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Found 29 results

  1. Hello fellow Wurmian! I want to buy bulk dirt and sand for my deed on Melody located at I8. For now i have the price set at 1,5s / 1k for both. If you have any for sale pm me in game or here in this thread and we will arrange the transport and such. Happy Wurming!
  2. Hi every one! Long time no see, I know... Lets leave that, and focus on post I require the following: All of it crated in large cedarwood crates. -1k Cotton, ql above 90 -1k clay, ql above 60 -1k Sand, ql above 60 -1k Planks, ql above 70, can be mixed type, with at least 150 cedar planks -1k wemp, ql above 70 -1k barley, rye(50/50) Also looking for additional Large Crates made of cedar. Ql irrelevant. PM me asap. The deal goes to fastest, not the cheapest. Stay safe and see you soon in Wurm. Jimbean, Solitary Reminescence
  3. A great chance to construct a fantastic smelter, or some fantastic mortar if you so desire! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  4. Selling all of the dirt in the land, yes ! 280k dirt- 50c per k 69k sand- 50c per k Crates/bsbs not included. Pickup at House of Lords- Inde M25 140 euros for all of the dirt or 160e for dirt+sand. Ill even deliver
  5. Hello, you can order small amounts or big amounts. You can send me a forum pm, or reach me ingame! Daryan and Psmaster Pickup at my deed or delivered to coastal deeds. Price check: Dirt/ Sand without crates included 60c Dirt/Sand with Large crates included 1,1s LC Large Crate i calculate 10c per crate, 3 crates hold 900dirt, 1 Crate holds 300dirt If you want Dirt to dumped into the sea or to be moved into existing BsB, you only buy the dirt, not the Crates Prices negotiable WTS Dirt, Sand -60c Iron ql20 -50c/1k Iron ql40 -50c/1k Rockshards, Marble, Sandstone, Slateshards 40c/1k WTS Entchanted Tools with CoC, WoA +- 80c-1.5s Entchanted Weapons with CoC, Frost, Fire, Rotting Touch +- 1-2s Entchanted Weapons with Lifetransfer (limited) +- 2-3s ** WTS Entchanted Horseshoes power 50-80 or blank +- 1s Entchanted saddles or blank (limited) +-2s WTS rare silver lump 10c rare flower 10c rare rockshards 10c supreme rockshards 10c WTS Masks - Ravenger and Enlightened 1s Strawbasket 1s Valentine pottery 50c ------------------------------ WTB 100-200 Large Crates 5-7c per crate, only creation QL and every woodtype possible rare shovel with WoA CoC + speed rune rare knarr + speed rune thanks rare pick with WoA, CoC +speed rune thanks WTB Silver coins (inside EU and paypal, please?) (1s=1e, any offers lower than that preffered!) Sleeppowders (sometimes, limited, please state your price, only interested below the "normal" 1s/1sp) ---------------------------------------- *Items mailed include 1c fee from the mail service *Prices negotiable *Pick up and Delivery *Contact me ingame on Daryan *can't guarantee all screenshot info stay the same, might improve QL and cast, some might get sold
  6. WTS 30 large crates full of sand and dirt, 9k in total. All in delivered price including crates to any freedom outer coastal location only 9s.
  7. 1k/1s 9k Dirt 1k/1s 1.5k Sand (low QL) good for terraforming 1k/1s 6k Clay Pick up D11 Xanadu "The Rusty Anchor" 1s delivery any pve server coastal
  8. As stated in the title, I have have 36,000 dirt/sand (120 crates) for sale at the following prices: Pickup - 75c/1K (U14 on Deliverance) Outer server border coastal delivery (except Xanadu) - 85c/1K Outer server border coastal deliver for Xanadu - 1s/1K
  9. The client is playing unrelentingly loud shoreline water splashing noise up at Roasted Malt (Indy) because some sand was placed down on our mountain. *Would be great if we could get an option just to silence or change the volume of said water files.
  10. Hello, I have some transmutation liquid for sale. Made a large batch and I'm willing to sell it for 2.5s 1.5s per tile. And don't be afraid of mailing fees - it's on me! Currently in stock: 0/20. 65kg (two barrels) of this liquid is enough to turn sand tile to clay. If you have any discounts with Sarmatians (for example for being on Losik friends list) - please let me know before ordering, cause I will use different account for sending. It's still 10% off for loyal customers! Quick Instructions: Double click liquid inside of the first barrel (45kg or 20kg - doesn't matter). Right click on sand tile. Choose Alchemy -> Transmutate. Repeat with second barrel. Tile is now transmutated and you can dig clay from NW corner. Do not transmutate tiles next to fences / trees / houses or anything else that would stop you from digging there. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. I have several thousand ql worth of gems and would like to acquire a lot of dirt and/or sand (10k, possibly much, much more). Smaller amounts are also welcome. PM me and let's work out a trade.
