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Found 3 results

  1. Introducing Riviera! A giant island-cluster separated by rivers and lakes, serving many natural routes and awesome landscapes! The lands are populated by large amounts of hostile and neutral creatures, inviting you to take them on and claim what should be yours. In the center of our lands lays the capital city Rivia, which can serve as the main hub for trading, services and more to come. Quickstart-Guide You will get summoned on the town square of our capital city Rivia, which has traders, free to use forges and a hotel. In your inventory, you will find the usual starter-kit and a deed-stake. Deeding is free and also comes with half a month worth of payment already, to ensure a healthy start to your new colony. If you ever get lost exploring or want to get back to the capital, you can teleport directly to Rivia by right-clicking your character (bottom left in character window) and select "Capital City Teleport". Good luck and godspeed! Server Info Name in Serverbrowser : Riviera PvE IP : Port : 3724 Est. 09. February 2019 General Settings Map Size: 4096x4096 PvE (No PvP) Skill gain rate multiplier : 3x Action Timer multiplier : 3x Max Creatures : 35.000 Aggro Creatures : 35% Freedom Kingdom Custom Features Player No fatigue, meaning you can do actions with 0 stamina, they just take alot longer No strength-requirement for loading/unloading Movespeed for walking and riding is slightly increased Terraforming and mining You can terraform while mounted Digging drops dirt on ground Automatically places/pulls dirt in/from crates if available Walls take 50 hits to mine Farming Crops never rot Type /seasons to see which things are in season and when the next start Depending on your farming skill, you can work multiple tiles per action Cultivating 3x3 - 30 Skill+ 5x5 - 50 Skill+ 7x7 - 70 Skill+ Sowing / Farming / Harvesting / Replanting 3x3 - 50 Skill+ 5x5 - 70 Skill+ 7x7 - 90 Skill+ Ships Ships have way less negative impact by wind Ships go a bit faster Economy Killing animals and monsters rewards coin No mailing cost You can right-click your character (bottom left of you character window) to Check your bank balance Teleport to our capital city (center of the map) with a 3 minute timer Animals Growth for creatures is increased until they hit mature age Meditation Automatically succeed at skill checks for entering a trance (avoiding the "you fail to relax") No delay between the first 5 skill gains. After that, the 3hr cooldown applies No distance-moved requirement for meditation skill gains Unlimited meditations per day Path question cooldown is 1/4th of original time Priesthood No priest restrictions Max favor cost per spell is 90 (no linking required) Light priests share their spells There are no restrictions on the number of faith gains per day (faith gains still has 20 min cooldown) Misc features and fixes Campfires, Forges, Ovens, etc. show their exact remaining burn time when examined You can type /location to get your exact X/Y location Timers for some actions that ignore action time multiplier are fixed You can put hot items into BSB/FSB Traders are immortal (reasons) Rarity rolls are improved a bit Affinity on food will stay on there instead of being locked per player Rough map overview Shoutout to Artimis for sharing this awesome map! (click here to get to his post) Join us today and be part of a beautiful and exciting generation!
  2. A new map! worked the whole day on it, just to find out that the dropping dirt is quite fiddly when it comes to high detailed maps, so there are still some jagged dirts here and there. But I wanted a high dirt layer this time, so I sticked with it and smoothed out the Heightmap instead, which sadly lost alot of detail inbetween. I hope someone likes it anyway I think it's quite special for a wurm terrain ^^ so have fun with it Map stats: 2048x2048 dirtlayer 120 water lvl 400 adamantite and glimmersteel 0,01% Good Spawn point, near lake and center of the map: 1086, 719 updated link with proper cave layer: Screenshots: my next project is probably something less mountainous XD
  3. Water Mechanics For Wurm

    Sometimes, while sitting there waiting for my favour bar to fill, I often wonder how the devs would implement rivers and lakes into wurm. Looking at wurm mechanics the basic components for fluid flow seem to be there (elevations etc), but any solution would be very server heavy. There have been a few suggestions over the years: But these have all been either limited or underthought in a mechanics sense. What are people's thoughts on how fluids could be introduced to wurm in a more dynamic way? Has it been done really well elsewhere at all in a similar 2d environment? Is it possible without completely reformatting the way maps work?