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Found 5 results

  1. So a game mechanic that is being abused for more sleep bonus from rites/rituals is to change religions prior to a rite to obtain sleep bonuses from said religion. This has recently caused an issue during an impalong held at Cadence where due to the amount of favor that has been gained from the priests doing their work allowing for a the rite of spring to be conducted, but because of a loud minority of "religion-switchers", the rite was requested to be held off by the organiser so that this minority could gain from their abuse of a game mechanic. This causes other people who are non-switchers, and are part of the worship of vynoria, not to receive that much needed 5 hour sleep bonus during their time at the impalong, and the organiser being caught in the middle having to make a decision between two groups to appease. I am suggesting that this game mechanic should have heavier penalities, maybe not being allowed to change religions for the next 6 months to a year, or something similar to discourage the abuse of such a mechanic, so that this sort of behaviour can cease to exist, and disrupt others from enjoying the game as it should.
  2. When a global spell is cast, only the caster is displayed in Area History. Display all links too. I'm not aware of a way to see who was linked today. It would enable people to see who make a global cast. An unknown alt casting is one thing, the mains is another. It can be information useful to players and it's only fair to be known. Consider it a stopgap, before the way rites are implemented will/should/might be revised.
  3. So, from what I've seen, the last cast of RoS in celebration was a few months ago. Seems like it should be ready to cast again, or close to it at least. Are there any current plans for the next cast?
  4. Muspellsheimr Kastali will be doing an RoS cast this Sunday at 8PM London Time. Make sure to burn up your sleep bonus by then! Countdown: For anyone interested in joining us, we are located at (8x, 55y) on the Indepenence Community Map. It is easiest to get to us by boat, but there are roads around the coastline to us from Akhenaten and Phoenix Enterprises. We need two more high faith Vynora priests to join us in casting if anyone can help. Thanks!