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Found 6 results

  1. !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https:// Updates! (August 14, 2019) - With one of the new updates came the new journal rewards, also a line for the priests. One of the rewards for those is a +5 in casting power and we now have the ability to cast the already known casts upto 109 cast power!! Have look inside for new superfancy stuff with some incredible casts (more to come soon) - Another change that was made was how the color runes work, the rune now gets a RGB value upon creation (which can be found by examining the rune) So you can tell upfront which color your item will be! To make your new color search even easier I've added a feature to the website that actually shows you a cell in the table with the actual color the rune will give! - Also tons of new stuff has been added and discounts on different sections may pop on and off at any moment, so make sure you keep an eye on it all - Over 350 new skillers added! - New Rift drops section added! - Juices and beverages section added! - Odds & Ends section added! SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER! All color runes are currently 1 silver each, instead of 1.5 silver each! Direct link to color runes page:
  2. I want sell 7k stone brick (1,5s per K) and 6k sandstone brick (2s per K) send me your offer
  3. 6k sandstone for 2 silver per k
  4. Construction materials 2k stone bricks 2k sandstone bricks 1.8s/k 2k mortar 2s/k 7k slate bricks 1.8s/k 1k Colossus bricks 1.8 s/k 1k rounded stone 2s/k 5k marble bricks 1.8s/k 1k pottery bricks 2.5s/k 1k planks 1s/k 1k shafts 1s/ k 1k small nails 1s/k 1k large nails 1s/k ribbons 1s/ crate (currently 1 crate) For shingles of any type i only make them by order and the prices are slate shingles 1.5s/k (currently 1k in stock) pottery shingles 2s/k Please for any order pm me ingame on Analice or pm me in the forums! Other Items 500 cedar sprouts 50c/piece 100 olive sprouts 50c/100 300 maple sprouts 50c/100 5 large crates Low ql Logs 30c/ crate LoA wagons 10s JK wagons 10s Supreme saw with Seryll Jackal rune 90ql 20s Rare stone chisel tin with 2 runes ( Copper and Tin Vynora) 90ql 5s Rare huge axe 65ql with Brass Magranon 5s Rare small maul tin 5s Rare scythe 3s Rare hatchet 4s Improve service We improve a variety of items such as blacksmithing (95ql), platesmithing (85ql), shieldsmithing( 90ql), bowyery(80ql) , fine carpentry (85ql) , carpentry (92ql) leatherworking (90ql) Upgrade prices (single item): 70ql 15c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c 92ql 1.2s 95ql 2s Upgrade prices for armour (price for a full set) : 1s 70ql 2.5s 80ql 4s 90ql Wagoner Service Available for Xanadu with private wagoner for faster delivery!!!!
  5. After returning to wurm and using the wiki to help plan buildings based on what certain wall types look like I found that irrespective of what pottery or sandstone wall pieces I looked at, the complete house photo comes up with it. When you look at said wall pieces in the "Categories:Walls" there are individual pictures for each piece. While I understand that it's not overly important things it would be nice for Pottery and Sandstone to be reflected the same way all other building materials appear on the wiki
  6. over the years, I've been hard at work, erasing abandoned mines that were a mess of chaos, with drops and traps. Mostly on deeds I have, but sometimes in the wild when they really bother me. I map all my on deed mines and have kept track of how many strongwalls I've cast over the years and it is well over 1000. In all that time, I've never spawned a vein of anything. Recently, I came back to Wurm, to enjoy all the new features and restarted a strongwalling project. I've cast it maybe 20 times since returning last week and last night produced a Sandstone vein. Was my lack of veins previously just bad RNG? Is strongwall supposed to produce veins with the same odds of a cave in? Is this a bug with the new Sandstone tile? Thought it might be worth mentioning.