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Found 4 results

  1. Make it Possible to Auto-travel by way of the highway system. Basically Idea is for a player to be able to pay a minimal fee to travel on the highway system from Point A to Point B. The Traveling can be done by 1. Hitching a ride with a Wagoneer. Great for new players or player who may have died without a spawn location and had to respawn at a beginner deed. 2. Using your own Mount/Cart/ Wagon to Travel. Could Help with the dilemma of going to Events such as impalongs/ Holiday events or Slayings without a mount. This will help with the issue of people wanting to attend but not wanting to leave their mount/cart/wagon behind to be summoned. For Using your own Mount/ Cart /Wagon if more than 1 person is in vehicle then I'd suggest a Discount say a Large cart with 2 people going to say destination would 1.5c/1000pcs but would still have to be paid for by the commander of the vehicle. My suggestion would 1 copper per 1000 tiles of Travel with a minimum of 1 copper fee. But this fee will include Auto-travel to destination chose on the highway system. If you "disembark auto-travel" you still pay the fee. Auto-travel includes No attacks by aggressive creatures. On Pvp Servers it doesn't include no attacks from other players but would include no attacks from aggressive creatures not controlled by players. Player may Disembark auto-travel at any given time but in order to re-embark auto travel they must travel to the next waypoint and Pay for travel to their new destination. I also suggest that auto-travel speeds up travel on highway system by atleast 25% with Options to Pay a Larger travel Fee to make the Travel Faster. Like For Slayings, Events / Impalong traveling........ If its the wagoneer it can still take multiple passengers... who are going to same destination * Fees / Tiles /% are just a suggestion but was trying to keep things affordable for even the newest of players. The Fees/ Tiles Ratio may need to be Adjusted for Different Servers.. I was using Celebration as an idea when I did this and came up with an ideal fee.. But for Larger Servers like Indepence or Xanadu the it may need to be 2000+ /1copper
  2. Given the recent events I was wondering if it would be possible to give a writ or mine door permission option for all forges and ovens? The reason is simple: A lot of people store items inside their forges, for example frying pans, armour they are imping, weapons, magical chests, and so forth. These items can be taken if anyone enters the house, say, by bashing a wall down. There is no way to secure these items in any other way except by physically moving them to a chest (which you cannot do if said items are too hot to fit into the container). If the forge has a writ/mine door permission, it would be peace of mind to log out knowing the stuff inside it is safe. Secondly, this will give us an option to use the forge or oven as a safe inside our houses. We can build forges and store valuables inside it locked away, not having to worry that it will be gone when we log in. Thirdly, inside mines, where we mine together in teams but sometimes with other people there too, it would be great to only allow people mining with you, to access your forges. The writ/permission should include the permission to load the forge as well, or alternatively, no forge should be able to be loaded while there is anything inside it. EDIT: Please look at cart and wagon permissions also. I would like to specify who I want to give access to my cart by name, not a blanket "all friends" or "all allies". I want to tick a specific name. This can be taken a step further then: Add a box for who you want to give permission to be able to drag or push or pull your cart/wagon. Then we can use locked carts and wagons inside our houses as storage for valuables, and as long as we did not give someone permission to drag/push/pull it , it will be safe inside the house, without the need of animals hitched to it (which is really not viable unless you drop grass for them all the time, or have a doughnut with enchanted grass).
  3. Information about the homes are below the initial post. />
  4. The newly founded village of Aedgon can be found directly north of Tap Dance,following the road north from settlement token. It will grow in size and population to offer protection to all whom seek shelter. Built now: *Tall stone walls *Spacious homes *Lamps *Gates that do not obstruct the flow of traffic, however protects all whom pass. *Village exclusive mining shaft. Short term plans: *Kingdom sponsored hunting deed. *Deed, protected and maintained homes for rent.†More to come. Future;distant or near;Provided resources and land expansion. *Personal boat dock within village/kingdom Marina *Trade market *Village/Kingdom sponsored Doctor(hiring) for Citizens. *Many more. The sole purpose of Aedgon is safety,shelter and a easier means of living. Space is LIMITED for now. PM Shyunea More details to come. Just follow the settlement token north from Tap Dance.Directly above Tap dance. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebL.png Hurry home-Shyunea;Queen of Aedgon †Homes are available within walls of kingdom, and outside of walls(still on deed). there will be guards to protect the settlement inside and outside of walls. Houses are not required inspection and will not be entered, but maintenance from the outside. Requests for specific size and location based upon availability. Prices as of current 10/4/2012 12:00:00AM CST is 1copper coin Monthly / 5silver to own the house so long as Aedgon stands. All tenants have access to the Forest and Mine Any additional questions regarding this post can be directed to myself Shyunea through forum or in-game. Note: this is a test. I want to see if other players from other servers would like a sort of permanent or temporary location that is secured and maintained between they're travels.