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Found 17 results

  1. First of all, Wurm Online plays AMAZINGLY on the steam deck. Most times it feels more natural than mouse and keyboard due to the odd contextual way wurm works. Off topic setup guide in spoiler: WARNING: The steam deck hardware controls are entirely set up via macros and while macros as bindings are legal in wurm we all know there is a fine line. On the deck using the triggers are pressure sensitive and these binds if not limited will send repeated clicking, so you have to limit the triggers to full press only. The trackpad custom contextual menus will also repeatedly click/press with no way I could find to limit them so I would avoid using those. Just be careful when setting your controls and be familiar with the rules, I found the process stressful and alarming. I hope in the future Wurm embraces the shift in hardware and releases an official configuration to help avoid trouble with new steam blood looking for the very few mmos that play nicely on the deck. (or at least be lenient with warning when it is obvious people are not abusing mechanics) Because to be honest, we really could use any influx of new blood we can get and the deck is a great excuse if it was smoothed out just a bit and compatibility was advertised.
  2. This rule LockpickingA ) Lockpicking anything that does not belong to you is not permitted. What is considered to belong to you. Does locked chest belong to you if you brought it home from abandoned place? Does chest someone locks in your deed belong to your or the player who locked it? And if not, is it okay to bring locked chest to Chaos for lockpicking? Or is that rule applied only when there is quarrel about the situation?
  3. Hello, Wurm Online team! I write it message behalf of a Russian language community. I want to thank you for creating Russian help channel on chat. But we faced a problem. Many members of Russian community want to communicate on distracted topics that are not related to the Wurm in game chat. But we are bound by the limitations of chat rules - "Only help and looking for group". Given the above, could you consider the chat mode and allow discussion of topics not directly related to the game in the indicated channel? We hope for understanding. Respectfully, Russian player of Wurm Online - Shatality.
  4. So, I came back after a while to this game, prem'ed just to find out that all my effort I've put into this game was a waste of time. Good job! Long story short: some time ago I settled on Xanadu at Glasshollow. I've build my pens and farms at Glasshollow perimeter which was all good. I put there my fences and repaired them and imped when needed. Just FYI, Glasshollow's never had build permission on, and it's fine, since I was able to build on the perimeter. The owner of the deed was/is fine with it too. So, after a little vacation I came back and saw some of my fences missing. And I went to rebuilding them. I put a fence back on and tried to imp it. And it told me that I cannot improve it (even I was able to build it!). Then I tried to repair old fences and got the same message. So, I submitted a ticket. A CM came, investigated into the issue and told me that I am not allowed to build/repair/imp on the perimeter if the deed doesn't allow it. BUT how come I was able to do all of these before for a year if it's not allowed to? Now, I still can build fences (even the perm says I cannot) but I cannot repair not imp it? When I asked if something has changed about it I got the answer that it's been like this for 2 or 3 years.. ????? This is such nonsense since I was able to BUILD and REPAIR and IMP fences on the perimeter just two months ago... Surely something's changed. Something in the code about it. But without any advance notice. And that probably should make me feel great about all the time I've put into my areas... NOT! Since I cannot do anything about it. The CM told me that no GM will contact me and that I shall start a thread on forums. 'Good' customer service! I must tell you - this is not the way you should attract old experienced players back into the game. I love this game. But such things just make me put it away on the shelves in hope that some day the devs would think before making such radical unthinking changes.
  5. There are currently 3 things on pvp servers that encourage a meta that proves detrimental to smaller kingdoms due to a separate balance issue that exists which will be covered in another post. In short remove deed twitter, defence advisor and information minister roles. None of these things have ever done anything to encourage roaming, small scale raiding, small kingdom expansion (with exceptions). The current system is highly abusable and is not fit for purpose. Remove them, even for a trial period and see if things improve Or post alternative suggestions in a considered fashion while staying within the scope of this topic
  6. Hello, can I have a GM clarify the "-You may enter enemy kingdom influence or deed perimeters as long you are passing through or for PvP, you must abide by the rules otherwise" Rule in Raid ban directive. How long can a player sit or ride around someones deed perimeter quote on quote "looking for pvp", when they are actually scouting? Basically, what is actually considered by saying passing through, or looking for pvp. The reason I ask is I have seen different members of different kingdoms come into our kingdom, right near our deed borders sitting there for 30 minutes to an hour in this current ban, and past ones. Thanks.
