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Found 21 results

  1. "You explain how Vynora is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that she may manifest her powers." So we are somewhere between 50% and 100%, for this I would like to invite all the Vynora priests, who still need the journal book entry, or even just want to help, to come to Loramendi to perform the ritual together with me when the time comes. Loramendi is located on the south coast of Harmony S12. (,3589 ) I would be very pleased about your feedback
  2. Hey all I think we have enough power to cast it. Anybody wants to organize a cast soon? I know some people already thinking to cast Holy Crops, maybe we can cast both, one week apart? I have a 98 faith vynora priest to bring, just post down here if you are willing to do or where and when we can do Cya all
  3. Hi all Wurmians, Vynora is brimming with power on Cadence, so it's high time for a Rite of Spring cast (after those lesser deities, Libila and Magranon have their day that is)! The priest leading the cast, Elliott (me), can link 8 people, so please respond here to start filling slots or potentially supplant me as the casting priest if your channeling skill would enable more slots. I want to prioritize people who need the journal entry, but also would take some backups if we end up with link slots to spare. Eclipse Bay is easily accessible by boat or highway and thanks in advance to Rayen for offering his lovely locale for the event. Will look into making summons available as well! Location: Eclipse Bay (Port Rayen) P13 Date: Sunday, March 20th, 10:00pm EST/ 3:00am GMT
  4. Someone cast the rite just a few hours before we could. Sorry for those who made the trip. We are planning to hold the Rite of Spring once more, with a tentative date of 9-5-2020 at 12:00 Pacific US (3:00 EDT). If you are interested in hosting and carrying out the cast yourself please let me know. We are willing to let someone else get the next cast if anyone is ready to do so. If we do not hear back by thursday of this week we will assume that everything is a go. Contact Jaelus in game if you want to link up with us to help cast and get your journal entry! We are on Harmony at N-19, just a stones throw from Harmony Bay! Prefer links that are at least 50 or higher, otherwise due to priest rules they won't actually contribute very much to the cast. Thank you!
  5. Posted August 12 (edited) Cast was successful! All Vynora priests or followers who pray in the next 24 hours will get 5 hours free sleep bonus! A special thank you to Iwry, Thoren, and Reverent. Attention all Vynora priests! Verdant Bay is going to be casting another casting of Rite of Spring. We welcome Vynora priests from across the servers to come and link with our casting priest. We need your help! We are calling priests of level 55 faith or above to link with us to cast Rite of Spring! We need 3-4 more priests. If we cannot get enough priests we will attempt again Wednesday. I understand this is short notice, but we did not expect the rite to be ready so soon! We will have more of a heads up on the next one. Please contact Szarin or Trith in game or reply to this post if you would like to be involved with future Rites. We will announce them earlier. We have preliminary plans to do the rite WEEKLY at 3:00-3:30 EST because of how fast the timer is reset. But this means we need all you Vyn followers to pray a lot! Location: Verdant Bay deed Map coordinates: N19, very close to Harmony Bay along the coast, to the east. Time: PENDING
  6. Attention all Vynora priests on Harmony! Verdant Bay is pleased to announce that the Rite of Spring will be cast soon. We welcome Vynora priests from across the server to come and link with our casting priest. Location: Verdant Bay deed Map coordinates: N19, very close to Harmony Bay along the coast, to the east. Time: 17:00 EST, 8/14/2020; 23:00 CEST, 8/14/2020; 07:00 East Australia Time, 8/15/2020 Casting time will be approximately 43 hours from this post. We rescheduled so that everyone can enjoy fast boats on the weekend! The Rite of Spring grants ships double speed for 24 hours after it is cast. Priests and followers gain 0.2% Mind Logic towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus through a single prayer. This benefit can be experienced up to 24 hours from the cast, by praying. Let’s all reap the rewards from this Rite! PM Trith or Wyncote in-game for more details, or reply here.
  7. Jun 10, 2019 5:02:42 AM Smeagain casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive a blessing! So.. There you go. ( I hope I got the timer correct) TeeeBOMB ps, you can read about RoS (Rite of Spring) here:
  8. Nahjo - Rite of Spring cast to happen 15 mins before next rift on Deli- PLEASE let all Nahjo followers and those who choose to embrace Nahjo we will try to cast ROS 20-15 mins before next rift..... those who wish to join in the linking meet at the Deli Prayer Circle at Victory Or Death TIME OF CAST 12:45PM EST Saturday [13:02:37] A new Rift has been reported! If you are a FOLLOWER you can be Anywhere on the server to get the bonuses! Priests must be at the sermon area and linked to Dziku.... Discuss below
  9. After the cast any player who enters/is in server gets mind logic and sleep bonus within 24 hours after the cast. This way a lot more players should be able to get benefits from this spell. +/- ?
