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Found 9 results

  1. pending sale ! Sculpting Wand : 60 Quality... [04:07:18] A slender wooden twig that has been grown in a spiral around something. Looking for ( 35 Silver ) ( 28s ~~~~2017 New years price Cut ) ! Cant not accept PayPal as its still negative (-) from Niru scams... ~~~ Free Delivery ~~~ Information on how to use the wand inside spoiler....
  2. Looking to buy a sculpting wand, paying 10s base + normal charge cost of 50c per ql. so prices from 10s50c for 1ql, to 59s50c for 99ql
  3. I have a 13ql Sculpting Wand for sale for 15s. (If you are unaware of what a sculpting wand is/does then have a look on the wiki link below) Price: 15s (Delivered to any starting town on Xanadu or SE Deliverance on request) note: I can bring it to your deed on Xanadu but you will have to invite me to your village so i can teleport there.
  4. I have two sculpting wands i am wanting to sell and they can not be mailed so pick up on Xanadu at T10 Timberwood or i can meet you at any starting town on Xanadu with an alt. If you like you can join the alt to your deed and i can bring it right to you but will need to wait there 24 hours to change my bank. 40ql - Sculpting Wand = 20s SOLD 60ql - Sculpting Wand = 30s SOLD If you don't know what a sculpting wand is it was the christmas gift given out in 2008 you can look at the wiki link on what the item does...
  5. 12ql Sculpting wand (can not be mailed so pick up at SW Xanadu T10 or SE Deliverance at R25) Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 1s Buyout: 15s No reserve/1h sniper If you are not sure what these are they are a rare christmas item from 2008. This one has some use left but you can recharge them at any alter when you need more. Here is the wiki page on them if you need to know more..
  6. Thinking of selling my sculpting wand, had it for a fair few years, no uses for it as of late. Any idea how much these sell for?
  7. I'm looking to buy sculpting wand, as the title says. I prefer sculpting wands with charge. Send me pm if you want to send an offer. I live in Deliverance, 45X 30Y (Dragon Shore) if you want to deliver it. Dragonmob
  8. Hello, I am auctionning 2 sculpting wands as i said in the topic the starting bid for the 2 is 35s with a minimum of 1s increment buyout is 1g End of Auction Sunday 20h GMT or Buyout i accept only public bids if someone is interested to Buyout it can be done via PM Good auction