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Found 11 results

  1. As of the last update, I see these odd squares and triangles of different textures around my roads. It seems to be on tiles that are half paved.
  2. Hello everyone, Aske and I have been working on something in the past months and the project has concluded this week at last. This is where it is located: There are a few touches that need finishing, but it is fully traversable. It's not highway compatible due to the project start predating the highways conception alone(-> plans could not be made with catseyes in mind), so in the times to come where "Find Route" might make pointing signs obsolete, this is your super not-so-secret tip for getting over the mountain, instead of around it. The western half was done by me and consist of a serpentine road climbing the mountain and leading into a tunnel (Lights are to be provided still, and some veins to be excavated.) An ants view from the beginning: The eastern part is arguable the more impressive one and was done by Aske - I think pictures speak much better for this arrangement, as my words won't do it justice. I merely donated the (or at least a substantial amount of) stone bricks and a pinch of dirt, but everything else from procuring all other materials to assembly was done by him. And the eastern start is not as hard to miss. And it goes on like that for a while We haven't settled on a name, really. Guess we're both pathologically pragmatic. But perhaps the community will be better at finding a name for it. Hope this will open up more travel between the Summerholt area and "North of Whitefay".
  3. Hi... I have been working on this monster highway in Southern Xanadu for over a month now to link to Lormere and I finally finished it last night, it was an insane amount of work but also a lot of fun. It opens up a whole lot of wilderness and is most likely the longest continuous highway built in one go, it's also for certain the longest highway entirely paved in sandstone bricks and slabs, obviously seeing those are new. After 1\3 was done, I decided to border the road with moss instead of sand, I just thought it cool cooler for the forest parts. It's a cool ride, many cool scenic spots, places to hunt and a lot of new places to start new deeds. I plan on building a public Inn behind where the fountain is and also a short secondary road to a nearby desert, for hunting, if someone wants too cook at inn I decided to build this thing because we almost never get new players where we are here down south, it's pure luck when someone gets lost and ends up here, so trying to bring some life to our area. The tunnel part which is 207 tiles long is only 1 tile wide at the moment but I'll be completing it in the coming 2 weeks or so, but one can ride through the mountain as is. I've attached a few screenshots and a map showing where the highway is. I did a large part of the work on my own but I did get some precious help from a few players and i wish to thank them. Crysariana for cutting an insane amount of trees, without whom I'd still be at it Baloo for the help in the tunnel, mining (she hates mining ), strongwall where the tunnel opened up into an old mine and 8 hours of digging in the wilderness. Korsarul for donating 24 crates of dirt. Nacciwa for donating 29 crates of dirt. Snowtech for analyzing and some mining in tunnel. Popy for imping my tools which took some serious beating. And all of them who at times were most likely getting a bit fedup of hearing of my crazy highway over a month + period of time. Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone, let me know if I did.
  4. Hello! On one server I saw mod, who pay players bounty for mining, paving and other. On forum I can find only mod who pay bounty only for killing mobs. Can anyone help to find subj?
  5. I am trying to figure out the best way to build roads. I know 20 is the usual maximum recommended slope. I am wondering if there are special cutoff slopes that maximize speed, specifically animal drawn carts and horseback, where going 1 slope more slows down substantially, kind of like the way weight slows down first to 75% than 25%. I know that just a couple slope starts the slowdown. I saw someone did a very thorough examination of slopes and limits, but not speed. K I would also be curious if anyone has done comparison of 10 x 20 slope + 10 flat vs 20 x 10 slope time wise.
  6. Finished a new road up to one of our deeds that had previously been only accessible by means of a long, winding tunnel. Not only does this allow all my friends easy access to our deed up there, it opens up the Northern Highlands to hunting and exploration without the scream filled plunge to your death when your stamina runs out climbing. Watch the turns though, they can still get ya. Prospected around and found that iron and marble seem to be plentiful I'll probably throw a few street lamps up along the way as time permits and plant a bsb with some tar in it. Happy hunting and safe travels!
