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Found 1 result

  1. I rather like the low fantasy setting of wurm (with added high fantasy monsters!), to this end I've put together a collection of "village witch" or "hedge magic" spells that might be interesting. All characters can use hedge magic, it has a small set (4) of spells that make life a little more itneresting in several ways. In keeping with the hedge magic notion this set of spells all require items (sometimes rare ones). Finding Objects Requires a compass of Q20+ and a similar item. This works akin to a compass in that it pulls up a compass screen that points to the nearest object of the same kind (range is limited to (compass Q/2) tiles. An example would be using a lump of gold to detect other lumps of gold nearby. No items are consumed but the compass used is damaged slightly (not sure how much would be appropriate), the enchantment lasts (compass Q/4) mins. Divining Fluid Requires a cauldron containing at least 10 mushrooms, use a unicorn horn on the cauldron to activate (no heat needed!). Turns the contents into divining fluid (which decays within QL mins regardless of where it is kept), this fluid will start to glow lightly in the presense of magic. Quality of fluid capped by hedge magic skill, the unicorn horn is damaged slightly. Requiem Requires a flask with water and 5 flowers (any kind). Heat over a fire to create a grave balm. Use this on the body of a player and for QL mins they will receive a compass pointing to the location of their body. Quality capped by hedge magic skill. Haunt Requires a silver ball, a cauldron containing at least 5 paws and a heart. Requires a parchment with the victim's name written on it or an item. The parchment is used on the cauldren to activate. and if the curse works the victim sees ghostly creatures (akin to those seen by insane players but of a more ghostly nature), these creatures cannot hurt the player but do slowly (I am thinking very slowly here as a minor debuff) drain stamina if the plater is close. This variation lasts for silver ball Q mins. If an item is used to activate then the item gains the "haunted" curse which lasts for silver ball Q hours. A haunted item drains stamina slightly faster while being used and causes ghostly visions while wielded/used. To remove a haunting on a player use salt on body, on an item use salt on the item.