  12. Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only Ask about items that are not listed! Supreme Materials 35c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 25c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Lead Lumps/Ore Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Pegs 20c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Rare Materials 15c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 12c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Lead Lumps/Ore Pegs 10c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only
  13. Located on Exodus H2O The Nomads. Pm me for details
  14. Selling a few extra construction materials around the deed since life distracted me from getting silvers for prem this month. 1k Stone Brick 1.5s. 2k Mortar 3.5s 2.5k Clay 2s 700 Heap of Sand 50c Also have two rare large crates and a sleep powder for sale. Pick up only at E21 Northeast Xanadu. They're in BSBs, though may have a few extra large crates around. PM Blazion in-game or post here.
  15. I have some things I need to get rid of I have a full 9 Piece set of studded leather all 50 ql Full set of bronze chain all 30ql Full set of iron chain 20-30 ql 1800 dirt 2000 sand Saddles and cowboy hats all 20 ql Wagons and furniture all made to order yer choice in wood Small braziers marble brazier pillers Strange devices All items are At S-11 deli Pickup or cod only I do NOT deliver All prices are obo. Leave me a message or contact me in game ty
  16. Currently we can rummage, forage and botanise. It would be a nice touch if we could also beachcomb, essentially only usable on sand that is also a water tile. Linked to the forage skill. It would allow newer players some non-destructive access to logs and the like. Finds : Driftwood (a 4 weight low QL log) (Common) (30/100) Mussels (lightweight meat) (Common) (30/100) Kelp (Common) (299/1000) Seashells (possibly of use in jeweling, otherwise just something that always has a high QL to sell at a token?) (Uncommon) (1/20) Bladderwrack (A new healing cover ingredient, weighs 0.3, str 3) (Uncommon) (1/20) Bottle with a random note in it (bottle is lightweight jar alternative, weighs only 0.05) (Rare) (1/1000) Rare Roll : Sea Chest (Random low QL small chest with some coins in it (instead of one 5 copper coin it gives 5 1 copper coins etc)) (Normal rare roll rates)
  17. Something I wrote in like 2010-11, whenever mounts and horses were added. At the time was reading some Bedouin stories and got an itch. Do recall posting this in forums before; however, couldn't find the thread after coming across the Word doc file in some archives I keep. Apparently I also never bothered adding to wiki along with the others I did add. Anyways... here it is in its entirety as I had originally made it. Birth of the Drinker of Wind (Wurm Online fanfic) Inspired by Bedouin myths And so after the people of the kingdom of Fire had found favor in the eyes of Magranon, did the god appear in the southern desert. From long repose did he consider the Mol-Rehans as they spread from the western mountains into the surrounding steppe and deserts. Overtime a sand tornado errantly whirled into his face with great force, and with annoyance did Magranon brush it away. Again did the sand devil come, and again did the god flick it away. Thrice did it return, and Magranon finally seized it. In the fires of his wrath did the flame of an idea take form. Thus did the god Magranon begin to work. The tornado gathered itself into the form of a prancing creature, its mane and tail flowing with marvelous speed into the dry desert winds. Into it did the god impart great strength and stamina. However the god became weary and left his unfinished work for rest. Then did appear the goddess Vynora and the god Fo. Upon spying Magranon’s work did they consider it. Vynora finding it beautiful poured forth intelligence. Fo found nothing to give. They departed, seeking their brother deity. Drawn by the Three’s presence so close to her dominion did the dark goddess Libila appear. Finding instead Magranon’s abandoned work, she added a fragment of her own malevolence before vanishing. Soon the Three returned discussing and debating among themselves. It was Magranon who first sensed the taint, and sought to destroy his creation utterly. However, Fo interceded and imparted unto the work some of his own gentleness, hoping such would help counter. Thus did Magranon name the creature the Drinker of Wind and set it forth unto the kingdom of Fire. The people of Mol Rehan beheld the creature in awe. It somewhat resembled the unicorns; though, it showed far greater speed and endurance. Chasing led to not but only exhausted and beaten pursuers. Attempts to capture came to not but destroyed fences and nets. Some in their frustration sought to harm. Such came to not. Arrows easily avoided with a snort. Blade and hammer did not even come close. Even methods of hunting unicorns did not succeed. True the creature could be lured by innocent maidens. Such came to not with an almost malicious glee as it turned every trap. With great disappointment and dejection were the attempts finally called off. However, over time similar creatures began to be born by the unicorns. They were far easier to handle; though, their sire was plain to see. These offspring came to be called “Equus†in the tongue of the Ageless, or “Horseâ€. Long has sightings of the Drinker of Wind been; though, one can still hear the thunder of its hooves echoing across the Horseshoe Mountains. Only among the horses of Fire and Sand does its blood still flow strong.
