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Found 11 results

  1. WTS rare rowing boat 50 ql only 10 silver pick-up deli u12
  2. [13:48:34] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. Colors: R=36, G=36, B=36. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from pinewood. You must use a mallet on the "Slave Three" in order to improve it. Ql: 34.43276, Dam: 8.981438. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Asolli, has been etched in the stern. This rowing boat has been parked in my harbour for a couple of months now. Please would the owner, Asolli, remove it. Location: Babuskaa's Village, T8, SW Coast of Newspring Island, SW Xanadu
  3. WTS: 50QL applewood knarr, 3 sailing boats: 2x cherrywood 50QL and 50QL pinewood, 50QL applewood rowing boat **New ships** 50QL applewood knarr with anchor and lock Caravel! It's unfinished so you can choose wood type.
  4. rowing boat, cedarwood, 40 ql with lock and anchor How many?
  5. [21:08:13] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a file to smooth out the "AE RB one" in order to improve it. Ql: 30.219582, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Stonecutter, has been etched in the stern. [21:08:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'St.n.c..ter'. Will add a boat lock and mooring anchor Starting bid: 3s Increments: 1s Reserve: hidden Buy-out: 10s Good Luck Bidding everyone!!! After the Auction: The winner can pick it up from Aurelian Empire (Release) x43/44 y24
  6. I want to sell a sailboat, 2 rowboats, and a corbita. Pickup is available at Hermit's Haven 64x 60y in Independence server. Ship and boats details are as follows: CORBITA (CEDARWOOD) 50.8 ql = 5s ROWING BOAT (CEDARWOOD) 59.9 ql = 1s ROWING BOAT (MAPLEWOOD) 58.4 ql = 1s PM me in forums or in game if you are interested. Thanks.
  7. im want to buy a small rowing boat delivered to deli south/west sleepy hollow for 1s with anchor
  8. Hi I am trying to built a rowing boat for myself, and I have all the materials, all the tenons, hull planks and keels etc. I have improving the keels so they are about 13 in quality, and my skill in ship building above 6 now. But I cannot figure out how to build the "unfinished boat". I can only carry 1 keel, and when activating that and clicking on the other one on the ground, I do not get any option to create the boat. What am I doing wrong? Is my ship building skill too low? if so, what is the minimum skill for this? Please help
  9. Selling a rowing boat at Whispering Wood at 20x 4y. Delivery fee is free of charge. The ship is QL 19.5, and has a lock on it. I demand 1-2 silver for it.
  10. Items: Rowing Boat, cedarwood, 45ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80cRowing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80c Great boat for new Wurmians on budget. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 3 people Carry capacity same as small cart.Small Sailing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 1.7s Bread and butter of Wurmian pilotage, fastest way to get around when sailing alone. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 4 people Carry capacity same as small cart. No delivery. Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y. Customisation: No mooring anchor: 20c discount No lock and key: 10c discount Accepting orders for custom material boats (no extra cost). Delivery options (Rowing Boat only): Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y or surrounding area --- Free Deliverance --- 20c Independence (South shore) --- 20c Independence --- 40c Exodus --- 60c Celebration --- 1s To order, please send a PM on forum or contact Fourman on Deliverance. New items will be listed. edit -- Some cross server delivery options are temporarily not awailable.
  11. I have two small sail boats ready for delivery on Independence. They will be finished and improved on site to QL50+ of a wood type you get to choose, they come with a boat lock and key, a mooring anchor, a fine fishing pole of QL59+, a barrel of water, and a pottery bowl with meals for survival, unless you don't want these items (they're free and don't lower the price). Price: 2.5s I also have an applewood rowboat to sell, complete with a boat lock and key, mooring anchor, fine fishing rod, an applewood barrel of water, and a pottery bowl with meals. 1.5s for pickup only at Ussta Delmah (60x 5y) or Targoviste at the coast.