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Found 27 results

  1. I auction the following: 3 rubies, Ql 1,00; 19,89 and 36,86 4 emerald, Ql 1,00; 3,51; 21,12 and 42,50 3 diamond Ql 23,18; 29,00 and 39,56 2 opal QL 31,16 and 47,34. They can be sold all together or seperately One rare longsword, iron, blank Ql 60,96 One rare Bascinet Helmet, iron and blank, Ql 70,26.
  2. This is 7 auctions for 7 bags of gems. Each bag contains 100 gems. Gems Over 10 QL Gems Under 10 QL Diamond Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire Low QL 1 Low QL 2 Total QL: 2,681.09 2,840.83 2,790.03 2,698.94 2,968.50 Total QL: 410.45 356.35 50i per QL converted to silver: 13.41 14.20 13.95 13.49 14.84 2c per QL converted to silver: 8.21 7.13 Starting Price: 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 6 silver 5 silver A spreadsheet with the QL of each gem and the formulas used the get the numbers above is at: If any of the winners bid over 15 silver on a bag of over 10 QL gems they will get a free star gem of that type. Minimum Bid Increase: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes I'll deliver to any reasonably easy to get to coast.
  3. Looking for at least medium quality. Price is negotiable. PM me on forums or in game at Firebug.
  4. I have 3 different staves to sell for 4s each on Deliverance at the starter town Green Dog for pick up only. 1 Ruby Staff QL 10.26 [16:22:34] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic ruby attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. 1 Opal Staff QL 23.84 [16:22:04] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic opal attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. 1 Emerald Staff QL 7.74 [16:21:33] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic emerald attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. If you want more info please feel free to ask.
  5. For Sale 4s each. 2 for 7s 24.91 Star Diamond [12:10:41] A perfectly clear, many-faceted diamond. 30.39 Star Emerald [12:13:12] A beautiful clear eggsized sea green emerald. 20.00 Star Emerald [12:13:47] A beautiful clear eggsized sea green emerald. It emits power. 42.00 Star Ruby [12:14:34] A bright red ruby, as large as the eye of a dragon. 37.00 Star Ruby [12:15:23] A bright red ruby, as large as the eye of a dragon. mailbox is fast..[12:28:19] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [95]
  6. Starting bid: 4s Min. increment: 25c Delivery may be available, depending on winner's location.
  7. At last, the Wurm gem shortage has been explained... Maizie has been hiding them all in her chests. Behold my mighty gem auction. Happy bidding! Auction is for a MASSIVE number of gems, math hurt my head...979 of the sparkly things I think. I will take bids in Euros, 1 Silver = 1 Euro. 216 Emeralds 193 Rubies 172 Opals 199 Diamonds 199 Sapphires DELIVERY Please note, the winning bidder will have to collect the item from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. I have no means of delivery Starting Bid: 40 Silver Minimum Increments: 1 Silver Buyout: None/PM Offers Reserve: Yes Good luck all
  8. Massive Gem auction priests dream come true link to a image of all gems,SHUwHmB,a8RNDcO,ffC76gk,6bfrRUn,ldcSKmo,RclCSE2,yTlg1L5,KxdVOpa,Y6fyjh9,8aLolV0,2NuXBH0,9U6Ru2O,tmU1FI8,w1WX81f,m0iJeWf,O33cqQB,amNGskj,R8cSopl,IWxSAGA,MdZTdvh#20 starting bid 75 silver (aprox 1 copper per ql) increments of 1 silver buyout at 220 silver sniper of 5 hrs pickup on indy at 16x 36y old map (delivery for small charge to coastal areas on indy,cele,exo,deli negotiable) if you need any further information pm stoneman in game name private bids accepted current bid : 1 g 35 silver sold to lulu
