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Found 19 results

  1. Construction materials 3k stone bricks 2s/k 3k sandstone bricks 2s/k 1k mortar 2s/k 2k slate bricks 2s/k 1k Colossus bricks 2 s/k 1k rounded stone 2s/k 3k marble bricks 2s/k 1k pottery bricks 3.5s/k 1k planks 1s/k 1k shafts 1s/ k 1k small nails 1s/k 1k large nails 1s/k ribbons 1s/ crate (currently 1 crate) For shingles of any type i only make them by order and the prices are slate shingles 1.5s/k (currently 1k in stock) pottery shingles 2s/k Please for any order pm me ingame on Analice or pm me in the forum Improve service We improve a variety of items such as blacksmithing (95ql), platesmithing (85ql), shieldsmithing( 90ql), bowyery(80ql) , fine carpentry (85ql) , carpentry (92ql) leatherworking (90ql) Upgrade prices (single item): 70ql 15c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c 92ql 1.2s 95ql 2s Upgrade prices for armour (price for a full set) : 1s 70ql 2.5s 80ql 4s 90ql Wagoner Service Available for Xanadu with private wagoner for faster delivery!!!!
  2. Hello Guys; it's me, again :3 As title says, 12900 stone shards, ready to fulfill your needs of bricks, slabs and anything requiring stone. Crates and delivery are not included, so crate swap is required. We live around 60 tiles east of Harmony Bay, at Harmony Bay Market, so we could also meet there. Starting bid: 1s. Increments: 1s. Buyout: none. No reserve - no private bids. Sniper protection: 10 min. The screenshot is to give an idea of the average ql.
  3. I have a mine well just started it to two iron veins.. yay me.. But if i leave the mine and come back... they show as regular rock walls for the first few seconds. and will even say rock... then the image will update I guess and they are iron again.
  4. I don't know if this is something that was already thought of but discarded so here goes. I want a wand or orb or something that can turn dirt to stone. It can be sold by the traders and go for between 5-50 silver per tile if anything, then maybe we can have places that are not shear cliffs on the PvE server because people dug out looking for stone. I think this would help the game a lot after all I know I cant be the only one that has fallen in to random pits because people dug for stone and never put the dirt back, this could help with some server problems (I think at least).
  5. I'm sure this is just a minor pet peeve of mine, and it really doesn't add to/detract from game play, but I have a suggestion for a new paving surface. I'd like to be able to pave tiles, on the sides of mountains, for instance, and have them actually look like rock tiles. The current options don't allow us to make a natural looking rock surface on hillsides. Using stone slabs to pave next to rock tiles just looks terrible, and gravel or very steep grass slopes aren't much better. For example, I surface mined a path up the side of a mountain, but had to lay down dirt to pave it, which consequently created very steep slopes down on one side. I planted trees on the slopes in an attempt to make it look natural, and it does look pretty good, but it would look so much better if I were able to pave the lower slopes like rock tiles, so it actually looks like a path up a mountain. Just a thought. Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring, Xanadu
  6. Too many times when trying to make a road or hillside look pretty, "You hit a rock in the corner". I think that there should be another way, aside from digging every other corner down to rock -- which can be 100+ down -- to level a tile with rock to flattness.
  7. WTS dirt and rock, 1s/1k. Free delivery to coast above 5k orders. 11s total if you buy a full knarrload of 12.9k LargeCrates not included in price please provide empty ones for swap or can leave them with you for 15c each (yes I hate to make them ). PM me on the forums please for arrangement.
  8. I am sure this has been requested before, just want to re-request this to allow better terraforming: 1. Rock under water for canals (or deep harbours, nice fishing spots...): Please create some way in which we can make the rock level lower so we can make channels deeper. .. perhaps some tool or device we can use like a dredge, but it would "surface mine" exposed rock layers under water? As things currently stand, we cannot sail through shallow canals, so ships other than rowboats, sailboats and knarrs are excluded from using these canals. It makes a lot of Wurm inaccessible and make sailing times, which are already LONG, much longer for those ships. 2. Clay: Lots of the clay deposits on Wurm are at shorelines and under water. Once the clay has been raised (which is super easy by just dumping dirts on the clay), it can never be lowered again to a level where deeper ships can sail over. You can get it to a point where rowboats, sailboats and knarrs can pass (with over 70 digging, mind you), but it basically becomes an underwater bank of entrapment for any deeper ships. It seems silly to me to make it so easy to raise clay by dumping dirt on it (which noobs do when they run from mobs), yet it is so difficult to even lower to just below water level, and on top of that it is impossible to lower it enough for deep ships to pass over it. Could we make a tool that could be used like a dredge, perhaps by people with over 70 digging, to lower clay like we can lower dirt with a dredge? Thanks.
