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Found 17 results

  1. as the title say WTH a miner. so whats is the job: need a area in my mine mined out, say 250-300 tile, something around 17*17 area. that is the main job. after that depends on the price, i have meny iron veins to be gone, (if you fins like iron vein you go around it only, you dont need to mine that out) i can offer a bed for one person, and some pizza for CCFP and food/water. Location: Cadance (its by the waterline) R9, we are connected to the highway so its only to look for Port Aerdna. my name in-game is Andrea and i will be online between 20:00-23:00 around GMT+2 Sweden Price: around 15s
  2. Any interest in these, can cod, any reasonable offers accepted. Please note I am busy running a new pub business in the real world, so my responses may not be quick, have patience ?
  3. Materials don't come any better than this – nine lots of 100-quality mats ready for bidding. Starting Bid: See below for each lot Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hr Buyout: Offers considered Please post bids by lot number. Lot 1 – 300 Clay (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 2 – 300 Copper Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 3 – 1,000 Iron Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 4 – 300 Marble Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 5 – 300 Rock Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 6 – 300 Silver Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 7 – 1,000 Slate Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 8 – 300 Tar (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 9 – 300 Tin Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Delivery free to outer coastal Freedom locations if winning bid(s) over 5s total (other bulks available at standard prices if winner wishes to top up), otherwise 50c charge. Alternatively, goods can be picked up from Xanadu Q/R24 on in-game map.
  4. wts

    wts most prices are marked, or just make an offer..
  5. Welcome to !Gib's Mining Service! I offer you nice and effecient service! Prices are listed below... Ore name: 50ql /100 shards / lumps 60ql / 100 shards / lumps 70ql /100 shards / lumps 80ql /100 shards / lumps STOCK in shards / lumps Rock 20c 25c 35c 50c 10k+ Slate 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Marble 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Iron 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Copper 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Tin 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Zinc 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Lead 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Silver 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Gold 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Please note that all sorts can be bought at a lower ql (Random ql) for 10c /100 or 1s/1000! And so can private mining service aswell, you call, I mine! Delivery can be arranged as following... I'm traveling alot between Release and Independence - and can therefore make free delivery to the southen part of Independence (P-coord to V-coord) and the northen part of Release (A-coord to G-coord). Other servers + the northen part of Independence + the southen part of Release delivery fee will be 2s. Pick-Up... ALWAYS FREE (I'm located at D21 /Release) Payment, which is my favorite part... I accept paypal - !(1s = 1 euro)! I'm always up for a good trade, so don't hesitate to ask! STATUS - ONLINE ORDERS - Available CONTACT / How to place your order... Please feel free to leave a comment with your order below, or PM me in-game. Main Charecter - Giblet Alt - Gibletalt Please have some patiance. I'm rebuilding my deed and I DO have a real life... (Believe it or not ) Best Regards. - Giblet, Skyfall
  6. Greetings. selling: stock 10k+ rock shards: 1s/1k stock 4k+ dirt, price 1s/1k stock 2k+ clay, price 1s/1k accepting orders for larger quanitites. Locations: Coastal pickup in eastern Xanadu(J-21) or central xanadu near whitefay.(though canals) Land delivery: around graymead-whitefay- possibly summerholt Coastal delivery can be arranged, depending on distance. crate exchange, or 4c per small crate. For orders post here, pm or /tell Xearan ingame. will be updating stock.
  7. Msg in game with best offer I will deliver to SE Xanadu. Will take a day if you want me to make Shards into stone brick
  8. I need 2630 rock shards with deliver to Blacksmith, next to the road from Tape Dance Market to east, or in the port at TDM, or in the port in H24. PM with the offer price and QL. =) Edit: In Celebration of course... lol
  9. When using the level option in mines, gems will appear on the tile you are leveling, while the rock shards appear on the tile you are standing. Very minor but thought I should mention it. Will be easy for some to miss any gems they may have mined.
  10. pm damine, selling bricks, nails, ribbons, rock shards
  11. Lots of different sized rock shards. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. 13.00 QL Rock Shards, Im on Exodus Starting bid - 20c Bid increments - 20c Buyout price - 2s
  12. WTS Rock Shards 5k 50ql Price 0,9s per 1k 2k 70ql Price 1s per 1k Can be picked up at Exodus/Sandhill X23/Y31
  13. I want to buy 80 to 90 ql rock shards, PM me in forums or in game with your offer. (indy)
  14. Hey guys I just want to sell this stuff. All items are pickup only (unless I can mail them, then you pay Cod). Pickup is at South Sea Pearl, Exodus x24 y48 #1 60 QL Cedar Knarr with 100 rafts -25s (Comes with anchor and lock) Waiting for pickup -Sold #2 Rare Maplewood Bsb -1.5s #3 1 Barrel of 38 CoC water- 15c #4 360 planks -50c I will be adding more stuff as I find it guys!
  15. Want to sell 1x Supreme Rock Shards QL 27.70. Location is New Free Port on Exodos. I ask for something about 1 - 1.5s, atleast 0.5s make your offers. Will also trade for enchanted tools or two handed sword. EDIT: Sold for 30c + COD
  16. Only need a few. I don't have a specific ql I'm looking for, sure 99 ql would be great but that limits who can supply it. I have no idea what these sell for so please provide a price. These can be mailed right? If not I can only pickup on Deliverance.