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Found 14 results

  1. I've got 2 Rods of Transmutation I'd like to get rid of. Hoping to get 40s each, but reasonable offers will be considered. Edit: 1 sold, still have one to sell.
  2. Well, this. nothing much to add : D Starting price 25s Increments : 1s Reserve : none Buyout : 45s (Or a delivered LMC) sniper : 10mins
  3. Dear wurm community, I'm an experienced mountaindweller and it came to my attention that the shaker orb and rod of transmutation can be easily used to grief tunnelsystems. Now with wurm unlimited even poor griefers can easily get their hands on these items. I've run some tests and players are able to use both items in and outside someone elses village, even with all the guards alive. Now griefers can jump into someone’s 14.000 slope high reinforced tunnelsystem, spam some cavewalls and turn them into ore veins, trapping the mountaindwellers for weeks. I’d like to make four suggestions how to keep tunnelsystems more safe from griefing. -1st, make it impossible for players to use shaker orbs and rod of transmutation inside someone elses settlement (and add using of these tools to role management à mining). -2nd, make it impossible to use rod of transmutation outside your own settlement (who uses rod of transmutation outside settlements anyways except griefers)? -3rd, give mayors the power to turn veins back to rock ondeed (rod of reverse transmutation?, more use of alchemy, dynamite?). -4th, at least make it impossible to use rod of transmutation and the shaker orb when: -players of another kingdom are in local -not all the spirit templars are killed -outside your own kingdom influence Thank you for your time. Feel free to discuss. Happy wurming.
  4. Selling a bunch of rares I need to get rid of, Everything will be CoD'd at buyers expanse. At this time I won't be able to log in and meet someone for trade so CoD is the only option. This list will be long, I'll do my best to keep it order-ly PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST THE NAME TO COD TO! TY Rare Small Anvil 90.13ql WoA 87 CoC 72 - 8s Rare Large Anvil 86.92ql WoA 67 CoC 59 - 8s Still Available! Rare Needle, Iron ql 84.29 WoA 21 CoC 72 - 6s Rare Shovel, iron ql 68 WoA 62 CoC 62 - 8s Rare Carving Knife, Iron ql 79.53 CoC 88 - 7s Rare Sickle, Iron ql 81.21 WoA 84 CoC 87 - 9s Rare Hammer, iron ql 90.50 WoA 63 CoC 77 - 10s Rare Trowel, Iron ql 88.34 WoA 37 CoC 44 - 5s Rare Pickaxe, Iron ql 90.34 WoA 81 CoC 30 - 12s Rare Statuette of Vynora ql 79.00 CoC 87 (CoC believed to NOT effect cast) - 8s Rare Leggat, Pinewood ql 57.02 CoC 68 - 2s Rare Spindle, Cedarwood ql 66.01 WoA 65 CoC 84 - 6s Rare Fruit Press #1 Olivewood ql 27.19 WoA 59 CoC 66 - 3s Rare Fruit Press #2 Oakenwood ql 53.66 CoC 77 - 3s Rare Bow, Willow ql 50.30 CoC 62 - 5s EXTRA'S --------------------------- Regular Seryll pickaxe #1 ql 5.02 CoC 96 - 4s Regular Seryll Pickaxe #2 ql 4.73 CoC 88 - 4s All prices are negotiable, Just trying to get rid of them all. so if you want something, but don't want to go so high, don't be afraid to PM me a offer! I'll be listing some of my supremes soon, so keep a eye out for those too. Soon to come - Supremes, Dragon plate set, 2 dragon hide sets, Fountain pans, rare weapons, and possibly rare/supreme forges. Keep a eye out!
  5. Sale pending. Hello! I am wishing to part ways with my fine Rod of Transmutation for only 35s! Please be prepared to pick up from Q22 on exodus. Delivery would be extra, but can be arranged! Will also accept payment in cash, 1s = 1.2 Euro = 1.5 USD
  6. Picture: Selling 1 Rod of Transmutation. Price 35s. Prefer payment via paypal in Euro, USD or DKK. 1s = 1,0 Euro. I am also flexible to partial payment in silver and partial via Paypal. No delivery, pickup only, I am located at C23 - The Rose Gardens, Xanadu.
  7. Looking to sell some Rod's of Transmutation. Asking for 35s per one, currently on Deliverance (Fippy's Harbour west coast but can travel to Exodus) PM me or post here if interested.
  8. All said in title on Independence pm Equinox if interested
  9. I have TWO Rod of Transmutations up for sale. A two foot long granite rod that turns a normal cave tile into the ore of your choice. The tile will have max ql limit of 99 and 10 000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed in the process. Rod of transmutation turns a normal cave tile into the ore vein of your choice. Although the vein will have the same prospect QL as the rock tile it replaces, you will be able to mine ore up to 99 QL from it, and will allow for about 10,000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed when used. 30 silver each. I will deliver for free to Inde, Deli, Exo, Cele. For Chaos, pick up at my deed on Deliverance northwest coast 5x 10y.
  10. Auctioning Rod of Transmutation. This turns a normal cave wall into an ore of your choice at 99ql and 10,000 mining actions. One use. Usually 50s on traders. I will deliver to anywhere on freedom isles (not chaos). Start bid 15s Increments 1s Buyout 35s
  11. I have not one but TWO Rod of Transmutations up for auction. A two foot long granite rod that turns a normal cave tile into the ore of your choice. The tile will have max ql limit of 99 and 10 000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed in the process. Rod of transmutation turns a normal cave tile into the ore
  12. Rod of Transmutation turns any cave tile into an ore vein of your choosing with max quality and max quantity. Very handy for high quality crafting. Auction Length: 3 days from post Reserve: No Starting Bid: 29s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 2 hour Best of luck!
  13. Selling a Rod of Transmutation which changes any regular cave wall into an ore vein of your choice with 99ql and 10000qty. Considering offers, please PM.