  7. Awesome stuff...
  8. Good day, people of Xanadu! The members of The Opelika Alliance bring you new from East of Summerholt! As residents of the area know, east of Summerholt has been very hard to traverse both because many people do not know the way, but also because of poor roads. So our alliance has found solutions for both of these complications. Since the first of the year, The Opelika Alliance has been hard at work forging new roads, new friendships, and writing new maps through the valleys east of Summerholt. The major part of this project has been the task of cutting a new road through the hillsides, both litter ally and figuratively. We call this road "The Summerholt Road". The highway travels through the hills, begining at the Starter City of Summerholt. The road ends at my personal deed, Vynora's Harborage, one of the central deed of the Opelika Alliance's coastline, and just a short jump away from the alliance capital at Opelika. Along side this road, the cartographers of The Opelika Alliance have scribed throughout the nights to produce a map for the people of Wurm. This map includes not only the Summerholt Road, but existing roads and even side roads not fit to be highways but are indeed there on the land of Wurm. So with this, The Opelika Alliance is proud to present this map! And with that The Alliance of Opelika wishes all of you safe and fast travels, on our roads and others! Yours truly,
  9. We're going on a road trip! Join me as I travel the width of wurms largest server. I'm really happy with the tracks i've chosen for this video. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. Enjoy Ps. The video can be darty at sometimes due to travelling ~30km/h and at 4 times the speed. Added a touch of brightness to the early morning departures. > Wurm Online Playlist
  10. FOOT PATHS I would like to put forth a new suggestion for a type of pathing: Foot Paths. Foot paths (or dirt paths) could be a simple form of pathing requiring low Paving skill. You Want To Do WHAT To My Game!? This begs the immediate question: "Why does Wurm need foot paths when we already have dirt paths?" Presently, dirt paths are functional, but rather unsightly as packed dirt paths. Foot paths would offer a more attractive solution to people that would like to add pathing while altering the landscape as little as possible. Often times, caring players that wish to make paths through forests without causing much damage desire to add simple pathing (such as gravel), but with less intervention. Ok, I'm Listening... Here are a few points to consider in favor of Foot Paths: Low Paving Skill Requirement - new players can easily take advantage of paths that are inherently non-interventionist. Attractiveness - Foot Pathing could offer a more attractive alternative by including shrubbery/grass along the tile edges, and helps new players contribute in a way that veterans can appreciate. Easy Implementation - adding foot paths should be as simple as adding a new art tile to Wurm. The functionality need not differ much from present dirt paths. Terrain Variation - foot paths could have numerous art style choices to add flavor. Players could create foot paths to support desert, forest, steppe etc tiles to keep a similar look. Path Turns - foot path art, ideally, would cover approximately 1/3 of the present dirt tile and include straight, wavy, and curved paths to allow players to create an appearance of pathing utilizing Wurm's present tile method. Show Me The Goods Examples: Steppe foot path: Forest foot path: Desert foot path: Grass foot path: So How Does This Work? The idea is to take the appearance of the present dirt tile and alter it so the outside 1/3 of the tile displays the surrounding tile (sand, steppe, grass), and have the inside 1/3 appear as dirt. Please see the image below. I think that Foot Paths would be a nice way to add variation in current pathing options without requiring a lot of effort from developers. Please consider foot paths as an option for Wurm. Feel free to leave feedback, and thank you!
  11. Greetings fellow Wurmians. Please indulge me while I tell you a story about a particular situation I have been involved with for the past month or so. Background Have you ever gone through the Cave Canal on foot? There's a wonderful footpath through there, with some torches and informational signs and everything. It's wonderful! However, you exit at the Crystal Lake end and where does it lead? Here's a picture to give you some idea: The distance between the Cave Canal and the end of the road is 40 tiles, at least half of which was not paved or even remotely even. I had some other concerns that related to this - namely that I lived on Maple Island and could do with some more neighbours, and that people starting from The Howl struggle to find space to live, despite me knowing several areas near me that were wonderful but just too hard to reach! Finally, I was fed up of struggling to swim round the coast from near the cave canal whenever I couldn't use a boat. The Situation And so, I can reveal that I have created a road (not a highway - i don't mind people modifying this as needed!) which I have been calling the Crystal Coast Trail. This now extends from the Cave Canal, south around Crystal Lake staying to the coast where possible, for a total of approximately 920 tiles to Harbor of Life (conveniently close to my small boat bridge to Maple Island). It is entirely passable by a horse-drawn cart (though there's one spot where you will need to be paying close attention!). Here's a map to give you an idea: The Awesome Club I would give enormous thanks to the following people for helping me each in their own ways: Amberflame/Ruriko - Collapsing some mine tiles to make the small tunnel near cave canal passable in a large cart. Anesita - Providing some bricks for paving the road. Cheshirekat - Helping with surface-mining, providing carts, and generally being very considerate to my pet project. Difrost - Providing several hundreds of dirt for flatraising, and helping create the tunnel. Eleangel - Providing carts, and helping with the tunneling work. Hauler - Providing severl hundreds of dirt for flatraising. Kristoff - Creating bricks, doing lots of paving, and helping with signs to save people from getting lost (also putting up with my obsession in village chat!). Pingpong - Helping with surface-mining in one, frankly mind-blowing, afternoon. Queenrocks - Part of the excellent tunneling crew, and creating all of the support beams for it. Snoopy - Helping with some of the surface-mining I missed on the first pass. Conclusion and Pictures So basically, I invite everyone to come wander the trail, and enjoy the scenery! Here are some pictures (sorry for my poor photography skills) to tempt you along. A crumbling fortress The hardest part - this is where you will need to pay attention! A Tempting Road? What a wonderful woodland path!