  7. Since the enclosure rules were removed, it's essentially "deed it or lose it" on Freedom Isles. This is an absolutely horrible policy and makes the game less attractive. The game already costs money to play with full features. Why should I have to pay more to protect my things in a PVE server? I think enclosures should be protected again. The enclosure rule had a measure against inactive players already. (If a fence decays, it's no longer an enclosure and people can do whatever to it.) I was considering buying premium time, but since I found out the enclosure rule had been removed, I'm hesitant. This may tip the balance in favor of me going back to Minecraft or RuneScape rather than continuing to play Wurm, which is expensive with only subscription fees.
  8. First, sorry for my English (not my native), some technical things could be inaccurate. And all following are just hypothetical considerations ... Today I saw this:!brain-simulator/c81c As fun of SpaceEngineers I like, what Marek Rosa is doing and how he is making their work accessible to public. His Brain Simulator is already able to play Bricks and some form of 2D maze game. So why not WURM, with help of some advanced interface. Although we have rules, especially one about MACRO. The more I'm thinking about it, AI playing wurm fits less and less into rule about macroing. It is not form of automation, nor it is cheating for personal gain. As being(entity?) with free will, AI probably will play WURM for some goal, to teach itself, for fun maybe or for some advanced goals later. Who know what kind o goals, "hunt all animals" or "build unlimited amount of 1x1 shacks" or "to be best in puppeteering" or "stay in one place and emote smile to everybody passing around". Nobody know until we will try it, until that AI will try it. In learning Wurm it will make mistakes, as we do, gathering experience piece by piece. Sure, there is even danger some cruel human-player will enslave such AI to made some slave labor. We already have such behavior in game, rich wurmians enslaving that less fortunate ones, nothing new in Wurm. Most probably owner of such AI will have some influence on direction, which way that AI will teach itself. But are we sure AI will obey owners instructions? I think, here is great space for all that WHAT, IF, HOW, WHY .... Can we have civilized debate about it here? Without trolling and PvE vs PvP wars, please
  9. I did not catch a rule on the forums which stated things like: What if I make a house around someone's wagon/cart? If something like that happens to my wagon, lets say someone makes a house around my wagon which is locked as well as has me as the owner, but just isn't on my deed, its off deed, like many of us wurmians keep wagons or carts off deed when we are out. Today I did a support call to find out where my wagon was, I was not told where it was because of my mistake of NOT locking the wagon when it was on deed, thats cool, I understand it was my fault. But what if someone puts a wagon/cart in a house and then builds it in such a way that none of the contents are visible, but just a house. If I do a support call to find out where my wagon is, will I be told where it is? Obviously I know where it is, but if the person having it refuses to tell me that he has my wagon hidden, then what can I do? Support call seems like the last resort since we cannot destroy houses on pve servers. So, will a GM tell me that my wagon is hidden in xxx house? Or will they not tell me? Also, if they do tell me, will I get help from the GM in retrieving my wagon? or not Ofcourse some people would be thinking that the person had to put the wagon on his own village to prevent such a thing from happening, or his own house, but what if I didnt? Will I be told where my wagon is? Will I get help to retrieve it? After answering these questions, please refer to the spoiler below: ANSWERS ONLY FROM GMs. Today my costly wagon got stolen, It was on my deed, it wasnt locked, so the person who stole it embarked on it as commander and took the wagon to his deed. Obviously I wasnt told where the wagon was, because its my fault that I didnt keep the wagon locked right? Yes it was my fault, but somehow, after hours of searching, I did manage to locate the wagon, and I know exactly where it is. It is in a house, on a person's deed, and I cannot enter the house. The wagon has my name (Hashirama) as owner, but am standing near the wagon with my bro's toon (Gau), so am told that I have to personally come to retrieve the wagon. I can understand that, but even if I was present at the scene, how can i retrieve the wagon? Caus after repeatedly asking a GM "Ok, If I come there to retrieve the wagon, it has to be put outside the house, else there is no meaning in coming there", I was given one reply again and again that "Its your fault that you didnt secure the wagon", yes its totally my fault for not locking the wagon. But I located the wagon, I know where it is, no one told me about it, and even if I come to take back something which has my ownership, am told that its upto the mood of the person owning the house, whether to give me the wagon back or not. So I asked a simple question to the GM, what if I pen someone's wagon and keep it hidden? If the person does a support call, the GMs are bound to say "sorry but we cannot tell you wheres the wagon", even when the other person has the ownership of the wagon? Makes no sense at all, in past there was an exactly similiar case,the GM handling the case, he took the right decision, he returned the wagon/cart to the person who had ownership of it. I was told by the GM that I cannot pen other person's wagon/cart. So I asked "why not", and the reply was "I have already told you this, this support call has been answered,closing the ticket now" I want to know the rules regarding this issue. The facts are simple: 1) My wagon was unlocked 2) Got stolen, GM didnt tell me where it was 3) I found it, and am standing 2 tiles away from it, can even see that am the owner, Still am told that I have to be physically present at the place where the wagon was to be able to retrieve it. 4) The door of the god damn house is locked, how do I retrieve it even if am standing right outside the house? So can I lock other people's wagons which are off deed or outside houses? (am guessing the answer is obviously no, but it contradicts the case where I was not given my wagon) ANSWERS ONLY FROM GMs.
