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Found 13 results

  1. hello,so 2 years ago or so,kukro tried to start a spanish translation of wurmpedia,he failed to get any support from other spanish speaker an never got very far so now there is just a few translated pages links to nonexistent categories.
  2. hey so i think its time to update this picture with the new models if someone can provide clean pictures of the each of the new towers i can edit them together couldnt update it directly with a jpg file so so this is the new one in use on the guard tower page
  3. how should adding deeds to community map work? as i see it there is 2 options: the way i used to do it,you add all deed locations anyone reports and then remove only if the mayor asks you to remove it(which lead to much more accurate maps) the "rule" people use now,only mayor can report his/her own deed,nobody can add deeds they dont own,less accurate maps but makes shrimpie happy. seems clear that i support the first one. there is also a little problem with using the second one.when i remade the current deli map from scratch,using the locations of all the deed in the old deli map,i never asked anyone for permissions to add their deeds,so if you really want to follow the second "rule" you should remove them all,or be a hypocrite. give your opinion or if you think there is another option,speak up,
  4. hello its me !!. so since the new map dumps came out i been considering doing something to update the old map dump with the terrain changes the new one has, without adding all the roads and other useless crap that new map dump has. so now i made a small piece of the map as a test for people to see. so i dont waste my time doing the whole map if its not going to be used. old map dump new map dump my test dump so give your opinion about it
  5. now that there is people officially regulating the wiki,something that bothered me for a long time its when i see people sending new players to the beginer tutorials section knowing that most tutorials there were made betwen 2010 and 2012. in my opinion what the wiki needs most its some kind of removal process for outdated and obsolete content.
  6. i deeded it sometimes in winter of 2012 iirc, the trader still makes enough to pay the upkeep so im not desperate to sell. x26 y26 on the community map deed is non-democracy. on deed trader. mailbox 96 power. 99 ql silver vein made with a wand. 2 90+ iron veins. tons of lower ql iron veins. wooden altar of vynora next to token. on deed obelisk named mantra testimonial. prospero seems to be just in center of the server, you can grow both kinds of grapes on the same deed. Wurmplanner maps album with pictures of the deed: trying to get 35silver for it
  7. the idea its to have crates where we can fit 100 items that we can take in our inventories and put on merchants to sell.
  8. not looking for people anymore.
  9. right now the amount of dye items need makes no sense for example a sailboat needs 5,4kgs of dye a large cart 25kgs and a bulk storage bin 128kg, and most items people wants to dye depends on an item that was never meant to exist (the fountain containers). so there is no doubt that it could be much better,and i think now that wood textures are going away would be a good time to rethink the amount of dye items need maybe even allow painting directly from containers using the crafting gui or something.that would solve the problem not having containers that are meant to paint big objects.
  10. not looking for people anymore
  11. rare small maul 42ql with no enchants,made by Tpikol. will be mailed from Deliverance. Starting bid: 3s buyout: 9s no reserve auctioned it before the winner of that auction never replied to my attemps to contact him.
  12. rare small maul 42ql with no enchants,made by Tpikol. will be mailed from Deliverance. Starting bid: 3s buyout: 9s no reserve
  13. Map Link : Permanent Link If you want to report aditions,disbands,old disbands that i missed or whatever else,you can reply here,on forum pm to me or ingame pm to tpikol.when adding or changing roads,canals or tunnels a little sketch usually make it much easier for me to get it right. i recreated the map from scratch and its not yet finished but im opening this now to start getting feedback. feel free to report any roads,deeds,old disbands,public traders,or whatever else that its not on the map, My current plan for this is to update the map as much as posible for some time and then look for someone else to take over,who will get the source files from me,which i can just make public in case that person eventually disappears the full psd files will be there and there will be no need to recreate from scratch again.