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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! In order to get some of you to try PlayerAuctions out and give feedback here I have created a couple of hopefully interesting offers: We're offering 10 Gold coins for 120$ each and also 200 new Garden Gnomes: These gnomes will be on offer for one month and no new ones will enter the game once the 200 on offer runs out or the time period ends. Just as with the other gnomes, the hats glow in the dark:) The offers are valid both on the Freedom and Epic clusters. The gnomes will be delivered via the ingame mail system. In case you want to try and sell stuff yourself, PlayerAuctions will offer a free commission fee for new sellers from the Wurm Community for their first successful sale. To be eligible for this feature Wurm Users who register their account on PA must input: wurmonline in the referral field when registering: How it will work: - The commission fee will be deducted as normal for the sale. However after it's successful completion, visit the PlayerAuctions live chat, and tell them you are a Wurm Community member and ready to receive your "Code Club Kick Back". - Their customer service will confirm your referral and the successful order completion, then send a request to finance to adjust the commission rate to 0 for the order, or refund the commission fee which will be processed within 72 hours if they had already disbursed payment to your account. Anyways, I'm mainly interested to see how you experience the site since as you probably know I have a large interest in the virtual economy aspect of Wurm as well as safe possibilites to exit if you ever want to quit playing. The main reason for this is that I think it gives the game a dimension where nothing is really pointless since you can get something back for your invested time and effort. So don't hesitate to give feedback here once you've used it. Cheers, Rolf