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Found 15 results

  1. After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
  2. So, I had an idea the other day, and several others in chat also agreed with it. Placing an amount of water in a copper still causes it to boil off, would yield a small amount of sea salt after a significant period of time. This new salt would be used as a replacement for salt mined in recipes. The salt could also come out at equal QL to the still, in order to encourage people to improve them. What are your thoughts?
  3. Seems this wasnt reported yet... Since Wurm introduced the rock salt veins that every time u mine one out (50actions), it reappears in the same place. This could have been kind of fun if it wasnt for fully reinforced tunnels that now we neew to reinforce around the salt tiles. Every time we mine out the tile, even if we colapse a rock tile and reinforce that same tile, the reinforcement end up by simply vanishing and the rock salt tile appears again in its place........... Fix this pls. If I reinforce a tile, it was to stay reinforced. Not to come back the next day and find a normal tile there.
  4. Just a small note for the Rock Salt page . . . According to one of the players, the ability to grind rock salt into salt occurs at milling 10 [07:35:24] <Smackeddown> (Cel) BTW its 10 milling to convert rock salt to salt Skyefox Mayor: Albia Estates
  5. Salt is too seldom to come by, salt veins can be added to the game. In addition we have so little use of salt, new decorative items can be added where requires salt to be combined with leather or salt can be used with fishes (i read those suggestions about smoked fish etc).
  6. In the Wiki it says meals decay faster with salt. Days one and two no damage with or without salt. Day three with salt significant damage, 60. Day three without salt damage 0. Is this correct or is this a typographical error? 10.0 QL meal with salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 60.0 damage 10.0 QL meal without salt Day 0 = 0.0 damage Day 1 = 0.0 damage Day 3 = 0.0 damage If this is indeed correct someone needs to reexamine their reasoning for making meals with salt decay more readily than without.
  7. It's been well over a year since the implementation and successful adoption of bl template kingdoms on chaos and it would seem to me to be high time to neuter hots as a kingdom on chaos as currently it is largely used to hand out titles (farmed and kingdom type) by whichever kingdom (pmk) that controls hots at any given time. I propose that the current chieftain be removed and the cobra be deactivated on Chaos and if someone really wants a caster alt kingdom they can pay for it. Current mechanics don't suffiently prevent this form of alt usage otherwise
  8. Is that it doesn't work very well. First off, this is not a suggestion. It's a whine, a moan, a bit*h, a complaint. Salt should preserve food for much longer than it does. It begins rotting far too early. Salt is one of the best preservatives on the planet. It was used as money for cryin out loud. It's broken and needs to be made so it's effects last far longer. I get tired of burning up my salt only to see food begin to spoil far too early. It's not like there's salt laying around on the ground to pick up. The stuff takes a lot of work to find. Fix it. It's broken. It's bugged imo.
  9. We already have, in Wurm, the ability to cook food with salt in order to preserve the lifespan of the product. There is also a rumor that storing food in the same container with water and/or salt will preserve the food. Pickling is a process where food items are submerged in a salt brine for an extended period until fermentation; a lactic acid will develop. The low pH will kill most bacteria, and the resulting preserved food will have a sour taste. Because of the strong acids, metallic containers would corrode and are therefore unsuitable. Containers of clay, porcelain or glass are nonreactive and can be used. Wooden barrels and buckets are held with metal fasteners, which would fail against the salt and acid. Canning requires a level of technology too advanced for Wurm; both due to the high temperature sterilization and the requirement for a hermetically sealed container. Pickling, on the other hand, has been practiced for over 4000 years, as it is a natural process. We already have the salt and clay jars, and the belief that keeping water and salt with our meals should preserve them is essentially the idea of pickling already.
  10. As stated. Pick up from West Harbour k8. Can negotiate delivery.
  11. Knarr is 31ql willow with: lock, anchor, 25 small rafts, 6 large crates, 5 small crates. - 13s 140 salt for 4c each or 5s for all. 518 frying pans ~25ql in 14 backpacks, 37 per backpack, fit in 2 forges - 5s. 4000 bronze lumps 17ql for 1k/1s. SOLD 800 brass lumps 18ql for 80c. SOLD 1500 copper lumps 24ql for 1s. SOLD Rare Forge 51ql - 8s. SOLD Rare Oven 51ql - 8s. SOLD Can be pick up at S19 - Sarmatian Island on Xanadu.
  12. Over the course of my years of playing wurm, having mined out a gigantic underground shipyard, etc I have found roughly 600 gems. 200 Source Salt. 100 Salt. 100 Salt. They are required to make meals last longer (assumed it was meant to be more common). They are required to make animal rugs - and salt ql determines rug ql. (Assumed it was meant to be more common). The Taste option on water also assumes a system was intended for fresh vs salt water, and a way to gain salt. Salt is easily come by in a variety of methods. Mining gigantic salt deposits, tidal pools that are then evaporated and even surface digging. Salt is a very common substance to find and I ask that either salt veins be added or the chance of finding it be dramatically increased when mining (not to diminish source salt or gems chance). Or even add a good chance to find salt when harvesting reeds, kelp, rice. I have heard in the past that the cooking system is completely being revamped, but I have been hearing that for a long long time. Please allow us to fully use this substance which you clearly meant to be used, to the fullest capacity by actually allowing us to find it more often than gems. Thank you.
  13. All Items I am willing to take offers on! Items are as is and wont be imped higher. I am located in north central Deli. Sold Items: Rare horseshoe Source Salt GEMS AT AUCTION