  9. I want sell gems 1-55ql. I am from exodus. Costs: 1,00ql - 5,00ql : 4c 5,01ql - 10,00ql : 6c 10,01ql - 15,00ql : 8c 15,01ql - 20,00ql : 10c 20,01ql - 25,00ql : 20c 25,01ql - 30,00ql : 30c 30,01ql - 35,00ql : 40c 35,01ql - 40,00ql : 60c 40,01ql - 45,00ql : 70c 45,01ql - 50,00ql : 80c 50,01ql - 54,99ql : 90c 55,00ql (ruby) : 1s Transport: If you want transport on Exodus, I will transport FREE if you buy gems for total minimum 1s. Because I don't speak english good - I will repeat requirements for free transport: - You must spend minimum 1s, - I can transport gems only on Exodus.
  10. Auction ended with no bids! PM me with an offer on the lot if you are interested! Located in North Central Deli! 24.5x 7.5y Starting Bid: 12s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: 24s Sniper: 1h Delivery: Will be discussed with the winner. Ends: 00:01 monday edit: edited title
  11. 'ello! This is all crystals that i want to sell. Please make me an offer! Pick up at independence! For deliver, look prices at: ,, ". Contact: Forum accout Or Giblet / Gibletalt -Giblet Of Bright Mine!
  12. Selling 2copper per ql message me if you want. ty edit: SOLD
  13. Located at the very north of Deli(delivery will be discussed with winner) SOLD for 4s Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increase: 50c No Reserve No Buyout NO PRIVATE BIDS
  14. Starting bid: 5s Reserve: no Buyout: 10s Minimum increment 50c Sniper Protection: none Location: North deliverance Delivery will be discussed with winner
  15. Currently on Deli but can travel to other servers*! Can be bought separately from each other! PM me in game or on the forums, with which gems and delivery info. *Delivery to other servers will cost extra, negotiable price based on amount purchased.
  16. 688,84 QL Gems for vessel grinding. Starting bid : 5 S Minimum increase bid: 25 c No reserve buyout 12 S I can Deliver or Pickup the Gems in Ravens Bluff its located at (25x 35y) on Celebration Happy biding
  17. 1156 QL Gems for vessel grinding. Starting bid : 22 S Minimum increase bid: 25 c No reserve No buyout Ravens Bluff is located at (25x 35y) on Celebration Happy biding
  18. Did not meet reserve price, auction canceled. Alright, I will sell one of my babies off. This 73ql Star Ruby is rare and pretty. Starting Bid: 5s Reserve: Hidden Min. Increase: 50c Ending: ~2 days from now 3 hour Snipe protection Here's a timer. Go nuts, I'm selling a gem...
  19. Hey guys I'm new to the forums and not sure if this is the right place to post this. I'm attempting to save up for my first deed and im 75% omw there. I have some small low ql gems for sale: 1.0ql Emerald 6.19ql Emerald 21.98ql Ruby 1.0ql opal 1.0ql source crystal 24.53 source crystal 11.54ql source crystal Not the best i know, but I know what they sell for, so if interested please pm here, post, or pm Weathers in up for bargaining
  20. -Sold- not sure how to close topic
  21. Wanting to sell a 3 rubies, an opal, and a sapphire. Ruby ql's: 1,1,1. Opal:13 Sapphire:20.97 just wanting to get rid of, and add some coin to my bank. hit me with an offer?
  22. Pick up only from my village. Exodus Server Village: Jodhan 15 x 16 y NW from esert Price: 1 c per 1.00 ql (2s 59c) Image below:
  23. Gem's (Sold)

    i want to sell some of my gems.. Sapphire 39,0QL 32,2QL Emerald 30,5QL Diamond 36,2QL Ruby 54,6QL 53,1QL I sell them for 2c/QL or i sell them all in one package for 4,5S Pick up at Decelles (12x9y Deliverence) Can deliver to coast (7x9y Deliverence) or to Greendog (16x27y Deliverence)
  24. Ruby

    qlty wts ruby izmanie on deli
  25. Selling gems Diamond x8: 59.02ql, 54.00ql, 52.00ql, 50.37ql, 46.53ql, 45.73ql, 32.37ql, 25.00ql Ruby x3: 51.00ql, 31.00ql, 48.62ql Sapphire x8: 56.60ql, 50.00ql, 45.80ql, 40.00ql, 39.00ql, 37ql, 33.23ql, 25.00ql, Emeralds x4: 61.72ql, 41.00ql, 21.07ql, 8.60ql Opal x3: 36.00ql, 34.00ql, 24.00ql