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Found 4 results

  1. I'd like to see more variety in roofs besides type of materials used. Currently we only use hip roofs. I'd like to see gable, mansard, and gambrel roofs, among other types. Here is an example of what I mean: Please give us this option, and if you are already working on it, please let us know the status of the project.
  2. I would love to see these in the game so that you could slant a roof against a wall of story higher.
  3. I do love my little cottage on wurm, it is rather cosy and keeps me safe. But... It looks just like everyone elses cottage! To remedy this a few more wall/window/door/roof styles. Sapling : Requires 30 saplings of the same type, 50 gardening. Once planted takes 3 real time days to grow. Must be pruned regularely otherwise becomes overgrown and the wall starts to decay as per normal. Canvas : Requires 6kg of cloth, 50 tailoring. Canvas walls/doors/roof can be "packed" by the building owner and weigh 5kg when packed. No windows. Door cannot be locked. Decays at normal rate. Shack : Requires 20kg of wood scraps, decays at 150% the normal rate. Doors/window/wall/roof. Wattle & Daub : Requires 10 wooden shafts and 10kg of clay, decays at normal rate. Sod Roof : Requires 10 wooden shafts and 10kg of peat. Works like a normal wood roof, looks a bit more green.
  4. i know that silver, steel and gold roofs and floors is nothing new... i think i see option to make it in test server... but when we get that? to make nice churchs, banks, houses. when that get alive? also we have now only 2 difrent walls for houses,,,new type of walls will be nice too... mybe iron wall.