  9. 7 rare lumps, iron and a rock shard start bid: 1s min increaments: 1s buyout: offers Happy Bidding!
  10. Need to make some room. All prices include delivery on Indy. Dirt 1s/1k More than 15k available now. Planks 1.5s/1k 1k available now *low ql* Rock Shards 1s/1k 5K available now. Cooked Meat 1.5s/1k 3k available now. Blackburn in game. Also, entertaining offers and trades
  11. So I'm trying to dig down to the rock in a marshy area along the seaside. I began digging down to the rock on this one marsh tile. It says in every corner where I clicked dig "[22:20:28] You can not dig in the solid rock." I'm pretty sure that when each corner is rock, that the tile clears away and exposes the rock. However, it is still a marsh tile directly on the rock. I left this alone for a real life day or two, with no visible changes. To the bottom corner is of this tile is a clay tile, all three tiles above it are rock and the one next to it is marsh and the one above the clay tile is rock. I don't know what else should be done. If you want to repeat this take a marshy area above the water level that is a slope of forty four on the left and forty three on the right. dig down to the rock and see what happens. I know that in the same general area i have exposed rock form under dirt and grass tiles without problems, it appears that marsh tiles are having the issue. im doing this on xanadu, if that helps.
  12. I think a really neat addition to the game would be stairs. Perhaps have a slope range that could be built on using a hammer, just like floors. The stairs could make going up and down slope the same speed as normal. Different types of material could be used such as rock, stone, and wood. Then you could add a few more Border Tile types, such as hand-rails for the stairs in wood or iron. This would make an excellent cosmetic change, and could really spruce up the exterior of houses and settlements. I don't think it would work well inside a house due to the length-height ratio and the size of the average home. But outside it could make a huge difference. I am unsure what the skill level should be in though. Carpentry/masonry/paving.
  13. Lots of different sized rock shards. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. 13.00 QL Rock Shards, Im on Exodus Starting bid - 20c Bid increments - 20c Buyout price - 2s
  14. We have some supreme shards for sale starting bid - 10c min inc - 5c buyout - 60c sniper protection - None Ends 48 hours from post time. Located on Deliverance. I will pay the COD.
  15. looking for a lvl 90+ miner for surfice mining need a quote if need location plz pm
  16. looking to buy 4000 rock shards and 4000 clay with delivery to 7x 7.5y in deilverance. paying 10s total.
  17. My idea in this post is simply to allow for different elemental types on monsters, we can have lava spiders, but why not frost trolls, or maybe a scorching bear, maybe a flood Scorpius? I haven't thought of a catchy name for any existing creatures in game to have with rock but that should still be a possibility.
  18. I'm building a canal and came across some agitating rock. After lowering the rock, it doesn't appear that its maximum depth meets the depth requirements for larger ships. The folks in GA - Freedom suggested the sculpting wand, but I don't believe anyone in the Pristine/Release cluster has one, and it also seems a bit silly to have to purchase charges on the wand just to lower the rock one or two extra dirt to grant passage for larger ships (based on some bad luck). I wasn't sure whether this should be posted in suggestions or bugs, so apologies if this is the wrong forum section. Here's a screenshot of the issue. I made a strip of land at the same level that surface mining forces me to stop lowering at. The sand is 3 tiles across, 2 tiles deep, all flat (same height as the lowered rock). On either side it slopes into deeper terrain; needless to say, the corbita wont traverse over the land. After testing a bit it's either a 1 or 2-dirt difference from allowing the corbita to travel across it. It seems like this would be an easy fix by either reducing ship depth requirement on larger rigs, or to allow surface mining to continue a few dirt deeper. Is this an intended mechanic/prevention? It's a killer for my canal project.
  19. Alright im working on mining so here is the thing, I am willing to mine for you in your location to give you rock shards, or ores, my mining is at 48 mining and i can either mine tunnels for you or escavate around for veins pm me ingame or send me a message here Price is standard 1s/1k price can be negotiable