  10. Okay, I get that tents on deed could be problematic to code for. Fair enough to say this is my land, no camping here. And I get the no-build writ rules for non-citizens in perimeter. Technically a permanent dwelling place. But I can walk, ride or drive a huge wagon onto any non-walled deed to logout. Tempting if there are spirit templars in residence. However I can't drop a tent to put my food into and hitch my mount to, on perimeter, and walk onto a templar deed to logout. If perimeters are abutting, I have to walk a long way to drop a tent. I can't drop a tent as a respawn point if I'm being aggroed, or suspect I might on relog, unless I'm off perimeter ? Why ? Is this something to do with the way respawn points are coded ? Because I can't see why carts and wagons are more acceptable as a traveller's lifestyle. Would people seriously be more unhappy with even a large number of tents in perimeter, than they would with a wagon-train parked on their templar deed ? And if someone were to say, make a hunting deed with a huge perimeter, it's absolutely a no-tent zone. Why ? In perimeter, the rules state there are no permissions governing actions beyond not building a house there. Anyone can build all sorts of clutter there; looms, forges, large chests, animal pens, fountains, probably even obelisks and such ... hack down trees, terraform the land ... but not drop a tent. Why, please, is this so ? It does not seem internally consistant. [if my interpretation of the rules as they currently stand is outdated or inaccurate in any way at time of posting, I apologise]
  11. Wurm has it's rules. We should keep to them to prevent hurting the others. These precious rules are also called: Wurms etiquette. To help you understand how we live in the world of Wurm we wrote them down. 1. Thy shall not jump! Wurmians are civilised people. That's why we shall never ever jump. This is considered very rude. There is a myth about jumping that says that it was so long ago a Wurmian jumped that we forgot how to. 2. Thy shall take off your cap in the presence of other Wurmians who are equal to you. Of course there are some exceptions. Like when fighting monsters. Easy to remember as bears are not companions, they are meat. 3. Thy shall not confuse the guards! Do not say anything else to the guards than: "help!" or "guards!". Guards are very low educated. Only the dumbest of dumbest npc's could become guards. Do not let guards feel dumb! Call them for what they are trained for. If a guard does not respond to your call, don't worry, you just hurt his feelings or damaged his brain. 4. Thy shall not sexually harass anyone in Wurm. If you feel horny and you are such a sad person that you think the only way to get what you want is through Wurm, go get yourself the 'secret' service of the merchants. They want to feel sexy for once too. 5. Thy shall not insult anyone in Wurm. Insult a guard instead! They won't understand anyway and you might damage their brain even more. That was what you wanted to do in the first place right? Damaging brains. But always remember rule No. 3 of the Wurm etiquette, which leaves no valid reason for insulting ANYTHING. 6. Thy shall be a gentleman! One with premium membership and way more awesome than others! Just kidding. Stay modest, polite and classy. 7. Thy shall respect noobs. You can think of reasons and ways too do it yourself. Trying to make jokes is hard you know! 8. Thy shall always logout next to a danger zone. This is not hard to do, it just happens. 9. Thy shall respect all gods! Plant flowers, like hot men like Magranon, fish and follow rainbows to hell, where you pinch people with pointy spears and steal their belongings! 10. Thy shall expand the Wurm etiquette and share it with your neighbours. Get it NEIGHbours. Like horses? No? Bad joke...
