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Found 10 results

  1. Welcome to Thor's one stop rope shop (and accessories!) Status: OPEN Established Apr. 2013 Location Thunderstorm Keep, SW corner of Xanadu, middle of Q11 Map location HERE Possible payment types Silver Referals: 6s each Paypal (not only verified but premier account): 1:1 EUR/Silver or USD equivalent Bitcoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Litecoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Delivery prices Please check with me if delivery is available and at what prices Orders over 15k favor are free Private PMs as well as posts are welcomed! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offers For Priests For Shipbuilders For various tasks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback on service is welcomed and appreciated! Thank you for your business and please come again!
  2. The oldest bulk supplier on Deliverance is back in business! Status: OPEN ( ) Contact in game: Krivak, Smokus, LeeLord Bulk Masonry: 500 Bricks for 1s500 Mortar for 1.5s100 Slabs for 1s500 Colossus Bricks for 2sBulk Carpentry: 500 planks for 75c500 shafts for 50c500 Arrowshafts for 1s10 Support Beams* for 50c10 Floorboards* for 1s10 Large Crate for 1,5s10 Small Crate for 1s1k Ash for 3s*Unfinished, last piece separately. Ship Building Materials: 100 tenons for 20c100 pegs for 20c100 hull planks for 20c (pick up only)1 Anchor for 30c (30ql+)Bulk Blacksmithing: 100 small nails for 15c100 large nails for 20c100 ribbons for 1.5s100 fence bars for 2.5s100 rivets for 20c100 frying pans for 2sDigging Materials: 1000 clay for 1s1000 tar for 1sRopes (Over 50ql, Cordage over 30ql): Rope for 5cMooring Rope for 8cThick Rope for 15cCordage Rope for 10c10 Bowstrings for 5cBulk Cloth Tailoring (low ql): 10 kg Strings of clothes for 50c10 kg Square pieces of clothes for 75c20 satchels for 1sCloth Tailoring - Sails (over 30ql): Small Square Sail for 15cTriangular Sail for 30cSquare Sail for 50cBulk Leather (20ql+) 10 backpacks for 50c10 quivers for 50c10 waterskins for 50c50 leather for 1sFurniture (unfinished, last piece included): BSB/FSB for 15cLarge Chest for 10cSmall Chest for 5cSmall Barrel for 5cSmall Bucket for 5cWeapon, Bow, Armour Rake - 15cBed - 20cShipbuilding (any woodtype): 1 raft for 8cRowboat for 50cSmall Sailing Boat for 1s Corbita 4sCog 5sKnarr 12s (NEW option Knarr with 40 large crates 15s !!)Caravel 15sAll ships are with option of choosing wood type, imped to 70ql with lock and anchor. Delivery option depends of location of buyer. FARMING (QL90+)* 500 Barlery____- 50c 500 Corn______- 50c 500 Cotton_____- 1s 500 Garlic______- 50c 500 Oat________- 50c 500 Orion_______- 50c 500 Potato______- 50c 500 Pumpkin____- 50c 500 Reed_______- 50c 500 Rye________- 50c 500 Strawberry___- 50c 500 Wemp_______- 1s 500 Wheat______- 50c * completion time of order can be up to 6 days (If You are in hurry please ask about accessibility of commodity in priv msg on forum) Woodcuting 100 logs (24kg) >QL 25 - 30c10 Log (24kg) - QL 40 - 10c10 Log (24kg) - QL 50 - 30c10 Log (24kg) - QL 60 - 50c10 Log (24kg) - QL 70 - 65c10 Log (24kg) - QL 80 - 70c10 Log (24kg) - QL 85 - 75c10 Log (24kg) - QL90+ - 1sChain smithing (full set with cap): 70ql for 1s80ql for 3s85ql for 5s90ql for 7sAnimals (Only Deliverance): 5 speed - horses - 1s MAGNARON PRIEST services STRONGWALL spell minimum amount of tiles to collapse is 7 (1s each), next walls are 80c each required mag priest altar nearby (priest will have his own door locks to sacrifice for favor). DELIVERY Deliverance Delivery by sea (20c) Delivery by land (40c) Independence (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 1 ___| 2s 9s+ 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 2 ___| 2s 7s+ 50c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 3 ___| 2s 9s+ 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 4 ___| 2s 7s+ 50c __________|____________|_________|_______________| Exodus (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 5 ___| __________|_____2s_____|___5s+ _ _|_______35c_____| ZONE 6 ___| __________|_____2s_____|___5s+___|_______50c_____| Celebration (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 9 ___| 3s 7s 75c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 10 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 11 __| 3s 7s 75c __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 12 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| Xanadu (only by boat) _______________________________________________ __________|The minimum | | | __________|_value of the |__FREE__| cost of delivery | __________| contract | | | __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 13 __| 3s 9s 1,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 14 __| 5s 12s 2,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 15 __| 7s 15s 3,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 16 __| 3s 9s 1s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 17 __| 9s 20s 10s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 18 __| 7s 15s 5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 19 __| 3s 9s 1,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 20 __| 5s 12s 2,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| ZONE 21 __| 7s 15s 3,5s __________|____________|_________|_______________| Release (only by boat) Calculations in progress, prices of delivery will be added soon. Pristine (only by boat) Calculations in progress, prices of delivery will be added soon.
  3. 1k/1.5s Ropes are different ql If you buy all, you will get 6s discount and delivery anywhere you wish Delivery to east Xanadu, Release and Pristine only with orders for 6s or more.
  4. sold

    Hi there. I have 28k favor (in cordage ropes) for sale. Ropes are different ql 3354 - 21.23ql 1009 - 43.73ql 933 - 54.18ql 689 - 63.47ql 526 - 73.38ql 236 - 83ql 90 - 92.88ql Free delivery on all Deli, South Inde and west Xanadu. Other: only orders more than 5s Price is 1k/1.5s If you buy all, you will get 10% discount PM me with offer
  5. fine carpentry (wood of choice) can make any fine carpentry items 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 90ql 1s carpentry 70ql 30c 80ql 40c woodcutting Transporters will be over 50ql Ship transporter 1S Wagon 1S Pick up Non mailable items Archery target 50c Floor boards 5c Ea Support beam 4c EA Small Crate 5c EA Large Crate 15c EA Tailoring & Ropemaking Sails will be 30+ql Triangular sail 30c Small square sail 30c Square sail 30c Rugs will be 50ql Meditation rug 50c fine meditation rug 60c Beautiful meditation rug 70c Exquisite meditation rug 1s Random ql Banner 20c Kingdom banner 20c Freedom islands Flag 20c Kingdom flag 20c Freedom islands Tabard 10c Sheet of cloth 5c Ropes Cordage rope 10c Ea Mooring rope 2c EA Rope 50i EA Thick rope 20c EA
  6. Hello. As title says, I have 14k favor for sale. Everything have to be sold. Free delivery on Deli (also south Inde and west Xana ) Delivery to other servers only over 5s. Price: 1k/2s If you buy all, you will pay 24s with free delivery. PM me with offer or leave comment here .
  7. Hello I have 14k for sale. Price: 2s/1k Delivery: Deliverance - free Orders for 5s+ - free All other - negotiable PM me with offer.
  8. Hello, selling up to 10k favor in 65QL cordage ropes. Asking 2s per 1k favor (aprox 120 ropes) Overall 20s for all ropes. (free delivering on freedom if taking all) Leave message if interested there, PM or in game. Thanks
  9. why is it that cordage ropes keep their name in bsbs but the rest of the ropes are renamed as just ropes? looks like a bug to me, i think all ropes should either be renamed or keep their names