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Found 7 results

  1. Just some possible ideas which could be considered one day. 1. A bug repellent potion: made from plants which in real life repel bugs. (eg. lavender, garlic & mint) This potion would allow you to pass unmolested by scorpions/cave bugs for a period of time. 2. A special 'twin' trait only for twins: As the ability to have twins for an animal is rare and twins themselves are even more rare... then having a super rare trait special to only twins. If the mother for instance births twins that each have 4 draft traits, then they would gain a special unique trait that give them a bonus to their main trait. Making them 'together' not 4 drafts, but 5 drafts. They would both need to be hitched on the same team for this super rare trait to be in effect. It would make twins highly desirable if they got a bonus trait if kept within a couple of tiles of each other. If they were 4 speeds and were ridden by two people riding together across terrain, then if they stay close together, they would get a speed bonus making them 5 speeds. This extra special trait limited by distance between the twins doing a task. This tile distance would have to be determined. 3. The option of a dress for characters: I know this is very minor and hardly worth mentioning, but as a girl... it would be nice if we could have the option of a dress which we could dye. Or just something slightly girlish. 4. Local voice chat option: Not everyone would like this option... but if one is near another character in game, pressing T would allow you to verbally talk to the person, like you would if you were near a person in real life. They would have the option of replying through typing a reply or pressing T to verbally reply. This would be local only and maybe limited to a few tiles from your character... (realistic distance of talking). This option would need to have the ability to turn it off in the options menu if people do not want to verbally hear someone say hi to them in game, or to allow you to block verbal talking from one particular person. It may be more effort than it is worth... but it is just an idea worth putting forward. 5. The ability to remove a tent on your deed: I personally have a tent that belonged ages ago to a new player that set up a tent and quit. The contents in the tent has long since rotted away but the tent which is immortal on a deed... can not be moved or taken down since it belonged to another character. It would be nice if we could remove a tent if the person has not logged in a period of time and the tent is on YOUR deed. Just a little frustrating. I can handle carts and horses left on my deed... as I just starve the horses over time until they die. Then I push the cart off the deed. I can't set fire to a tent, destroy it or push it, no matter how much I may wish to.
  2. Hello. I recently got my priest's body control high enough so that he could ride a scorpion. The graphics for the scorpion appears to be bugged, though, as the scorpion appears to be swimming through the terrain instead of walking on it (at least from the rider's perspective). I am also disappointed at how slow the scorpion is: so far I haven't seen a speed faster than 7.5, even down hill. Pretty much makes the whole effort to ride one worthless. Alendhor
  3. I have this hota statue sitting on my deed, and it doesn't really fit in anywhere anymore so i'm auctioning it off to the highest bidder. This example is one of the rare ones that doesn't glow red, like everyone does these days. Reserve wasn't met, so no sale. Thanks for the bids/effort =) Starting bid: 10s Bid increment: 1s Buyout: 35s Reserve: Hidden Sniper protection: 3hr Location: Xanadu K9 (Blacksteel Keep). Buyer picks up. Can deliver to nearest coastal area (K8) No private bids accepted, full buyout price is accepted via PM though Auction ends (long auction due to RL work schedule):
  4. Location: Celebration(pickup only) Color:Red Quality:95+ Offers welcome in pm
  5. I've been playing Wurm for a few years now, and from what I can remember we've almost always had the same type of Colossus: the samurai guy. Not sure exactly why it's a samurai by the way. It would be interesting if Wox and the dev team could implement new designs or variants of the Colossal giants we love to build. Perhaps there could be a Knight, a Cyclops, a Scorpion or even a Dragon. These are just a few ideas that would make Colossai even more interesting and worth while to build. As it is now, everyone has the same ol' boring Colossus that has lingered for far too long. Please Dev team look into this. I know you all are talented enough to create and imagine such beautiful works of art. Image does not belong to me, it was taken from as an example.