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Found 10 results

  1. When a satchel occupies a toolbar slot, activated items inside the satchel used to be visually overlaid on the satchel icon. This no longer occurs. How to reproduce: 0. Bind number key to a toolbelt slot. I use number 3 myself. 1. Place satchel in toolbelt slot. 2. Put seeds (for example) in satchel. 3. Press the key bound to the satchel slot. This activates one of the seeds in the satchel. 4. Observe that the satchel icon is not updated to show the activated item.
  2. Supreme Satchel [22:12:37] A piece of cloth sown with thick threads into a satchel perfect for carrying about the back. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The satchel has some excess cloth that needs to be cut away with a scissors. It DOES glow when wearing it Starting Bid: 8s Increment: 50c Sniper: 2 hour Buyout: 12s No Private Bids
  3. As the title says, suggestion to allow TAKE command to work on the contents of an equipped backpack or satchel just as it functions for anything else. I have TAKE bound to Q. Still after all these years, I open up my backpack and try to use Q to move something into my main inventory. IRL, I take stuff out of backpacks all the time. Sometimes even from my own. I don't think this would have any negative effects on how anyone operates currently. Changes nothing except for those who would like to make use of the functionality. Thank you much
  4. WTS Rare Satchel 45+ QL Glows on your back 4 silvers + cod from Xanadu Or pickup @ Summerholt Thks
  5. Please update the Wurm wiki on mixed grass To include the following: Grass can be sold to the merchant via the Activate the item, and right-click sell command to earn coins toward your quota. Number of units of mixed grass that fit inside a 6 pottery flask 41 quiver 50 Pottery Jar 50 Fruit press 62 water skin 100 backpack 100 satchel 100 pottery bowl
  6. Only Fountain Sauce pan left, great for smelting your ores looking for 70s, willing to negotiate Accepting Euros aswell, veryfied paypal
  7. You are bidding on: Rare Satchel 27.37ql Start: 5s Bind: 1s Reserve: Yes Buyout: 20s
  8. I would like to sell: Rare Leather Boot 69ql - 50c Rare Studded Leather Boot 82ql - 1.5s Rare Studded Leather Cap 81ql - 1.5s Rare Spindle, mapplewood (cause oak is too mainstream) 71ql, 71WoA - 4s If you like, when your inventory is well organized: Rare Backpack 17ql - 1.5s Rare Satchel 3ql - 1s Soft Cap 99ql - 2s Soft Cap 99ql with 0.01 dmg - 1.99s Garden Gnome (clay - 20kgs) 20ql - 3s Garden Gnome (clay - 20 kgs) 21ql - 3s You will have to pay CoD fee (10c to Exodus or 20c to other servers). Send me a pm or leave write a post here.