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Found 13 results

  1. [Close] 700 Gems, 7 Auctions

    This is 7 auctions for 7 bags of gems. Each bag contains 100 gems. Gems Over 10 QL Gems Under 10 QL Diamond Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire Low QL 1 Low QL 2 Total QL: 2,681.09 2,840.83 2,790.03 2,698.94 2,968.50 Total QL: 410.45 356.35 50i per QL converted to silver: 13.41 14.20 13.95 13.49 14.84 2c per QL converted to silver: 8.21 7.13 Starting Price: 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 6 silver 5 silver A spreadsheet with the QL of each gem and the formulas used the get the numbers above is at: If any of the winners bid over 15 silver on a bag of over 10 QL gems they will get a free star gem of that type. Minimum Bid Increase: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes I'll deliver to any reasonably easy to get to coast.
  2. PC: 94ql Star Sapphire

    Its Shiny! Its Blue! Oh So Shiny! Its Over Ninety Quality! Did I Mention Its Shiny? Get Your Sorcery On! Maximum Vesseling! Its a 94ql Star Sapphire! Totally Guaranteed Not To Be Stolen. Looking for quotes.
  3. WTA: Star Sapphire

    Star Sapphire Quality: 27.73 Snipe Protection: 30 Minutes Hidden Reserve Buyout: Offer Start Bid: 5 silver Minimum Bid Increments: 1 silver
  4. You Are Bidding On: 36QL Star Sapphire Staff, Oakenwood: A long, well polished staff with a fantastic sapphire attached. It is made from oakenwood. It can not be improved. These Star Gem Staffs now have a use! With the new drops off uniques (the spells) you will need a Star Gem Staff to be able to cast the spells that are gained from the new potion drops. Starting Bid: 3s Increments: 1s Buyout: 7s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All!
  5. WTS gems 1-55ql

    I want sell gems 1-55ql. I am from exodus. Costs: 1,00ql - 5,00ql : 4c 5,01ql - 10,00ql : 6c 10,01ql - 15,00ql : 8c 15,01ql - 20,00ql : 10c 20,01ql - 25,00ql : 20c 25,01ql - 30,00ql : 30c 30,01ql - 35,00ql : 40c 35,01ql - 40,00ql : 60c 40,01ql - 45,00ql : 70c 45,01ql - 50,00ql : 80c 50,01ql - 54,99ql : 90c 55,00ql (ruby) : 1s Transport: If you want transport on Exodus, I will transport FREE if you buy gems for total minimum 1s. Because I don't speak english good - I will repeat requirements for free transport: - You must spend minimum 1s, - I can transport gems only on Exodus.
  6. Auctioning an Oakenwood Star Sapphire staff. Please post bids here. Bids will star at 4s, and auction will go until timer ends! 25c increments please! Adding a 1 hour snipe protection to this. Thanks for bidding! I will deliver to winner. Edit: to add timer, thanks Shrimpiie!
  7. Auction ended with no bids! PM me with an offer on the lot if you are interested! Located in North Central Deli! 24.5x 7.5y Starting Bid: 12s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: 24s Sniper: 1h Delivery: Will be discussed with the winner. Ends: 00:01 monday edit: edited title
  8. Wts bags of gems!

    'ello! This is all crystals that i want to sell. Please make me an offer! Pick up at independence! For deliver, look prices at: ,, ". Contact: Forum accout Or Giblet / Gibletalt -Giblet Of Bright Mine!
  9. PC Two Items

    I would like to get a price check on two items I may sell. The first is a rare iron lamp. The second item is one I am not sure even has value. It is a 41 Ql star Sapphire I have kicking around. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. *sold* Wts 1Q Star Sapphire

    Looking to sell a 1Q star sapphire. please post offers, or you can PM Bloodwolfi in game.
  11. Wts A Few Gems

    Wanting to sell a 3 rubies, an opal, and a sapphire. Ruby ql's: 1,1,1. Opal:13 Sapphire:20.97 just wanting to get rid of, and add some coin to my bank. hit me with an offer?
  12. Gem's (Sold)

    i want to sell some of my gems.. Sapphire 39,0QL 32,2QL Emerald 30,5QL Diamond 36,2QL Ruby 54,6QL 53,1QL I sell them for 2c/QL or i sell them all in one package for 4,5S Pick up at Decelles (12x9y Deliverence) Can deliver to coast (7x9y Deliverence) or to Greendog (16x27y Deliverence)
  13. (Inde) Selling Gems.

    Selling gems Diamond x8: 59.02ql, 54.00ql, 52.00ql, 50.37ql, 46.53ql, 45.73ql, 32.37ql, 25.00ql Ruby x3: 51.00ql, 31.00ql, 48.62ql Sapphire x8: 56.60ql, 50.00ql, 45.80ql, 40.00ql, 39.00ql, 37ql, 33.23ql, 25.00ql, Emeralds x4: 61.72ql, 41.00ql, 21.07ql, 8.60ql Opal x3: 36.00ql, 34.00ql, 24.00ql