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Found 2 results

  1. [18:54:34] Auto-freezing sleep bonus after 5 minutes of inactivity. [18:54:34] You refrain from using your sleep bonus. These two messages mean you have just lost 5 minutes of precious sleep bonus. Maybe because you got distracted and forgot it, perhaps you were busy streaming or something came up in real life. It's happened to just about everyone. The game knows that you haven't made an action or received a tick for 5 minutes and so you can not possibly have used any sleep bonus, so why not roll back the sleep bonus by 5 minutes to the last completed action or tick? The player hasn't used it, so why not give it back? I see no reason to punish a player for inactivity - after all, no-one deliberately sits and burns sleep bonus for no reason. If the sleep bonus is rolled back, this should be to the last completed action or skill tick - to allow for passive ticks from Hot Food Cooking for example. The amount of sleep bonus returned should allow for coffee and fat levels of course: [18:54:34] Auto-freezing sleep bonus after 5 minutes of inactivity. [18:54:34] You refrain from using your sleep bonus. [18:54:34] These past 5 minutes of sleep bonus were not used. What do you think? Following the intelligent comment by @Simyaci- perhaps instead, the inactivity timer could be set by the player, rather than being a fixed 5 minutes. If someone would prefer a shorter timer, this could be changed in settings. There is no cooldown penalty for restarting the sleep bonus after it has been halted due to inactivity.
  2. Purchased the 1 month of prem and 1 silver option in the wurm store before I knew a rollback was occurring, now it looks like my character no longer has the month/silver I paid for, but I was still charged. Character name is the same as forum name, Whereami.