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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, As fellow, retired Wurmian, here to share few impressions, what i have gained from this game, in case if someone is on the bridge i was, Worth / Not Worth to buy it. Gloria Victis - Open world, sandbox MMORPG: Gloria Victis in short is PVP based game, where you can create your guild and fight with your friends. Quite nice crafting system aswell. The game has partial loot system and level system (1 - 100) and you are able to spend points, which you gain by leveling, in 3 different skill types (at the moment) - Strength, Constitution, Dexterity. Also there is passive ability branch, which also allows to customize your character further. The game is mostly focused on PVP battles and gaining glory, which you can see in the Glory table ( The ranking basicly). ** SHORT LIST OF + / - ** Let's begin with "+" : * Quite rich and REALISTIC weaponry and armoury to choose from. * Nice crafting system, tho it reminds me of other MMORPGs, but still. * Game only has one time payment ( that is when you buy the game), no actual $$$ shop. * Nice character customization options. * Partial loot system, there is loot points, you can use to loot (NOT full-loot pvp) * GREAT PLANS FOR FUTURE Proceed with "-": * The game still has de-sync issues, PVP is quite bugged, once you learn it, it's okay... (New combat animations are in-development, so we shall see..) * The game, once you reach level 100, becomes quite booring, besides PVP, there is nothing to do, except crafting. * End game items are easy to get.. * Game still has quite alot of bugs, tho it is in Alpha. * The economy is very weak. There is currency in the game, but players do not really use it, and otherwise, it is quite useless ( People trade with resources ) * Guild system - Guild, which has captured an castle, doesn't really have a benefit from it. Yes... you have your guild crest in the flag, but besides that, nothing * It is hard to catch anyone. There is no "Hurt" status, or slowing down when you are injuried. My conclusion: Developers has great plans for the game. Guilds will have benefits from owning castles, new realistic combat animations, Active abilities ( Let's hope they leave it skill based, not click based), Mounts, New faction to play - Azabs (Inspired by Arabs?) and lot of other cool features. The plans would make a great, great game, the PVP future is the real deal, to fight over lands, to gain control and gain resources. But there is my concern about it. The game is developed by fairly small developer team, and looks like it's been in development for 3,5 years?? The plans are great, but... let's see how that works out, I do not want to call similarities to this game, because developers are still working on it, but there is serious concern, that it may end like Reign of Kings, let's see what does the developers do further! At the moment game is fun, but it's quite a mess, de-sync cause people to wait for the update, new players are leaving, because they simply do not understand, what it is, and how to use it. Be as it may, I would rate this game: 6/10 It has great potential to become great PVP based sandbox MMORPG, which is rarely seen on the market today, Yet all the bugs and problems in the game, are causing doubt. I would recommend to wait till the Combat animation update comes out, and see, if the problems are fixed. If you need any help or just chat, My nickname: Lord_Satyr, Or add me on steam: HERE Thanks for reading, Satyrns