  10. Hey Everyone! I know we like to keep these things somewhat secretive due to Ninja casts but I need to just say that it's available now. We need to set up a group and a time to cast this. I would like to aim for tomorrow 9PM GMT? This is still debatable but start burning your SB now. The Main caster will be Xanetia (Odynn), Debit (battery), Henzy(battery). We need at least one more vyn, although more are always welcome as sometimes these things can be tricky. From what I hear there maybe a requirement of people in local. The cast will be done at Midgard (around I-12 ingame map). Exact time isnt decided yet and we need one more vyn volunteer. (favor will be provided for caster/battery).
  11. Hello Everyone in the Greater Wurm World. I am formally inviting one and all to joyous celebration of sleep bonus. ROS is ready to cast with vynora's will it will happen, casting it in 24 hours , Burn your sleep bonus' if you have it and come on down to Linkoping Q13(ingamemap) or x16y35 (forum map). .samfeltonme in game....
  12. Doesn't it suck when you miss out on RoS? Be it you just can't make it online or someone ninjas the cast and ruins this amazing opportunity for others. Well I suggest that once cast on the server every follower of vynora (on or offline) be allowed to activate this bonus from an altar or in-game menu and only allow one of these effects be held at a time and have a set time limit to use it 24-48hr after cast.
  13. Hello all! It is time for that good ol' Sleep-Bonus Refreshing blast of RoS. I have planned it with a few native delian priests and determined a date for it to be done. I apologize for those that are asleep during the time period. It is difficult to plan a time for everyone to be online as Wurm Online is an international game. I do hope this time is good for everyone. Date : Next Saturday (November 1st, 2014) Time: 6:00pm CEST (12:00pm EST) Location: Midgard Caster: Xanetia Assisting Cast: Zifnab/Fizzler Note: Sermons will be conducted all day at Midgard afterwards.
  14. Postponed until Rite of Spring is available. Sorry for the inconvenience. The village of Cliff Side is planning on casting all 3 big spells on September 27th 2014. This is to celebrate the completion of our village and to showcase it. We are located at 43x 6y, anyone that would like to come up the week before and join in sermons for all 3 priests are welcome. We are still looking for participants for the casts. Please post here if you are interested in attending, linking, or casting (if you want to cast, we need to know relevant stats). (When it gets closer, I will add an auction countdown.) Thank you boilingfort!
  15. We are going to try to cast Rite of Spring (RoS) this coming Friday during the sermons at Revelstone. We have confirmed that it is able to be cast. 6 PST/ 8 CST/ 9 EST For those that don't know, here are the benefits of RoS. --> If anyone is interested in a conversion to Vynora to receive RoS benefits, let me know. Vynora priests, please post your name if you can participate. Here are the priests, so far: Malatyn Kaine Shindarzen Mela DKSprocket
  16. So, from what I've seen, the last cast of RoS in celebration was a few months ago. Seems like it should be ready to cast again, or close to it at least. Are there any current plans for the next cast?
  17. All Vynora followers that can be online saturday should empty all their sleep bonus because another 5 hours will be awarded when the spell is completed. Location: Marianople (x26,y5-6) Priests: Bathor(70F, 55C), Abarec(72F, 43C), WhyKillme(70F, 70C), Acaos(74F + 55F), Melaquinn(64F), Shindar(??Faith, ??Channelling) Time of cast: 9pm(gmt+2), 7pm (UK), 2pm (EST), 11am (PST) We need more able priests to attend the meeting. Please leave your reply if you are a true believer and wish to attend this ceremony and be bathed in Vynora's grace. EDIT: I hope all the listed priests will still attend.
  19. Update 16th March: The cast was a full success! Thank you to all participants: Pifa, Wega, Cerber, Josephmckenna, Kaboom. Next ROS will be available in 85 days. Will keep you posted!
  20. [17:14:05] It is 21:56:17 on day of Awakening in week 2 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1028. [17:01:31] You feel enlightened. [17:01:31] Masterwizard casts 'Rite of Spring' on an altar of Vynora. Thanks to linkers -Paranormal -Flyingkiwi -Ruiner -Wolfman -Nesgoat Pics to come VYNORA REJOICE!!!!
  21. Hi all, thanks for attending and all support for a successful Rite Of Spring this Saturday! I have figured out the timer for the next event and post it right away here so that we can all prepare best. My sincerest apologees to those who missed it, maybe you can attend the next that will become available at the 11th December on Deliverance. Next for indy will be organised at the same location, Coords if you like to join / link are : 60x, 21 y Name of deed: Three Moons Free meals provided to the hungry. The altars are placed conveniently beside the "Animal House" around the fountain.Added a countdown to all be on the same page about it. I would like to ask everyone able to do it to join us and wait rather than ninja it,since it helps the community to plan it and publish the date instead of doing it secretly. NEW countdown link:http://www.timeandda... (Independence)