? I think it would be nice to be able to type in corn, and see all the recipes I've discovered that can use corn in them. Or chocolate. Would be a nice QoL change imo.
  3. not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the search function is pretty broken for me. it seems like it's only showing things posted since the forums came back up from that downtime a few days ago.
  4. Ever have that time when you're looking in your coffin, trying to find that specific tool and wishing there was a way you could just type in what you're looking for, and it would narrow it down to that tool? Well, I think it's time to add a Search feature. Especially for merchants, when you, say, are trying to find a sickle and you don't want to look through the entire list. Type "sickle" and it would only show sickles. Though I'm sure this has been asked before, but no one's really mentioned it. So this is why I'm making this thread. Let me know what you think. Would it be too easy with this? Or would it be a good idea? I wanna hear your opinions (as long as they're constructive).
  5. Ok - two things here: 1. The search tool sucks! Had to use google to find the maps on Wurm forum.... "No results found for 'map'." = result using Forum search So this obviously needs some huge improvement. 2. Finding maps on Wurm forum is not easy - they are under each server - under recruitment, so: On the front page, it might be an idea to put not just "recruitment", but "map" as well ??? These two things would really help - new players especially - i know i battled at first and i can never remember where the maps are, as it does not stand out on the front page.
  6. After spending hours and hours looking for good deals in Freedom Market and even opening empty merchants (and resetting their timer and so not letting them to leave their stalls) I thought that it would be a good idea to either make an NPC or add an extra option for traders to avoid similar problems in the future. The NPC would allow the following: 1. Having merchants on the same deed sharing info about their inventory with him. 2. Providing searching and sorting functions to possible customers. 3. Providing directions to the location of a merchant having a specific item (like 5 tiles north, 3 tiles west from here). 4. Giving basic info to the mayor about the activity of the linked merchants (like when it sold something for the last time) Possible problems: 1. The NPC will need to be able to talk to multiple persons simultaneously which is different to the way that most dialogues with NPCs work now. The good news is that as far as the market NPCs don't allow transactions to be carried out through them and give directions to the merchants instead their implementation will be easier and their function safer. 2. Some players may not want their merchant to be giving info. There is an easy way to fix this: Make linking optional and have every player with a merchant placed within the deed going to the NPC with the contract activated and selecting "link to market index" or a something like that to enable this.
  7. Hallo alle miteinander. Wir suchen noch für unser relativ junges Dorf auf diesem Server Deutsche Spieler, da die meisten von uns kein Englisch können ist dadurch die verständigung gegeben. Ihr findet uns auf der realease map unter den Koordinaten X11 , Y17, gleich bei Colonia Carrera. Ab da müßtet ihr schon unsere Namen erkennen. Im moment sind wir 3 aktive und verfügen schon über ein paar Gebäude und platz ist auch genug da. Meldet euch da bei Xardrox oder Casi. Oder schreibt es einfach hier rein. Würde mich sehr freuen auf neue Spieler. Wenn du Neu bist im Spiel und du weißt den weg nicht dann kannst du uns auch anschreiben, einfach im Channel "/tell [NAME] [TEXT]" eingeben, Beispiel "/tell casi Hallo" ohne Anführungszeichen. ^^ -------------------- Apologies but this is with the google translator: Hello all together. We are still looking for our relatively young village on this server German players, as most of us can not speak English is thereby given to mutual understanding. You can find us on the map realease under the coordinates X11, Y17, equal to Colonia Carrera. From there you would have to already recognize our name. At the moment we are 3 active and already have a few buildings and space is enough there. Logs you out at the Xardrox Casi. Or write it just in here. Would be very happy to new players.
  8. Hello.. Wouldn't it be great if you could search for recipes based on skill, within the crafting interface. eg - you want to find all the jewel crafting products, you type in Jewelry Smithing into the search box, and they all appear. This would aid skill gain by giving you a list of things you can imp, it'd also expand the base functionality of the crafting interface. Thoughts?
  9. Sorcery. We all jumped up excited when we heard about it. Then... Then we realised the only way to earn it was on epic. So the majority of the game's population is not going to be seeing this wonderful feature? Seems a bit unfair. How to run it on freedom though? Magic skills on freedom could be taught by relics. One relic per server, once found another one will generate after a week. Maybe give chaos 3 because of the extra challenge involved So how do relics work? They are randomly placed on monsters or on a tile. If on a monster, then it will appear in that monster's loot. If on a tile then they work akin to source fountains, only visible from close by. They will not despawn unless buried underground by a cave in. Relics are tradable and single use (one use teaches one person a spell, single use spells do not show up). This will in no way impact epic gameplay.
  10. I tried to search up if this feature is requested before, but strangely i cant find it so here is my request A Searchbox on the inventory, for items there. also when you type in " Wetstone " and hit enter if its found you activate it. Heres my argument for this feature to be implemented Sometimes my inventory gets real messy, alot of items and i want to find my steel and flint, this again is inside my satchel and i spend alot of time just looking for the steel and flint. Now that i found my steel and flint, and light up the forge, everything is set for imping only to find that the wetstone i was looking for was not in my inventory but in one of my storage containers ( after spending 5 minutes looking for the wetstone in my inventory) The toolbelt is great but, not to find certain items