  12. Nearly every single update seems to affect either freedom or epic in a bad way. It's really time to split up the code so both sides can enjoy the game to its fullest. This way for example freedom players can enjoy their fast guards again, and epic can finnaly have it's animal cap removed. Neither freedom or epic should have to suffer from mechanics added to solve problems which are non existant on the other side. A different playstyle means a different set of rules. So split the code between Epic and Freedom. Ps: I cannot speak for chaos, but I suspect that they would enjoy having their own ruleset aswell.
  13. As the game mechanics go, you can only plan 1 house writ at a time until you finish building said house, before you can plan another writ. This rule is completely understandable in most of the lands, with the exception of deeded villages. A deeded village needs to be able to bypass this rule. A perfect example of this bypass is the sign planting rule. You can only plant 1 sign every 24 hours outside of deeded land, however inside a deeded village there is no limit to how many signs you can plant per 24 hours. Some people have multiple projects going on at one time, or multiple villagers who may need houses planned for them to work on, so this rule tends to cause frustration and get in the way of progress in such cases. EDIT: A few people have stated that they are able to plan more than 1 writ per 24 hours. If these changes have already been made please lock this thread. It has been confirmed that you can plan more than 1 writ per day, as long as you finish building each house before planning another one. However, the question still remains on whether deeded villages should be able to bypass this rule altogether.
  14. I just startet playing a little while ago but would like to know what the game rules are about Dual boxing, multi accounts is it allowed to have 2-? accounts running on the same computer or even multiple computers at the same time or how are the rules defined regarding this. Would like if a GM would clear this up for me. before i start using multiple accounts.
  15. So, I lurked the forum for a while before I started to give opinions, and this is the first thread I actually create, and it is regarding the forum Rules. The forum rules are fine as they are now, they are nice yet flexible. However I would make a couple of additions, as the playerbase increases, or as more players turn to the forums to give ideas, look for information, trade, etc. Some rules to make the forum more readable, beyond search engine mechanics (wich I see fail in every forum I have been). I may sound a bit too strict maybe, but I have been part of very large forums, and when forums get some speed, some filters need to be made. Things I would add to the rules, maybe not set in stone, but as code of conduct. 1- No self Bump of your thread, if the community is not interested in the subject, let it sink and give room for topics wich are of interest. 2- No creating multiple threads in the same or diferent forum regarding the same topic. 3- Some limit to X ammount of ongoing threads in the Suggestions & Ideas sub-forum per-user. Where X is a number that people agree its fair. (to avoid clutter, and to make forumers think and develope their ideas before posting the first thing that crosses their mind.) The way I see it, cluttering is not an issue in the most inmediate future, but it could become an issue quick if unchecked. Changes on this kind of "rules", wich actually border on simple forum etiquette also take some time to settle in the natural flow and minds of the forumers. So, those are my two cents.
  16. The code of conduct listed here http://forum.wurmonl...ode-of-conduct/ is being persistently ignored here on Celebration (in fact, on other Freedom servers as well). A lot of these most basic courtesies tend to not be followed because there are no repercussions for failing to. As rules, these "guidelines" would be next to impossible to enforce. However, there is a rather vague section of the actual rules, as posted here http://forum.wurmonl...c/7-game-rules/ that needs clarification. "Griefing is any harassment such as, defamation of character (insulting their race, gender, creed, nationality or sexuality), continuous use of unfavorable emotes, or failure to abide to a GM instruction." Any harassment. Everything following "such as" is an example. If you would like to have less drama and more fun, please select yes.
  17. Hi, We have rules regarding how to handle highways. Is there a possibility to apply similar rules to canals as well? Because cattles can't swim, and boats can't go across a canal above a certain water level but they still can be pulled/pushed, seems the conflict with carts and boats not solved with the changes. I led cattles to Esert from and can't pass at a canal with the cows because the depth of water stopped them. There was no way to fix it because the canal has been deeded, the owner away for some weeks and no digging allowed even for their citizens to fix it. Please don't take this offensive, I know how good is to sail, I am building and use boats too, but I think the blocking of animal transport inside server may be against other people's fun too and has negative effect on game economy. I would like to suggest to add a rule for canals: if they are deeded, that they must have at least one tile width way where people can go across with cattles, but deep enough on other places to go with small sailing boats or knarrs at least. This has some similarity with the goal of the highway rules: deeds cannot block the traffic on important areas. Is there any possibility to do this? Of courese this problem may be solved easier if cattles can be packed to boat or can swim. Regards, Heroic