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Found 4 results

  1. Construction materials 2k stone bricks 8k sandstone bricks 2s/k 9k mortar 2s/k 7k slate bricks 2s/k 2k Colossus bricks 2s/k 1k rounded stone 2s/k 5k marble bricks 2s/k 2k pottery bricks 3s/k 4k planks 1s/k For shingles of any type i only make them by order and the prices are slate shingles 1.5s/k (currently 1k in stock) pottery shingles 2s/k Please for any order pm me ingame on Analice or pm me in the forums! Other Items 500 cedar sprouts 1c/piece 100 olive sprouts 1c/ piece
  2. !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https://
  3. After returning to wurm and using the wiki to help plan buildings based on what certain wall types look like I found that irrespective of what pottery or sandstone wall pieces I looked at, the complete house photo comes up with it. When you look at said wall pieces in the "Categories:Walls" there are individual pictures for each piece. While I understand that it's not overly important things it would be nice for Pottery and Sandstone to be reflected the same way all other building materials appear on the wiki
  4. over the years, I've been hard at work, erasing abandoned mines that were a mess of chaos, with drops and traps. Mostly on deeds I have, but sometimes in the wild when they really bother me. I map all my on deed mines and have kept track of how many strongwalls I've cast over the years and it is well over 1000. In all that time, I've never spawned a vein of anything. Recently, I came back to Wurm, to enjoy all the new features and restarted a strongwalling project. I've cast it maybe 20 times since returning last week and last night produced a Sandstone vein. Was my lack of veins previously just bad RNG? Is strongwall supposed to produce veins with the same odds of a cave in? Is this a bug with the new Sandstone tile? Thought it might be worth mentioning.