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Found 2 results

  1. So the idea is simple, add wooden scaffolding we can construct, deploy, take and redeploy to terraform high cave ceilings. Since adding building possibilites in mines, high ceilings are necessary for building multi story buildings and we can only flatten and mine so high. Can't reach the ceiling. So this is where scaffolding comes in, make it maybe a fine carpentry item that can be taken, moved, pushed and re-deployed around the mine so you can climb up and level the ceilings. For the sake of non exploits, should be a mine only option so people wouldn't use it for some unsavory pvp tactics. What say you?
  2. I suggest the creation of a wooden scaffold like this be used inside of tall walls (or any case that fits player's creative plans). It should be created on tile not border and allow a second line of tall walls adjacent to it on the other side of border tiles (like a sandwich) so that the effect of walking on the outer walls is also accomplished. Should someone chooses not to build a 2nd line of walls, they could have the option to add wooden fence or wooden parapet (so that it fits the design) on the open side. A 2nd scaffold piece should be added in the form of stairs going up. Since we may build the walls either on North-South axis or East-West, the stair-scaffold should be able to build towards the direction you're facing. As far as Height is concerned... And below is a rough representation in planner.. (scaffold-stair represented by tables ) If done correctly (mechanics-wise) it should also be used as a bridge between multistory houses, or to cover terrain slope differences (where the floor 2 is on same level to a raised slope and you want an entrance directly from elevated tile-into-upper-floor) PS. The scaffold has no defensive value whatsoever, nor it adds obstacle to a catapult. PS2. Archery should be allowed from ontop of scaffold, regardless whatever walls may exist past it (since it is such an elevated position). Only houses cannot be shot over.