  18. 2.5 Silver per 1k of Mortar 1 Silver per 1k of dirt or sand. 1 Silver per 1k of Tar 1 Silver per 1k of Moss 1 Silver per 1k of Grass 1 Silver per 1k of Clay Ship any where on freedom cluster for free on orders of 3k or more.
  19. Im looking to purchase some bulk items and have them delivered as well. if i must pick up items from offer i will wait a few days to see if better offers appear and choose them over the ones that don't deliver. What I'm looking for: Sand about 2k planks about 2-3k dirt about 2-3k veggies (prefer some diff types maybe 1k each) 2-3k could also use services of a miner willing to dig some miners about 5-10 silver worth of mining wanted, enough so i can have some decent mines to use on my deed. possible reinforcing as well. can also use some enchanted grass and possibly a mailbox enchanted depending on prices. If you fit any of this pm jondiggerb in game location and more info will be given ingame island is xanuda
  20. I am building a sand pit and wanted to put in an arched way with the sand going into the arched space but there is no way to get sand on the ground under a house so i am suggesting a sand paving. That or just let us build houses over sand tiles. I am sure i will be in the minority on wanting this but i have to try, lol
  21. Doing some deed terraformation, and have an excess of dirt and sand (~100k) I am able to get rid of. Looking to place some orders to justify hiring help for the job. Need work? Will deliver to any coastal location (less Chaos). Costs "Just the dirt" - 1s / k "Large Crated" - 1s / 900 dirt + 3 large crates Delivery Charges SW Xanadu - 25c NW & SE Xanadu - 50c NE Xanadu - 1s Release & Pristine - 1s East Deli / North Exo - 1s All else - 1.5s Pickup S11 Xanadu May negotiate larger deals. Orders placed: 5k "Just the dirt" 5k "Just the dirt" 5K "Just the dirt" 3K "Just the dirt" 5K "Just the dirt" (Bllade) 3K "Just the dirt" (Russwoods) 5K "Just the dirt" (Keave)
  22. Got 10 k dirt I'm waiting in deli south east corner offshore atm will deliver for free
  23. Auction Closed! Island Starter Kit 1 Caravel "Dirty Sandy" ql:60 62 large crates ~average ql:30 18600 dirt (300xper Crate) 7 with dirt, 55 with sand bonus: satchel with 100 random tree sprouts (from every type) 1 skiller steel shovel with 81 coc mooring anchor 90ql Birchwood Dredge ql82 with 69woa Caravel: Crates: This is a very special Offer for everyone who would like to start an Island or needs alot of dirt for big terraforming wurm projects and just didn't start yet because getting a huge amount of dirt or sand is difficult. This Kit should easen the progress, since the large crates are already filled and loaded inside the ship that is currently docked in Tanbottom on Independence. The whole Caravel, the Crates, Anchor, a whole satchel full with sprouts and a skiller steel shovel are INCLUDED when buying it and will be given out together with the ownership of the Caravel to the new happy owner. This Kit is the first one of it's kind, so only the result of this auction will determine if this will be done again Also the Lucky Winner of this auction will either need to come and get the ship from Tanbottom (57y 33x)on Independence or we can bring the ship to some of the easier accessible Harbors from the outer Sea. Ship will NOT be delivered outside of Independence. Map to Current Location of the Ship: sponsored by: Company of Mercers, SouthFreedom Traders and the Highwayproject: Magranons Scar expanded by 20 minutes from Allenkeys last bid! Starting Bid: 24 silvers minimum increment: 50 copper Highest Bidder: Lucinel edit(added sniper protection): Sniper Protection: 20 Minutes (btw.: for those who don't know, Sniper Protection means, that the auction time will expand every time for 20 Minutes (near the end of the auction) when someone is bidding on it. That should avoid having those last second bids coming in, leaving other people no chance to react, just because their site was loading too slow ) "Disclaimer; Parking it in the sea and dropping all the dirt not guaranteed to create an island." p.s.: if someone is ACTUALLY making an Island out of this I would love a message of that
  24. 1s/k or 0.75s/k if u get it by your self (reachable by Knarr) location: Falconguard write here or pm ingame -> titated
  25. We also sell Drake Hide Armour and Butchering Produce. For more information, check this thread: All orders and inquiries can either be posted in this thread, or PM'ed to Xallo / Alyeska either in-game or on the forums. Purchased items will be COD'ed to buyer. Bulk items will be available for pick-up at my deed unless otherwise discussed. - Deed Location (Independence) - (9,R) Ingame & (8x,55y) Community *NOTE - You will be responsible for delivering or mailing your goods unless otherwise specified. Not responsible for items lost due to bugs.