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Found 4 results

  1. I usually don't post in the forums very much and would like to let you know that I have been playing Wurm online for over 10 years and love what this game has become and thank all the devs throughout the years for their hard work. There are some things this game needs to have due to some of the wonderful updates that have come out in the years. I would like to see waterfalls and rivers to make deeds even more beautiful :-). Rivers higher than just sea level. You could have watermills along those rivers making flour. You could also make certain fish available in those rivers. It could allow canals to irrigate rice above sea level for those people without coastal deeds. No need to allow boats on those rivers, keep those at sea level. As for the lava pools and lava falls, I would love to have an underground dwarven paradise, but i can't because i can't make lava pools and lava falls. What kind of dwarven paradise doesn't have lava :-). All this wonderful stuff you are allowed to do underground now needs those lava pools and lava falls more than ever. As for the underground mushroom farming we need a better way to be able to get mushrooms.
  2. Selling off a few of my rares, But don't worry, you'll still be drooling me a river All items will be CoD'd as I can't meet at this time, only silver accepted at this time. I'll do my best to keep this order-ly. All metal items made of iron unless stated otherwise. Supreme Hatchet Ql 91.31 WoA 93 CoC 85 - 45s Supreme Shovel QL 91.71 WoA 67 CoC 53 - 30s Supreme Butchering Knife QL 86.78 WoA 62 CoC 78 - 50s Supreme Pickaxe 93.02 WoA 98 CoC 90 - 50s Supreme Saw QL 90.97 WoA 50 CoC 65 - 25s Supreme Carving Knife QL 85.00 WoA 73 CoC 75 - 30s Supreme Rope Tool QL 92.98 WoA 90 CoC 74 - 40s Supreme Sickle QL 85.35 WoA 89 CoC 77 (This item will be missed dearly <3) - 50s (high price as I can't let this go easily) All prices are open for negotiation. it may take me a few hours / a day to respond and get things out, as I'm not on the forums much anymore. But i'll do my best to keep up!
  3. Was playing around with this idea Water power they had it in medieval times and it made things a little easier. Would be cool to bring creeks and rivers into game they would run thru each server with curves and loops like the real world. So people could get inland and people that are not next to coast could get a good water resource. As well as bring in the Water wheel with gears you could create from iron and chains or rope to make them turn. To create anything. I am not talking about steam power or machines here lol just a simple technology that would fit into this time frame. It would be cool if you could craft a river boat with water wheels. Large like a barge to transport heavy loads inland. Just throwing this out there dont hate me for it lol
  4. (Sorry if it's been already suggested...) A very great addition to Wurm would be skill dec... err no sorry ... moving waters ! Indeed, there is no rivers or waterfalls in Wurm. This would be a very great feature, adding more possibilities (moving through rivers, bridges, terraforming for agriculture : think about rice fields !, drinkable water and sea salty water...). The mechanism could be something like this : when it rains or snow, all the tiles get 1 "dirt height equivalent" of water. If this is dirt, the water go 1 level lower until it reach rock. If this is rock, it moves to the next lowest tile. If all the next tile are higher, it stops. => lakes, water tables, underground rivers, mine flooding !!! . Just a proposal.