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Found 6 results

  1. Up and breeding again! With the first Oak Hill Rodeo having successfully completed, Oak Hill is up and breeding all animals again. Currently we have several Mules ready for new homes. Bison babies and foals have started popping, and we have foals available in both speed and draft. (Some of the drafts are able to be sold as color matched pairs) The list below will be being filled out as I get everyone listed, Keep watching! Dont forget to visit Erich - located at the Fountain with Misc goods to sell! ***Updated Listing for Mules now Complete - See list below*** ***Updated Listing for Bison now Complete - See list below*** Self Serve Animal Sales Located On the South side of the deed Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff! Selling Horses and More! All Horses for sale guaranteed to have been born with only good traits, other animals available on limited availability at this time. (Please ask about availability on Deer, Sheep, Cattle, Pigs and Seals) Edited: Delivery may be available at this time, easy highway access required,please ask for further information. Meeting in Harmony Bay for transfer is available. Contact Lyndee or Mumin for further information Prices are as follows: Ven Horses and those that have been Fo cleaned or with no traits: FREE!! Free Pen easily accessible at the North East entrance to the deed - right up the road from Harmony Bay HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND 2 Dominant Traits = 50C 3 Dominant Traits = 75C 4 Dominant Traits = 1 Silver 5 Dominant Traits = 2 Silver *Note Horse with Rare trait will add 2S to the price* *Note Horse with Output traits will reduce price by 10C per output trait* SPEED TRAITS COMBAT TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Fight Fiercely - Higher Fighting Skill Accustomed To Water- Moves Faster in Water Tough Bugger - Withstands More Damage Lightning Movement - +20% speed. More Friendly - Seems More Tame Very Strong Leg Muscles - Movement Speed Bonus Friendlier Than Normal - Less Likely to Be Attacked When Tame More Loyal - Stays Loyal Longer & Takes less Damage When Tame Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed. Draft Traits Strong Body - +10kg weight limit Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - Carry Weight Bonus Easy on Gear - Equipped Gear Takes Less Damage RARE TRAIT Combat Rare /Extremely Tame - Aggressive animals become passive Draft Rare/Stronger than Normal -Carry Weight Bonus Draft Rare/More Nimble - Increased Rideable Slope Bonus Speed Rare/Unbelievably Fast - Always on Speed Bonus Misc Rare/Seems Immortal - Will Never Die Misc Rare/Chance to Produce Twins - Can (not Will) Produce Twins MISC TRAITS Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Graceful Eater - Less Chance To Reduce Growth on Tile Slow Metabolism - Eats 50% Less Than Normal Looks Stationary -Will Stay Put As If Saddled Limited Availability Animals: (Please ask about availability if none are listed!) *Rare trait will add 2S to the price* Bison 2 Silver Male or Female (Please inform if for Output or Draft) Cattle - Sheep 1 Silver Male or Female (Cattle requests - please inform if for Output or Draft) Pigs 1 Silver Male or Female Seals 2 Silver Male or Female Deer 1 Silver Male or Female (1.5 Silver if Output Trait Dominant) Mules 1Silver Male or Female (cannot be used as a breeder!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Available Animals Horses - Bison - Cows - Deer - Mules - Sheep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PEN HORSES & MORE (May have neutral or removed negative traits, have Output, or no Dominant traits) Venerable Horses and Bison are Available in the Free Pen - Help Yourself! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Service Pens (Other horses not listed yet may be available - feel free to inquire!) 1Trait or 2 Dominant Trait Horses (Pens 1-15) P1 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P2 +++++++++++++++++++++ P3 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P4 +++++++++++++++++++++ P5 +++++++++++++++++++++++ P6 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P7 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P8 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P9 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P11 +++++++++++++++++++++++ P12 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P13 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P14 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P15 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3 Dominant Trait Horses (Pens 16 - 30) P16 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P17 +++++++++++++++++++++++ P18 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P19 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P20 +++++++++++++++++++++ P21 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P22 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P23 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P24 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P25 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P26 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P27 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P28 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P29 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P30 ++++++++++++++++++++++ Four Dominant Trait Horses (Pens 31 - 45) P31 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P32 +++++++++++++++++++++ P33 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P34 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P35 ++++++++++++++++++++++ P36 - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cows Bulls and Cows may both available for sale on request. If you need some for breeding, Output or Draft just let us know and we will see if what you need is available...JUST ASK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bison Currently updating Breeding Stock to Draft and/or Output Traits Bison are available through the Merchant (Buffalo Bill) with keys for the Self Serve Pens, 2S each B1) Young Lilly - Female: 2D1C/Stong and Healthy/Slow metabolism/Looks Stationary B2) Young Romeo - Male: 3D/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary B3) Young Jaxon - Male: 3D1C1O/Strong and Healthy B4) Young Leeloo - Female: 3D1O/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism Mules Mules are available by contact only - NOT SELF SERVE - Please contact Lyndee or Mumin for assistance All Mules are 1S male or female and they cannot be used as breeders. Current Available Stock 1) Aged Tiny - Male: Certain Spark/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary 2) Mature Brave - Female 4S: Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater 3) Young Burro - Female 1C: Certain Spark 4) Adolescent Willow - Female 5C: Slow Metabolism 5) Aged Abbie - Female 1O: Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism 6) Adolescent Burro - Male 3S1O: Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark 7) Young Dancer - Female 1S: Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary Adolescent Pinata - Male 3S: Certain Spark/Graceful Eater 9) Mature Scruffy - Female 1S: Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark 10) Adolescent Logan - Male 1S: Certain Spark/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary 11) Adolescent Bill - Male 2S: Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary 12) Aged Dastardly - Male 2S1O: Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism 13) Adolescent Jack - Male 2D: Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism 14) Adolescent Bailey - Female 2O: Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary 15) Aged Piccolo - Male 4C: Certain Spark/Looks Stationary 16) Aged Jimmy - Male 3S: Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism 17) Adolescent Nightshade - Male 2S: Certain Spark Deer Now available in limited quantities and qualities. While I finish changing my herd over to Dominant Output animals Venerables may be in the sale pens. Please come prepared - deer must be tame to be led, so only one deer may be removed from the deed at a time by one player Bring grass with you for taming, I will make sure this is allowable on deed by all players for your convenience. During the changeover Venerable deer will be priced at half price. Younger animals will also be avialable if you are buying them to keep as pets, or for breeding. More to come soon Thank you for looking! When on deed, please contact Lyndee or Mumin in local with any questions.
  2. It's finally happening. The seals are plotting revenge against me, and the cows are first. I witnessed a seal murdering a cow near my deed today, even though: It wasn't hungry. Seals cannot eat cow meat. Seals are special-cased to only eat fish, but because they're technically carnivores, they will apparently hunt, maim, murder, and destroy prey animals... which they cannot eat. This seems like an oversight??? EDIT: It seems like carnivores in general do get their hunger lowered upon killing a prey creature. Maybe. So it may be the case that seals, who can only eat fish, still kill other prey and get nourishment from it, and then probably can't eat the corpse, and definitely can't eat the meat.
  3. Right now, seals are kinda weird, being carnivores that only eat fish but don't seem to be able to fish for themselves, and other sinister behavior. I say let seals "graze" in any body of water big enough to fish in.
  4. Situation: Fighting a seal, because you are a bad person. Expected behavior: Seals headbutt you for bruising damage, and bite you for biting damage. Actual behavior: Seal headbutts me for bruising damage, bites me for biting damage, and "strikes" me for cutting damage. Steps to reproduce: Pick a fight with a seal. Combat log: I've checked the logs in my Wurm player folder, and "strikes" has not been used as an attack verb for seals until now, and those attacks are definitely causing the cut wounds. Is this a bug, or have seals been given makeshift knives? EDIT: I was informed that "strikes" possibly replaced "hit" as a combat verb at some point. I just wanted to confirm that "hits" was also not in my logs anywhere, at least not concerning seals.
  5. Hi, I am a land owner in SW Xanadu and I would like to start a seal farm. To do so I would like to buy a male and a female seal, both mature or aged. I am open as to price I will pay, so please send me offers, and yes aI will accept half sets.
  6. I caught two seals, but the untamed one escaped from a wooden fence enclosure. Found him again and put both in my house overnight. This morning only the tamed one was there. The untamed seal escaped from my house with brick walls. Apparently someone also had a problem last night keeping a cow in a fenced enclosure. If anyone else has experienced this or a similar issue - please post it here. Hopefully, the testers can do some more testing on this... Is it a bug with seals or with enclosures ?